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  1. That's cool. I'll have to check out his shop next time I'm in Nola. I love his character, am watching MM via netflix and was so sad when his character was ousted. I'm sure you'll show him a good MCM time!Take him to the Cool Stuff shop, and Donna Hester's shop on Blodget.
  2. We are super excited. Need it to be as family friendly as possible!
  3. Many thanks for compiling this fabulous list! I had given up on it after the links had stopped working. So many hidden gems!
  4. It is cute. I love the bathrooms! I always appreciate a post of an affordable modish home. I'm not looking to buy but thanks for posting.
  5. Sorry, what does that mean? That someone is in the process of purchasing it? Hope they appreciate it. Despite that, the photos are worth a look.
  6. Scrolling through HAR listings, I saw this great, almost untouched mod in Maplewood/Westbury. The dining room has an "oriental"-themed 1950s mural, cool asian-esque screen things, and scalloped, gilded facades over the windows (Sorry, I don't know how to describe these things or what they are really called). The kitchen light fixtures with stenciled stars are truly fab. And though the stove may be a pre-1950s model, in my experience they work really well. I'd love for something like this to show up in the inner-loop, but surely somebody doesn't mind the semi-burbs! And it's cheap! $199 thou! It'd be a shame to let someone granite counter this one up. http://search.har.com/engine/dispSearch.cf...mp;backButton=Y 5626 Portal, 77096
  7. Hey Willowisp, I'm excited about the blog but confused, I only see 2 entries so far but you mention almost being done with the top ten. Am I neglecting to click on some magic button? Thanks for any tips.
  8. That was fun! I just moved to Houston from the San Francisco Bay area. I've been lurking on this site for months now. The trip to Glenbrook Valley was a thrill. The houses were really amazing and it was great to see the wide variety of possibilities in a mod neighborhood. Of course, the showstopper was the redone mod. It was just impeccable. My favorite rooms I have to say were the bathrooms. the tile and fixtures were pristine. And the kitchen mixed some new and some old perfectly for great aesthetic and funtionality. While I didn't see anyone with peach mimosas, I was welcomed by many of the GV neighborhood association in many of these houses. Thanks for the ride folks! Hope to do it again soon.
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