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  1. You better get a set of good horsewhips together...you're going to be wearing them out quickly. 😃
  2. Well...we've had the discussion on probability vs possibility so I won't rehash that. Historically speaking, the US has gone through periods where there was considerable political upheaval, including the Jacksonian era (mentioned in the article, btw). While it may seem in contrast to the recent past this is different, I think a thorough reading of US history will show otherwise. I will say that you are by far not the only one who is concerned more about the possibility of a tyrannical government coming into being than it's probability. As you may have noted in the past two years especially there are many who view any mandate the government makes, however small and however justified, as an abridgement of their freedom. Take comfort in the fact that many will resist other larger and more important abridgements of our freedom as well. At a much earlier time our founding fathers had this same concern, only as our country was young and our experiment as yet unproven the probability was much higher then than I would judge it to be now. In their wisdom they gave us the Second Amendment as a safeguard against a tyrant, foreign or domestic. If you are concerned about the overthrow of our system of government I would urge you exercise your Second Amendment rights and oppose any abridgement of them. You can certainly believe with 100% probability that any tyrant, left or right, will first act to disarm the public that might oppose them.
  3. When you're risking Montezuma's revenge but it's so, so good that you do it anyway.
  4. I've seen grading going on recently at several places for the Brays trail segment connecting Fiorenza, Driscoll, and Storey parks. Once they complete this segment and the one eastwards from Storey park this might well be the longest bike path in the metro area, running from Brays Greenway Park on Buffalo Bayou all the way past Fiorenza park to about a mile or so west of Hwy 6. If they can figure out how to connect it to the trails in George Bush Park you might be able to ride almost to Fulshear on grade separated bike paths.
  5. Textualism is the strict reading of a text without regard to any other considerations. In my experience, politicians are shooting the flurf until proven otherwise. The general gist of the article, however, is that in certain conservative circles there's an opinion floating around that our system is about to collapse and speculation on how to react to that. That's not quite the same as actively plotting to dismantle our current system. Total speculation on my part at the moment but there's likely been barroom talk about replacing our system with a socialist or communist system sometime in the past 100 years or so. I know this First Amendment stuff is scary in some circles but it's an essential part of our system.
  6. Got around to reading the article this weekend. Was disappointed but not surprised that de-baathification was just an off-hand comment and not particularly meaningful.
  7. Shown to have been true more than 60 years ago. The thinking around highway construction no longer includes these elements and hasn't for a very long time. Can you imagine what would happen today if a highway was deliberately run through a minority neighborhood with the intention of destroying it? At this point using an argument that rebuilding existing highways is somehow racist is specious at best. I would think the domain name for the article would have been a glaring clue on this, if you weren't inclined to read the article itself. Can you illuminate me on what institutional and private vehicle issues are going to be addressed soon?
  8. Flipping through Lina's bio it looks like she has about the same tenure in Houston, give or take a couple of years. Probably less than ten years it you count it up to the time she took office. As for California, Lina's a Standford grad, so she's spent some years living there too. How that has informed her viewpoint one can only guess. But, I guess if she went to Stanford and Alexandra went to Harvard then we've got an east coast-west coast thing going on.
  9. I don't know...seems like I35 has been under construction between Waco and San Antonio since my days at Baylor in the mid 80's.
  10. The cynic in me says It can always be worse. But, hey, at least she can carry a tune. And did you get a look at those hands?
  11. Sorry, been reading about the new Ministry of Truth being spun up by the Dept of Homeland Security. Plus listening to it's new head doing her Mary Poppins rendition.
  12. Trump is truly the master at nicknames. Glad to see you're getting onboard with the Trump train. Besides, I think our current Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has a way better claim on the Crazy Cubano moniker. Does it matter anymore which restroom she chooses?
  13. Gotta agree that we spend way too many resources in well to do areas inside the loop. The city and county should probably just cut those areas off and let them fend for themselves. For the terminally clueless, that's sarcasm. Personally, I'm waiting for the side by side hand comparison before deciding who to vote for.
  14. There's no question that Lina is easy on the eyes...but what is up with the hand obsession?
  15. Surely you know cars are a religion in Houston? The faithful have to have somewhere to meet...
  16. I hope not, but there are three signs taped to the stop signs at the beginning of that short piece of road that say "beyond this point". Since they already have the end fenced off, I don't know why they'd put the signs there if they weren't going to take the rest of it. I would think they would have given notice to the businesses there, though. Complete tangent here...is the Nook taking over the old Calhoun's space?
  17. At which point they'll start reconstructing the whole interchange again...😛
  18. Are the wings actually stuffed somehow or is that just a name? If you want some good Korean-style wings, try this place.... https://www.bbqchickenwestheimer.com/
  19. Drive 59 between Kirby and 527 at night and you'll understand.
  20. I'll be shocked if they can get the lighting on the bridges to work.
  21. You may be right, and I'd certainly vote for St Augustine grass, but I don't usually credit developers/businesses for putting deep thought into things like this. So, theologians yes, but I suspect due entirely to the presence of the university and not one iota due to the impact St Augustine made. I'd bet that they considered calling it the St Thomas originally but backed off to avoid any fights with the university.
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