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  1. How have I missed these two? I <3 Pie in the Sky! I saw the article in the paper about What's Up Cupcake, but didn't realize it was so close! Thanks!
  2. My youngest goes to MDO at ST. Matthew's UMC on Shepherd @ 43rd. She absolutely loves it and I have no complaints whatsoever. The staff is awesome and the director is always out and about during drop-off/pick-up times. My oldest goes to school at St. Rose of Lima and the lil one will start there next fall for pre-k. The lil one would be at the ECC, but they had no openings for her age group last year when we wanted to get her started in MDO type programs and they only do a 5 day/week program (unless they've changed it) and I didn't really want her there that many days. I really liked the f
  3. We went a couple months ago... It wasn't bad at all. The food was good. The husband had some issues with them making his burger wrong, but outside of that we enjoyed our 'brunch' there. We intend on going back to try the breakfast soon.
  4. Awesome! I think my kiddo's and I will take a lil walk tonight and give them a try. Get a nice treat for getting a little exercise... works for me!
  5. Nice to know... My husband and I were just discussing Shuck Daddy's last weekend and deciding if we should try it... We went somewhere else instead, but we'll definitely give them a try.
  6. I don't think we paid that much attention simply because... we'd never spend that much on a house! lol That is a shame though... You would think (hope) they'd have finished it out decently. It's over 200k more than the house at the corner of Nicholson (i think... might be Lawrence?) which is why I was so shocked at the price tag. It sold about a year ago... Property/house values haven't gone up that much!
  7. I think it's primarily because the 'rest' of Houston is not dry. I lived in Nacogdoches while in college... It really wasn't that big of a deal and back then they didn't have the centralized card, you bought a membership at each individual restaurant/bar. So you'd pay your 5 bucks, then get a coupon for a couple free drinks or a free appetizer (if at a restaurant). Maybe it's because so many entire counties are dry or partially dry that makes it more 'okay'?
  8. This is down the street from us... When they first completed the house and started doing open houses the hubby and I went down to take a look because the price totally flabbergasted us! It's a beautiful house inside... but we both agreed, WAY overpriced for this area. I'm sure that turns a lot of people off. Funny thing is, since it's now been listed with a real estate agency, the price has gone UP by about 25k. Barracuda... the microwave is indeed under the island, I questioned the location (particularly because we have small children who like to push buttons) and she replied "it locks."
  9. I've eaten at La Carreta. Several times in fact. My Grandpa LOVED this place and when my mom and I were taking care of him in his later years, we would eat there every couple of weeks or so. I haven't been in years... Sad considering I live much closer now! They used to have pretty good refried beans and good guacamole... The cheese enchilada's weren't bad either. It was always fairly cheap... so for the price, it certainly couldn't be beat. I'll have to convince my husband to go over there one night and I'll let you know how it is now.
  10. I noticed yesterday morning that they have started tearing down part of the strip center on the Durham side. Maybe they're taking out parts of the strip to add more parking? I'm actually happy they're putting a Kroger fuel center in... Now I can use my points!
  11. AMEN! I worked at a small town Wal-Mart when I was in college... even though I didn't start out as a cashier, we were still trained on the registers and HOW TO BAG GROCERIES! It makes me very annoyed when people don't properly bag my groceries. I too, try to group them together either on the belt or in the cart on how I would like them bagged, but still several times have asked the bagger to stop and just let me do it. lol gah! It's not hard!
  12. darva


    I know! They didn't have anything I needed for my brother's wedding party! I found everything I needed at Walmart, of all places! I'm certain Arne's would have had a better selection though!
  13. darva


    Party Boy is open for business and didn't appear to have any damage from Ike when I was there in early November.
  14. My kiddo's don't run around the tables, etc... But a toddler is only going to be so quiet and if you're setting next to us, she's likely to talk to you and "disturb" your otherwise peaceful dinner. If it bothers people, obviously I discourage her from speaking to them... but over all, I'm not going to tell my child to not be friendly and socialize with people. I don't feel the need to squash her bubbly happy personality. That said, if the atmosphere/environment ALLOWS her to wander around a little, I don't have a problem with it. That doesn't mean that I "passively parent" in any way.
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