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  1. The University of Texas is forced to fill 75% of the class (it used to be 80%+) with top ten percent applicants (so it ends up being more like the top 7%), with the other 25% of applicants coming from all other Texas applicants, out-of-state applicants, and international applicants. Most of those slots are always going to go to highly qualified in-state students that do not meet the top ten percent requirements for whatever reason. That leaves very few slots for non-Texas residents. Unfortunately, because of the small number of slots available for out-of-state students, all non-Texas resid
  2. One of the biggest problems is the Top Ten Percent Rule, as it limits the number of out-of-state kids a school like the University of Texas can accept to a very small percentage.
  3. Or lease the land as a revenue stream. Or maybe, as was the case with the PUF land, they will find oil.
  4. I wouldn't exactly say "one or two others in each system. The following lists are straight out of the Texas Constitution: A&M System Schools with access to interest from the PUF (1) Texas A&M University, including its medical college which the legislature may authorize as a separate medical institution; (2) Prairie View A&M University, including its nursing school in Houston; (3) Tarleton State University; (4) Texas A&M University at Galveston; (5) Texas Forest Service; (6) Texas Agricultural Experiment Stations; (7) Texas Agricultural Extension Service; (8) Texas Engineerin
  5. CVS is generally open 24 hours, so it's useful for people that work long hours and can't get to a Target before they close at 9 or whenever they close.
  6. I miss the Oshmans that used to be at Memorial City. That place was amazing when I was a kid. You could play basketball, hit from a pitching machine, test out tennis rackets... Now it's just Academy, but more expensive.
  7. But how much would it cost? The train from DC to NY is $200 one way, it that's about the same distance as it is from Houston to Dallas.
  8. I think he probably meant it has the same relation to UH that UT and UT-San Antonio, Dallas, Arlington, El Paso, etc. have. They are part of the same system.
  9. Easily the funniest part of this movie.
  10. The Krogers on Eldridge/Briar Forest is much nicer - and open for 24 hours (unlike any of the ones on Memorial).
  11. Maybe... if you drive a tank... and you live in Baytown
  12. If you think the Energy Corridor only goes out to Dairy Ashford, that would not include Park Row - which only starts after Hwy 6.
  13. You have to stick it out in order to get good teams and build that tradition. The Fiesta bowl is only about 35 years old and it is now one of the BCS bowls.
  14. There are a lot of nice apartments in the area (Memorial and Eldridge - in any direction) - There are also a couple of great parks in the area and a lot of good schools. You won't find a zoo - although there are animals about 5 miles north in Bear Creek Park. There is a library in the area which is almost entirely children's books/reading sessions (you have to go up to Bear Creek to get a library with more adult books. It's certainly not like living in the museum district, but if your husband is working for BP or ExxonMobil in that area, he can walk to work (I would drive to Chevron or Shel
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