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  1. Other leadership at the county level? As in someone other than Hidalgo would have been able to better resist pressure from the state?
  2. Being stuck in traffic for a few minutes here and there isn't really that bad when you consider you've got your own personal space and can tune the interior environment and the music to whatever you like. I'm sure it's nice to be so young and carefree that you don't have to go shopping for a family, take kids to schools, activities, dr appts, etc, involving multiple trip segments throughout the day and night, but the rest of us have mortgages, families to raise and things to get done. I understand that's what the young whippersnappers call "adulting" these days. The main problem with I10 is it widens to those 26 glorious lanes and then shrinks again on either end. That's the real poor planning for you. If all the highways were like the Katy outside the loop, with appropriate interchanges, things would flow much better.
  3. That's the wild card for the upcoming elections. To what degree are people actually motivated by the Roe decision to come out and vote for Democratic candidates? Partizans will turn out anyway, but what about the swing voters?
  4. I believe Mealer was trying to connect the dots in the post with the comment about Jordon and his "buddies" and the picture that included Hidalgo.
  5. That's strange...I drive I10 inside the loop all the time and always thought it was a road. A small one at that compared to how it is outside the loop. If only it could actually be 26 lanes across inside the loop.
  6. You know you have money when you can do stunts in your own helicopter and then pay the damages when something eventually goes wrong.
  7. +1 for the mention of Appleton. Don't see that come up very often. The future is certainly moving away from burning dead dinosaurs to directly power your vehicle. Not so likely is the move away from the personal vehicles themselves. Thus roads of all sorts are still going to be king. Even cowboys need to ride the concrete sometimes... Yeehaw!
  8. If you're going casual then Bodega's mentioned in the post above yours is not bad and just a block or two away from the MFAH. Also nearby on Almeda is the Turkey Leg Hut.
  9. I wish the title read, , “TxDOT Proposes Raising Cane's Location I-10 near I-45 If they razed I10 inside the loop to make it a double-decker, that would be awesome. Maybe that's what he meant.
  10. Just a complete guess here...but could it be that they want to make sure certain routes stay open during flooding events?
  11. Seems to me blocking out the view to an Apple store would be desirable...
  12. Wouldn't that require running buses along all the backroads that encompass the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugarland MSA? I'm also curious how you would go about doing ordinary family shopping. How do you bring a cart full of groceries and other sundries home via train and bus? What happens when you try to bring back a sheet or two of plywood from Home Depot? Do you have to make separate trips for everything you need since you can only carry so much?
  13. I don't believe I commented on the moral implications of post-war white flight, if that is what you are referring to. Whether or not something is morally right is sometimes different from what actually happens. The interesting question is why something happens and what can we glean from that for the future. As for TxDOT's budget, is that third of a trillion dollars just for urban areas? Are they not responsible for building and maintaining roads state wide?
  14. It was more of an example than an argument. When you have multiple (millions, really) possible start and end points for a journey combined with millions of individual trips the most efficient way to pull that off is a packet system. In this case, cars or buses are the packets and roads are the pathways that allow them to move from any point to any other point. Trains, by definition, follow a fixed path and cannot deviate from it. Thus, trains are efficient at moving people and goods from one fixed point to others along the same fixed pathway. That's fine if all your start and end points are along that pathway but the efficiency starts to break down once you move beyond it. Most of the developed world came into being when foot travel was the primary means of transit. It shouldn't be surprising, then, that Spain and Japan among others have developed in such a way that train transit naturally works better than it ever will here where we have had at least horses and horse drawn carts to enable greater movement of people and goods. I know there are those that fantasize about millions of people abandoning trillions in investments in single family homes in the suburbs in favor of high rise living inside the loop but that's just not going to happen.
  15. With regards to moving to and from multiple destinations that are not near a rail station, and/or carrying more goods than you are physically able to lift and bring on the train, that is exactly correct. If you happen to live by a rail station and all your destinations are near rail stations, and the train runs on a schedule that works for you, then a train might be more efficient. Cars and roads are analogous to the packet switching system used by the internet. Trains are a bit more analogous to this technology...
  16. Are there any Berryhill's left now? This one was the last of four locations we used to go to all the time. Sad to see them go.
  17. Best part...."You don’t smell cow manure on the elevators of Shell Plaza or Pennzoil Place." And that's Houston for the win!
  18. Metro needed a win on the Red line and used whatever they could to boost it. Since then I don't think any event has provided a measurable impetus to get a project done faster. I wouldn't expect the World Cup to be any different.
  19. I thought about bringing up the "bikeability" score as well, but the other, even lamer criteria seemed more enough to view this list askance. Not saying Portland isn't still #1 or that we don't have room to improve, but some of the analysis put out is demonstrably laughable.
  20. Other than the odd "google searches" weighting, bike trails per 100k is a bit flawed for inclusion in the calculation. Bike trails can vary widely by length, some being a block or less depending on how you want to count it. They should have used bike trail miles instead.
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