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  1. Sorry but that is just being naive. It may be more difficult for a man without children to qualify but not for the momma's of those children. Do you really not realize that they demand their 'cut' of that Lonestar Card?
  2. What I don't understand is why any online retailer like Amazon would choose a state like Texas to open anything, service, distribution etc. I have own a company selling a product primarily on the web and I have to charge sales tax on in state sales. I would be far better off if my company was located in some place like Maine or Idaho. They had to see this coming at some point in time and choosing a state with a large population early on makes no sense to me.
  3. I think the wedge defined by 45S, 288 and the coast outside of the beltway is a good bet for industrial growth in Harris and Galveston County long term. Three ports and allot of undeveloped farm land down there.
  4. Why? Retail on the first level?
  5. Someone started another thread http://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/26561-not-in-my-backyard-residents-storm-out-of-council-meeting-following-medical-com/page__fromsearch__1 Guess they will be merged soon enough but this subject is going to be worth a case of beer and who knows how much popcorn. Walmart and Ashby, will have to make a little room.
  6. I like Underground for a lot of different reasons but I would have to guess that they will lag behind NWS because that is where they get there data. Have fun camping but we could use the rain.
  7. I don't disagree with you very often but have to on this one. More often than not "Granny" and her affordable housing credit becomes the lodging of choice for a generation or three of offspring. I have seen and experienced it fist hand.
  8. "The argument is just a red herring because there is no good argument for Walmart." Uh. They stock lot's of stuff, and sell it at a price low enough that even the most unfortunate of our citizens can afford big screen TV's?
  9. I have been sailing in Clear Lake since the early eighties and the first I memory of them is in the trees on the road into Watergate Yachting Center. There were only a couple them back then but over the years that flock really grew. For a while they would disappear and then return. I don't keep my boat over there anymore so can't tell you for sure you will find them hanging out on that road but would say to give it a try.
  10. I went to Wade Hampton High School, he was a civil war general on the losing side. I wonder how long it will be before that name is deemed politically incorrect.
  11. The house that comes to mind is the architects house that was featured here and on a couple of other blogs. I cannot remember the name or I would look it up but it sat overlooking the freeway, the main living area was raised up pretty simple other wise. I had wondered about the issues with financing that Niche pointed out on that house back then. Maybe someone else can find that link, it seems like it is close to what you are thinking about. Good luck in finding the right situation for you and keep us posted. I think it is an interesting question.
  12. They have been running that deal for a month or two. I have been at least 3 times and some of my neighbors more often.
  13. Maybe I am missing something but it seems that the one thing that is not addressed is a bicycle friendly way to access the park from the south side of Allen Parkway.
  14. Are they ever going to open Bagby back up? I thought the closure was only for a month but now I am beginning to wonder when or if
  15. http://www.google.com/search?btnG=1&pws=0&q=ruby+tequila+houston
  16. I noticed a new variance request sign on the empty lot bounded by these streets. Anyone know what they are planning?
  17. Top row far left. First thing I thought when I opened the link was "toilet bowl with the brush right there." Glad the design evolved
  18. HTX


    I live on the top floor of a little mid-rise well maybe low rise but not sure if that is a category. No grass, no plants etc and I WANT IT TO RAIN. Kind of a Pacific Northwest reverse depression maybe.
  19. We would probably do well over a beer. I've never heard of any of it or have any desire to be "invited"
  20. I think a multi level apartment complex would have to be added to make everyone happy.
  21. Anyone know what will happen to the to the polling place? I always thought the Lovett Inn folks were very generous in offering it up.
  22. I have eaten at the one in Seabrook a few times. Good, not anything special and I bet they don't last long. The building itself IMO was half the reason La Strada and Cafe Bello failed. It's just not a good layout/design.
  23. I'm pretty sure it has gone to Three Buck Chuck but a great value none the less.
  24. He wanted to do something similar in Corpus on the T-heads of the Municipal Marina. The good folks down there rejected the idea.
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