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  1. Not trying to Hi jack this thread but earlier this year my mother traveled to Europe and called me from her cell phone to mine. The clarity was amazing compared to when we used the same phones from site to site in the US. You have to wonder why and the most reasonable explanation I can think of is that other countries do have better service whether it be phone or internet infrastructure. I don't think the size of our country is the only reason there has to be more to it. HTX
  2. I'm not sure I like the thought of the 90's being "historic" I did not think of myself as old until this thread.
  3. I shop the Randalls on Louisiana and Kroger on Montrose when I am in town, I really don't see a lot of price difference but I do think that the "Safeway Select" brands are higher quality than the comparable Kroger or HEB house products. I would hate to see the Louisiana store close for that reason. Another thought on the same subject. If Safeway pulls the plug I think that Walmart's Neighborhood Markets would be a natural fill in for a lot those boxes. Htx
  4. Didn't they have a "ski slope" in the back to try out gear? Htx
  5. We might very well be the retention pond capital of the world. Why not capitalize on it?
  6. I'm trying to imagine going from zero to 130 KPH per hour then stopping to pick up my friends every 3 kilometers. HTX
  7. I split my week between Corpus Christi and Montrose. I miss Kroger when I am in STX, Down here there are only two choices HEB and Walmart they both leave a lot to be desired. Be glad you have so many more grocers that create a competitive market. HTX
  8. http://www.palodurocanyon.com/ Maybe a little far for a weekend but still a very cool place that is underrated in Texas
  9. Impressive post until I saw it was a Wiki based response. Ike saw the benefit of the Autobahn to the German Army. It made sense to him that it would be beneficial to the US military and endorsed building something similar in the US. I cannot say for sure that he saw the economic benefit but is was clearly there in hindsight. HTX
  10. "If you actually went over there, you would see the grass is almost dead from foot traffic cutting a path on that side of the street. People are using it. The only people who aren't using it are handicapped people. But it isn't like there is a federal law protecting their right to access public places." If all of the Heights was so opposed to WM as you have implied why is the grass dead? HTX
  11. The little pit under the staircase was my personal favorite spot. Good times.
  12. Can't wait to see the ad that touts the benefit of being close to the a major transportation hub.
  13. A nice curt answer but the Highway Commission in Texas is responsible for mass transportation as well as highway construction and maintenance. If he was there to make a buck on highways he could have done the same with railroads, airports and METRO and everyone know how Metro does business. I think my question was not answered.
  14. Why was Bob Lanier opposed to rail? I'm not doubting you just curious why he would have been opposed to it.
  15. I do live small. My primary residence is a condo that I have owned since 93 just shy of 800 sq. ft. that does not include the 8x5 private balcony or a small storage room on the ground floor. 1 bedroom, reasonable in size but a queen is it if you want anything else in the bedroom. For such a small place it does have a decent galley style kitchen at about 10 ft. long. I looked at a lot of other small places and most of them did not come close. Over the years the years I have come to appreciate that feature and the balcony the most. About a year ago my job took me south down to Corpus Christi. I did not want to sell the condo and hated everything I looked at for rental in CC. I finally shifted direction bought a 5th wheel RV. Its about 32 ft long with these slide things that make it around 12 feet wide in some places. I'm living in it M-F and love it. The people that design them really know how to maximize space and I think anyone looking to down size should take a look at them for great ideas. But what really makes both of my living quarters great are the locations. In Houston its the heart of Montrose, what more is there to say. In Rocport I have a front row view of Aransas Bay, that pic is from my desk/dining table where I am typing. You just cant beat it and all of it is small or very small. All of that said no wife, kids at home etc.does make this style of living a lot easier. Htx
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