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  1. If by "hunker down" you mean stock up on beer, then yes.
  2. Welcome to the world of prosperity gospel!
  3. An interesting tidbit from Wikipedia.... "In 1987, the Orange Julius chain was bought by International Dairy Queen. IDQ, and by inclusion since 1999, Berkshire Hathaway..."
  4. Ha! We tried an ultrasonic cat repellant and the cats just laughed at it. After that we got a couple of motion sensor sprinklers that are designed to scare away cats and those worked like a charm.
  5. I don't know about the "used to" part. Austin seems to show up as the token Texas city in a lot of lists put together by east or west coast writers.
  6. Drove by a couple of days ago and it looks like they are remodeling.
  7. If you haven't already, bike a little farther to the north and you run into the Terry Hershey hike and bike trail which runs from the beltway to highway 6 where it joins the George Bush Park bike paths. You can go from the eastern edge of Cinco Ranch to the beltway without having to deal with any auto traffic, though the GB Park trail is circuitous. I frequently use that as an east-west route to traverse the area. I think they are also working on a connection under I-10 so you can go further north. It is too bad that space wasn't reserved for trails along Buffalo Bayou east of the beltway. That would have made for an awesome trail from the hinterlands all the way to downtown.
  8. I wouldn't mark this one unbikable, but then I ride a mountain bike with some add-on's for convenient errand running and shopping. I've found that you need to be able to go off-road to deal with some of the challenges of biking (like poorly maintained roads and sidewalks that end abrubtly). Personally, I think that just adds to the fun.
  9. Don't forget the hordes of Californians and others from outside Texas who flocked to Austin during the 90's technology boom. That may be another reason why Austin is the way it is and also why it seems to get a lot of exposure from the "foreign" press.
  10. I have to say the "Houston It's Worth It" slogan/title IS pretty lame.
  11. So...the Heights is going to the dogs?
  12. Lol...I said I believe in gay marriage, not that I would qualify for it.
  13. 1) Since I live outside the loop I'd have to answer no to this one. 2) I believe in low taxes and gay marriage. What does that make me? 3) Absolutely.
  14. Good point that the signs serve to remind drivers to share the road. I've always just thought of them as a way to guide cyclists through unfamiliar neighborhoods so they can connect to other bike lanes and trails.
  15. I believe under Texas law a bicycle is considered a vehicle for traffic purposes. In other words, a car and a bicycle are the same when it comes to right of way and traffic signals.
  16. OK. I keep asking for concrete examples of how other cities are "decades" ahead of Houston in bike-friendliness and so far I'm not seeing anything. Once again, is there anyone out there who has actually ridden in other cities and can tell me how we are decades behind? Seriously, I really want to know if there is something we can do to dramatically improve bike-friendliness here. I'm just not so sure places like LA, Chicago, NYC and Dallas are so far ahead that it will take decades to catch up. Prove me wrong.
  17. Do you mean like this one? Or like the ones that run for miles along Richmond, Briar Forest, and Kirkwood in west Houston not to mention much of the rest of the city, inside and outside the loop?
  18. How about when coffee was something you made at home or got for 25 cents at the local diner and nobody knew what a triple caramel mocha latte was and at any rate wouldn't pay $4 for one.
  19. Ok...that's a start, but I'm really curious on specifically how we are decades behind other large cities in bike-friendliness. What, for instance does LA, Chicago, NYC, Dallas or even Austin do that is way, way ahead of what's available in Houston?
  20. Just out of curiosity, if you are uninsured does the county give you free or discounted care?
  21. OK...I'll bite. What is it that Houston lacks and/or needs to do to not pale in comparison to other cities/towns? Specifics please. And examples from similar sized cities. I'd love to know what to petition our local officials about. I say this not only as a person who loves Houston for non-bike related things but also as an avid biker who bikes around west Houston for errands and amusement.
  22. This might also help you plan a route... http://www.whitelinennightheights.com/map.htm I've never been to this event, but it seems like it's a crawl that covers Heights area bars, restaurants and shops. Whenever I get around to doing a bike tour of the Heights I'll probably use this map as a guide, along with the many helpful suggestions above.
  23. That there is another Kmart that was turned into an asian grocery peaks my interest. I'm not familiar with the corner of Texas and 2818, but there was another Kmart at the corner of the West Beltway and Beachnut that was remodeled and expanded to be the Viet Hoa shopping center. The Kmart must have closed in 2000 or 2001 and looking at it today you wouldn't know that the building had once been a Kmart.
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