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  1. Fun to read back through a 13 year old thread like this and see what has aged well and what hasn't. Moving to the briar grove neighborhood so I searched HAIF for "briar grove" and this is one of the threads that popped up. Looks like the burbs have done just fine and then some.
  2. Sure hope this happens!
  3. If you're a baylor folk, on the sicem365 boards there's lots of waco development discussion. Amazing how much the town city has changed in the last 10 years. There are a couple large office building developments in the works. AT&T has been reported to be one of the potential tenants. Could this be a clue? http://www.wacotrib.com/news/business/waco-among-cities-to-get-at-t-mobile-g-service/article_c124f87e-06f1-5b9d-87cc-075786330f17.html
  4. Yep this is a mess every Sunday afternoon. Been this way for at least 5 years and probably a lot longer on Holiday weekends, etc. -- Like I-35, waiting until it's way too late. Not sure if 3 lanes in some of those sections would be enough.
  5. Well I wasn't saying you needed one line vs another. Just that in addition to the university line, the other line should be extended all the way to the northwest transit center
  6. If they had those lines extending all the way down Washington to the Northwest Transit Center with limited stops and right of ways like the red line has, you'd have a ****load of ridership. Washington Corridor is one of the most dense areas period. People would love to take the rail to work downtown, to the future high speed train station, etc.
  7. Copy the one in Montrose and get it built. Can have parking on the backside and store along Washington..
  8. BG Group Place sky deck is on their 39th floor so it looks like they are around 38-40 from the pics above if it is the same floor height. Just a quick observation though.
  9. If it's a common problem then why is it unexpected? Road builders and the city should know better.
  10. There's a nice network of these sidewalk/bike lanes in Austin..
  11. I don't understand why they have brought in so many truckloads of soil just to be excavating it all for underground parking??
  12. Walked through GreenStreet this past weekend and there were people all over the place. I had no idea there was a new Salata next to the recently opened Cafe Bene. Both of those will get a lot of foot traffic on weekdays from the law school, 1301 fannin, etc.
  13. I think the answer is you need both, not one or the other.
  14. Sad to see all those huge pecan trees go but hopefully this turns out nice.
  15. Saw a crew out there with a backhoe working the ground yesterday. Meant to post about it. Thanks ^
  16. Work has been slow at this one. Sure hope there is a grocer going. Lot's of rumblings in the past couple of years anyways. Might be the ugliest new apartment complex anywhere across town. Brown paint and hardiplank. Elan/Greystar/whatever should be ashamed.
  17. I joked on the rice military page that they should put a rooftop bar on this.. I know I would..
  18. Ugh, that makes me sick. So many good times there.
  19. I mean who didn't expect this? Doesn't even register as a bump in the road to me. Just elected officials representing their constituents so they can say they did something/tried.
  20. Can't decide whether I like it or not... I can see it from my rooftop a few blocks away. Actually like the color scheme chosen, I just hate siding in general though. The El tiempo a block away is about to get way more crowded
  21. Drove 290 yesterday, great to see crews back at work on those sections where weeds and young trees were growing up. 290 is going to be a breeze once this thing is done. Should help out I-10 a bundle too!
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