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  1. Lighting, sidewalks, streets, etc are just about done. There has been an additional lane added to the Northside. Suppose it is for turning in and out of. Any chirps of what exactly is about to happen in this area?
  2. Hmm another question I have after driving San Felipe this morning. Some lights are flashing, some working, and others are completely off with no flashing (SO DANGEROUS). Are all lights in the city supposed to be equipped with battery backups to keep them flashing red in the event of a power failure? San Felipe at Fountainview and San Felipe at Augusta were just totally off today with no backup flashers. Someone's gonna get killed like that.
  3. Y'all are both wrong because no one is maintaining them currently haaaa
  4. Reopen Union Station to its original purpose :) Ha!
  5. There is a new traffic signal being installed at the intersection of South Post Oak Lane and Longmont.
  6. Has anyone else thought our city has exceptionally poor light timing? I am at my wits end trying to get someone to fix a few intersections that cause giant clogs on my morning and evening commute. They require some realllllly simple fixes that would save all the commuters 5-10 minutes if corrected, each day. Why is it impossibly difficult for the city to figure out? Have they just said "screw it" with COVID? The recent freeze only seems to have made the bad turn into ugly. I drove down Westheimer from the Beltway to 610 last weekend, Saturday about 8pm, and I kid you not, hit a red light at every intersection but 2 the entire distance. That is A LOT of intersections. It was a painful experience knowing the light immediately ahead was going to turn red as my current intersection light was turning green. After awhile it became almost comical how poor the timing is. What could have been a 35 mph cruise the whole way down turned into a 45 min nightmare. I experienced a similar feat driving San Felipe between Voss and the loop. Hit almost every light without fail. Driving the speed limit only seems to make it worse. It appeared some people had outsmarted it and knew if they went 50 in a 35, they could make every light!!! Dangerous as heck. Anyone know how to program some traffic lights? Hit me up. :)
  7. Looking for any sort of update on this land or The Tanglewood Medical along post oak lane if someone has a nugget. The area along Post Oak Lane next to the Wynden has been in a state of construction/disrepair for a few years now. Sidewalks all messed up, dirt and mud everywhere, half put up construction fences. Trying to figure out what is going on there.
  8. How about just replacing the existing sidewalks down memorial with new smooth ones that are wider?
  9. Fun to read back through a 13 year old thread like this and see what has aged well and what hasn't. Moving to the briar grove neighborhood so I searched HAIF for "briar grove" and this is one of the threads that popped up. Looks like the burbs have done just fine and then some.
  10. Sure hope this happens!
  11. If you're a baylor folk, on the sicem365 boards there's lots of waco development discussion. Amazing how much the town city has changed in the last 10 years. There are a couple large office building developments in the works. AT&T has been reported to be one of the potential tenants. Could this be a clue? http://www.wacotrib.com/news/business/waco-among-cities-to-get-at-t-mobile-g-service/article_c124f87e-06f1-5b9d-87cc-075786330f17.html
  12. Yep this is a mess every Sunday afternoon. Been this way for at least 5 years and probably a lot longer on Holiday weekends, etc. -- Like I-35, waiting until it's way too late. Not sure if 3 lanes in some of those sections would be enough.
  13. Well I wasn't saying you needed one line vs another. Just that in addition to the university line, the other line should be extended all the way to the northwest transit center
  14. If they had those lines extending all the way down Washington to the Northwest Transit Center with limited stops and right of ways like the red line has, you'd have a ****load of ridership. Washington Corridor is one of the most dense areas period. People would love to take the rail to work downtown, to the future high speed train station, etc.
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