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  1. I was looking for another thread when i saw this one. You probably have the problem resolved but for reference there is a company in Houston that does just what you were looking for. Craters&Freighters. Houston Contact InformationPhone: 713-467-6311Toll Free: 888-495-SHIP (7447)Fax: 713-467-1178 Address1111 Upland Dr., Ste. M Houston, TX 77043 Emailhouston@cratersandfreighters.com
  2. Nope I think it has something to do with politics and so do s few others on this board that generally consider themselves to be so progressive. In the past two years can any of you name a win from the Fed to Texas or the Gulf Coast?
  3. It's not a freeway but I think the Med Center has some of the worst traffic congestion in the city.
  4. HTX


    It's come a long way since Big Shirley's House of Blue Lights.
  5. I think that is the property that had signs up a couple of years ago announcing a new hospital would be built there. That never happened because the Doc's that were going to vest into it were mainly from St. Joe and they saw or more likely leveraged an opportunity to buy St. Joe from the Sisters.
  6. I'm not sure what is supposed to load on the link I attached but the little video I caught was from the Fox 26 site, not sure if it is still there or not.
  7. I'm not sure what is supposed to load on the link I attached but the little video I caught was from the Fox 26 site, not sure if it is still there or not.
  8. I have no connection to the book or author, I saw a short video on a local new website and thought it might of interest to this board. http://www.librarything.com/work/2849116/conversations
  9. Kind of like the old days. When somebody was murdered or mugged in the Museum District the news reported it as Montrose. Literary license?
  10. Most of these write off appear to be from the time that David Wulffe was the Chairman and Frank Wilson the CEO. How they could not do a better job of due diligence on the rail car contract is just amazing unless you factor pure political crony-ism and/or corruption into it. I'm pretty ambivalent about Parker overall but I think she has done the right thing by getting Greanias into Metro and starting the clean up. I wish them well.
  11. Over all it seems that these things have been received pretty well, and the fact that they were done with private money seems to be a good argument against public funding of art projects. As for a dumb tax I doubt it would help close the deficit at all. Those that could afford it would soon have to subsidize those that can't.
  12. How do the smart meters figure into all of this? I have one but did not experience any outages yesterday. I live on the edge of Montrose and Mid-town.
  13. Excuse me? What could be cooler than a Discount Spec's? I just wish it would live up to it's name lol.
  14. Good luck with your blog. I have it book marked and will look forward to checking in.
  15. HTX


    The place across the street from LNP is the old Bunch Company, a tool store for lineman and tree surgeons stuff like that. It has been empty for several years now. "Hue" is/was on the opposite side of the street and 2 blocks west. Does this mean 2 different new bars?
  16. I don't know enough about parrot classifications to be sure if this is what you are looking for but there is a small population of small to medium size bright green birds that roosted in the trees on the road leading into the Watergate/Waterford Harbor marinas. The last time I actually saw them myself was pre Ike but I moved over to the other side of Clear Lake and don't get over that way as much since then.
  17. Did a Harvard economics professor just confirm what the Tea Party has been saying?
  18. T.C. Jester is another one that has tripped me up on occasion. It is bad enough that the same name is used on discontinuous segments but the street numbers seem correlate to a continuous street.
  19. I'd like to know how much Reliant pays for each meter. and if they ever plan to remove that cost from my side of the ledger? I've had mine for about two years now, and have paid for the privilege roughly $78.00. I have a relatively small carbon foot print, average monthly bill around $75.00, in my eyes I'm paying a 5% surcharge.
  20. What? No gas station at this one? I want the gas station! Is there a petition some where to make Walmart put one in as a requirement to building on this site?
  21. At least it had a different name until they decided to continue W Bellfort. through there. One of the craziest things about Houston are all the discontinuous streets. T.C Jester, Aldine Westfield are a couple that come to mind but there are allot of others that start somewhere in central Houston go out a few miles and stop. Only to pick up again another few miles further out. Drove me nuts looking for an address before I figured it out when I moved here in the early 80's.
  22. I seem to remember January being the opening date but don't remember where I heard that. What ever color they paint it it will be a welcome addition.
  23. and they did all of this without a Wal-Mart close by?
  24. I thought the same thing. I have also wondered if it would be possible to add a crossover under the Sabine St. bridge using the existing foundations for pedestrians and bikes since there are no ramps, just steps to get from street level down to the bayou path.
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