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  1. So happy they did not choose this design! I want to root for Schaum Shieh because they’re local, but their buildings are either boring or try too hard, in my opinion. This design looks like a slightly updated version of one of the hundreds of mediocre suburban office buildings out Gessner or FM 1960.
  2. Would any of the talented architects (or anyone) on this board be able to superimpose this site plan with the GID plan and project to the west of this? Would love to see how these little streets and green spaces line up! Thank you!!
  3. I just talked to one of the representatives for the Hardy Yard TIRZ and it sounds like not only will this project likely not have any retail, Cypress has scrapped any park or green space for the project. They said the TIRZ feels Cypress sold them on mixed use and parks and is now just proceeding without any of that. Very disappointing if true.
  4. It will be very disappointing if all these tracts end up being apartments only. May feel like one of those Robert Moses super blocks along the East River...
  5. So, your point is what? Since mistakes were made in the past, we should keep making them again and again. Sounds like flawed reasoning if I’ve ever heard it. Just curious, where do you live? Close to a freeway?
  6. And, this is called Social Injustice. Thank you for making this point so clear. This “gotten used to it” argument is classic and has been used by people in favor of segregation, racist policies, and unequal treatment for generations.
  7. Yes, this is the lot on Burnett between Chapman and Hardy. They dug several holes and then covered them up.
  8. Some intense soil sampling? This is a different site than the apt building construction.
  9. Ugh, thanks for the notice. If they don’t fix it right away, I’d alert Rebecca Reyna with the Greater Northside Management District. They maintain those improvements.
  10. I’ve attended those meetings as well. This mayor has and continues to back TXDoT’s plan as it is, which is disgraceful, in my opinion, especially to black and Latino communities north of downtown. I’m thrilled we have a new crop of city council members like Letitia Plummer, though, that may actually push TXDoT to make changes that don’t just benefit those wealthier communities in and around downtown. The new schematics published by TXDoT a few weeks ago are a prime example that they are not listening to communities that they will hurt the worst. Almost no changes to the plans that will wipe ou
  11. Tell me who in the “City of Houston” has “pushed back”.
  12. It is, actually. City council in Houston has done nothing to push back against TxDOT. No leadership on that front. Karla Cisneros and Amanda Edwards have been the only ones that even ask questions of TxDOT in the public setting. The groundswell opposition in Houston has been mainly citizen groups like Stop TxDOT I-45 and the Make I-45 Better Coalition. Really hoping Isabel Longoria, Letitia Plummer, and some of the other candidates who have spoken out against TxDOT during the campaign trail get elected and speak up against TxDOT on behalf of their constituents.
  13. A couple of articles on how Dallas is pushing back: https://www.dallasnews.com/news/2019/01/28/dallas-city-hall-beats-back-txdot-s-early-plans-for-i-30-s-1-3-billion-makeover/ https://www.dmagazine.com/frontburner/2019/01/city-finds-its-voice-pushes-back-on-txdots-awful-i-30-redesign/
  14. Couldn’t agree more! Although, Dallas and Austin are fighting and seemingly beating TxDoT in similar battles. Houston has a weird way of being soooo backwards on this stuff. It’s like we are still living in 1972 sometimes..
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