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  1. If Landry's were to be seized, sold or whatever by the creditors what impact would that have on the deal they have with the City of Kemah?
  2. But a new day is going to dawn upon us early next year. Jan. 20th to be specific.
  3. The last one I bought was from the Foley's (now Macy's) warehouse location on the Gulf freeway. Good price has held up pretty well but I have been thinking about stopping in to check if they still sell them there.
  4. I just tried to use the service and the math just does not work. Taking a 3 day trip I can drive to IAH and remote park for $8 or round it out for 20 bucks. To use the service its 30 plus cab fare of about 10 r/t for me. Metro are you listening?
  5. Ike got the fence on Clear Lake, city of Galveston got the one they put up on their Offatts Bayou property apparently not permitted properly.
  6. If you are referring to my post, yes. Should have been more clear. The one that is built is Endeavor Clear Lake, the one next to it was to be Endeavor Parkside, I'm not sure what they were planning to call the development at what was Marker 1. What I do know is they bought up and closed two perfectly good bars.
  7. From a couple of business owners on the Seabrook side of the lake I have heard that as well. Originally they put it on hold while they developed the section to east (old Marker 1) which was to have retail, hotel and fewer condos. That property is now for sale. I think that Endeavor would should have been a nominee on Swamplots annual awards thing they are running right now.
  8. Elgin is open and I would guess more traffic than Mcgowen. Plus I think there are a lot of students that would prefer a stop in front of the school. Besides those two perfectly good reasons, it would have been a bit more convenient for me. lol
  9. It always seemed to me that that stop should have been placed in front of the HCC building instead of the current location.
  10. It snowed in Humble Jan 12 1982 long enough to leave a couple inches on the ground the next day. I only remember is this rather arcane fact because my wife went into labor that night and we drove to the hospital in a snowstorm. I remember thinking "what's up with this?"
  11. Or it might be the uptight neighbors. http://swamplot.com/living-the-high-life-a...fts/2008-01-16/
  12. I know where one of this gems might be but who ever moves in will be a neighbor. The one that just move out was a 'nightclub' worker and noisy as hell compared to the former owner/tenet. Central location, secure parking, 80-90% owner occupied pretty much all mid 30's and up age wise. No kids living on site and generally a very quiet place. Price range is probably in the realm of the numbers being discussed on this thread. I don't own it, but have a vested interest in finding a decent neighbor. PM me with with a little more about who wants it.
  13. I noticed it the other day as well, saw your post and was hoping somebody would chime in. So BUMP
  14. I'm willing to go through the arbitration process, I really do think I am in the right on this one. I'll send the certified letter and let you know what happens
  15. TV, thanks for the info. If I can take them to SCC I want to do it here which means I need to serve someone local. Finding that name and address is the real PITA. I'm not sure how they got to 185.00 either but the short version of f that fee is that for the past 5 years or so I just send them an auto draft for the services I buy above the basic cable subscription that my HOA includes in our association fees. In June of this year Comcast dropped me from that role for no apparent reason. In October they cut service for non payment. I called tech support thinking it was a tech issue. Turned out it was not lol and yeah, I should have been checking the bill every month. Anyway, CS said only way they could turn service back on was for a payment in that amount, which I did. Service was turned back on in minutes but about a third of my station no longer worked, on both the basic list and premium level. The next day I confirmed that my HOA was current. I called CS back but by then they had already credited my account for the error. November rolls around and my auto debit sent another preset payment. I called again about the service problem and what they wanted to do about the 185.00 I paid. CS said they did not have a credit for 185.00, only for about 45.00. At that point I started asking for an accounting of how the funds had been applied. It's gone downhill since then. As for the service issue I did find a new to me number (713 462 1900) that got me to a live secretary not CS, I described my service issues and she connected to a guy named Derrick in Philly. His words were "yeah you are between a rock and a hard place" meaning my property is beyond the scope of a residential rewire but below the level Comcast will send a commercial rewire crew out for. Said he would see what he could do and get back to me. I have not heard from him since. On another Comcast note. Did you know that if you have a tech issue with a box or a remote and they suggest that you bring it in for an exchange and you do that Comcast will bill you 1.99? Did you know that if they tell you at CS a tech needs to come out it will result in a 24.95 charge if they think the problem is on "your side of the cable" unless you agree to an additional 1.99 per month on your bill? Damn good thing I work from home
  16. Since October 13th of this year I have been in a black hole with them over both issues. I've probably spent 10 hours on the phone with CS, I've had 4 techs out here and two "re wire" guys. Nothing has been fixed My accounting tells me they owe me $185.00, they think differently. I finally talked to the Houston Department Utilities responsible for regulating them along with electric, gas and whatever and they tell me they have a secret number to the upper echelon and are forwarding my complaint. I'll hold my breath for a day or two...but if (when) that fails I am bound and determined move forward with legal action. I've been to www.comcastmustdie.com but it looks like they are shutting down or at the very least changing their focus after claiming victory for their cause. Other than that I can not find much information on how to go about identifying who you address letters to, who you would name in a suit or serve papers to for Houston Small Claims Courts etc. Has anyone else been down this path?
  17. !5,000? Where does one get that number?
  18. More distracting than blow up signs are radio commercials that use screeching tires and honking horns to get your attention. Every time I hear one I try to go out of my way not to patronize that business.
  19. I had to select other and go with Valero but I put more emphasis on fast. A lot of them have the upgraded to a mini kitchen, you can stop for gas, run in and grab something from the hot case or order a fresh breakfast burrito or whatever and be back outside before the tank is full. 2 items from the hot case set you back $2.22, add a drink from the incredibly varied selection including beer, wine coolers, iced lattes etc. and off you go.
  20. I think the "bumping up" might be part of the problem. I use VNP and then see something that was not there the day before and jump into it only to realize after reading the first couple of messages that the thread actually started in 2004 lol. The same software is used on another forum that I am a regular on but over there most threads don't last as long but there are a lot more of them. Go away for a day and come back to 8 to 10 pages of VNP. The longer thread life over here is probably due to the subject matter, buildings just don't get built overnight. Any way I do enjoy reading here and like to contribute when I can. HTX
  21. It would be nice tho if there was a way to see the inception date of a thread before opening it up.
  22. The one I am stopped at. Sheeeeeeze.........19 posts to get to that? And yeah, Elgin cross town from Westheimer to 288 is a pain
  23. That makes sense, but why are those signs not on all of the other freeways? Or are they?
  24. Been wondering what this all about for years, maybe some here knows. Going N out side the loop on 45 there are big blue highways signs starting at Tidwell and going as far north West Rd directing traffic to the"Accident Investigation Site." What accident are they referring to?
  25. http://picasaweb.google.com/ehmorrell/Hurr...132407842779410
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