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  1. Well Missoni Is Coming to the Galleria. An Just Cavalli is doing a big expanison in the USA I wouldnt be surprised if Dallas & Houston got one soon.
  2. I looked at W site for future hotel no houston but Minneapolis an Phoenix are on there you have to be kidding me
  3. Why Cant Houston get a damn W Hotel!!!! Its #4 in America an no W! but on the flipside Miami an Vegas just got theirs this year an those are very fashionable vacation spots, but that is besides the point I guess aloft is striped down W hopefully it does well an we get a W!
  4. Nice article, gives a nice light on Houston's international position seems to be a good amount a wealthy international citizens in houston
  5. LOL True They also show Bottega Veneta & Miss Sixty/Energie which also opened at Galleria. Well this at least shows what type of retail they are going for. Is this project even off the ground yet? Also what about BLVD place?
  6. I like the WestCreek an River Oaks District renderings the most. Ive noticed on the River Oaks District they have actual tenants listed Barneys an W Hotel are posted all over it an then I noticed Prada an when you look at the retail lay out they are all listed have these retailers actually signed on(I hope so) or are they wishful thinking????
  7. We are Getting Energie And Miss Sixty In Houston i know the one in Dallas is opening soon where are they in the Galleria? Is the sign up yet? I want Sisley,D&G,Cavalli to open in the Galleria It was rumored H&M were coming here I dont know if that is true
  8. Mephisto I'll Give a Real Rundown: As you being European I advise staying in the city it will probably fit your taste more. If your single they may help narrow your search more. River Oaks-Very Expensive,Exclusive,Prestigous,The Beverly Hills of Houston. Also like suggested Houston is very unpredictable. But the Central is the nicest (West Loop) All of the nice areas run together: RiverOaks,Memorial,Galleria/Uptown an to the South West University & Rice Village Area. You would probably like these areas the most, very nice new/an older homes & townhomes in meditterian stucco style
  9. So they are saying that Euro cities are crumbling? 9% are they that damn racist? I thought europe was suppose to be so progressive,liberal & chic So they are saying that Euro cities are crumbling? 9% are they that damn racist? I thought europe was suppose to be so progressive,liberal & chic
  10. DAMN! DAMN! DAMNN!!!! Damnt they did it they beat the Houston Galleria in size! But that expansion is nice I was in Dallas last month an Northpark is nice had to do some splurging while i was there lol. They seem to have a lot of upscale malls in Dallas excellent shopping all around there. Maybe the Houston Galleria will next it to the next level now. Since that the only big powermall besides memorial city. How do they have a city full of nice stuff? They have better shopping than Chicago!
  11. Why Dallas and especially Philpedelphia!!! Before Houston, not trying to pull a Marsha,Marsha,Marsha move here or maybe I havent been in TX long enough to understand The Texas Republic politics.
  12. I need airport transportion does anyone know any good limo companies, or any with cheap rates thanks.
  13. Get ready for some shock, areas can completly change by going on the other side of the freeway it was a shock for me. But I still like it here great nightlife and resturants,shopping,etc I suggest getting a new townhome you can get a nice 3story one for around 200k(innerloop) or move out into the suburbs an get a nice size home master planned. Urbanliving.com,farbhomes,absoluterealtygroup.com
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