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  1. I gather it's only going to be 20' taller, is that correct? If so, isn't it an architecturally accepted practice to add something decorative to push the height up? I'm sure we could fabricate something to top Austin. My vote would be a giant spinning Buc-ee's sign... Or perhaps a 30' hand sculpture in a familiar gesture with one finger up and the others folded in...pointed in the direction of Austin?
  2. Aladdin's castle...now that brings back some memories.
  3. Is James Coney Island still in business? The one near city centre has seemed vacant for a while now.
  4. It's the next area being developed just west of Cinco Ranch/Katy. Once they complete the Bray's bayou trail all the way to Fiorenza park at hwy 6 you'll be able to bike a mostly protected route from Harrisburg Blvd near the ship channel to all the way to the edge of Fulshear. I'm pumped about that because a connector to the trail runs along the edge of my subdivision. Once it's complete, I'm thinking about doing a multiday bike tour of Houston, staying at hotels like the UH Hilton along the way (or maybe the ZaZa in the museum district if I decide I can part with the requisite cash. 😀)
  5. So is the procedure just to checkout a bike, ride to the next station, check it in and then check out another one or is there a way to do this without switching bikes at every station?
  6. The should have led with this...😛 Unless their proposal was to replace with Apple products, in which case they should be immediately impeached...😮
  7. I recall recently seeing a proposal to hire 1,000 new officers, but for a different law enforcement organization.
  8. I kept this one pinned to the wall during my years in cubicle-land.
  9. There's a chance that the cartoon they ran in this case was a reflection of how chron employees feel about their workplace. Perhaps it's a coded plea for help...
  10. Politics is usually more about feelings than reality. That really should be no surprise. What I think we can agree on is that there has been a spike in crime here and nationwide. While I'm skeptical that anyone can suddenly hire 1.000 new officers, is there some doubt that a greatly increased police presence would serve to dampen crime in general? Or, without even hiring the new officers, just giving the impression that there will be a crackdown will lead many criminals to be less active?
  11. Nextdoor is hot mess of nimbyism and overconcern for everyone else's business.
  12. Scott Adams is a genius. Dilbert is proof.
  13. That article is behind a paywall. Any chance you can summarize what they said?
  14. Proposed trail improvements advance along Brays Bayou https://abc13.com/project-brays-bayou-improvement-trail-improvements-braeswood-and-meyerland-areas/12213693/
  15. I think you need to read the second sentence again. My position on polls in general is that there is only one that means anything and that one won't happen until early November. So, to slightly modify your "reasonable response" above I'd say "Because I don't trust polls, I don't find this particularly concerning." That's not to say Mealer won't get shellaced in November, but I'm not going take this a definitive proof that she will either. Like I said before, let's revisit this after the election and see how close the UH/TSU polling actually got. But...just to play along here...I pulled a report from the same organization focused on the statewide races and that shows Abbott leading O'Rourke. So, just for the sake of argument, let's say the UH/TSU polls are dead on. That would leave us with Harris county blue (as you predicted, I believe) and Hidalgo as County Judge. It would also leave us with Abbott as Governor. That would be a continuation of the current status quo. I can live with that, since my primary objection to Hidalgo is her overreach during covid. Abbott stepped in and quashed that fairly quickly so we know he will act as a check on her. It's a curious coincidence that on the right side of the spectrum there is concern that Democratic party operatives want to install an authoritarian "I Know Better than You" government, most recently using California and New York as examples.
  16. If we're talking about hands, I'll defer to @mattyt36 as the expert on that in this particular race.
  17. Polls are fun and all, but the 2016 poll debacle showed you can't really take them very seriously. I'd say that if the trend was just the opposite as well. In the case of the poll above, I followed the link to the actual document and found this... https://uh.edu/hobby/txtrends/countyjudge22.pdf Someone let me know if I pulled the wrong document or if I'm reading this wrong but it sounds like they polled a whopping 195 people for this and ended up with a confidence of +/-7%. I have my doubts as to whether that's even a statistically significant sample. But, like I said, polling can be fun to argue about even if it's not particularly meaningful. We should pin this one and come back to it in two months to see how it turns out.
  18. I heard a rumor they were going to paint the Embassy Suites blue...
  19. Thanks! I didn't realize the seawall went that far east. Ever tried to ride to the ferry and take it across to the Bolivar peninsula? I'm not familiar enough with that part of Galveston to know if there's a route with a reasonable chance that you won't get run over.
  20. Re-reading my initial post on this, I wouldn't characterize it as opining strongly. In point of fact, I agreed with you that we should be particularly skeptical of election season rhetoric. I was just pointing out that the IRS has specific rules that it applies in revoking exemptions. And at that point, I had only seen the KHOU post and wasn't inclined to dive in head-first in an analysis to try to predict what the IRS would actually do. It is true, though, that I'm not particularly obsessed with what Ed Young or any other pastor says from the pulpit. I think I explained the why on that in one of the posts above. If the IRS finds he's violating the rule and revokes his exemption, I'm fine with that. If they examine it and determine he's coloring within the lines, I'm fine with that too. But, I'm not going to be the one to call for torches and pitchforks just because he spoke his mind, right or wrong.
  21. Total tangent here, but on my bike to-do list is to ride the seawall end to end and back again. Any tips on where to park for that? Would prefer not to pay for parking along the seawall if I can help it as I'd probably make stops along the way and would be gone for hours. Also, any other bike routes in Galveston that are worth driving down there for?
  22. Thank you for posting the chron article. That gives a little more clarity on what he actually said. That said, I favor broad leeway on free speech and I find it disturbing that the typical reaction to speech someone doesn't like to be an attempt to shut it down. Thus, I'm not inclined to call for the punishment of someone who's speaking their mind, even if I think they're dead wrong in data or interpretation. The proper response, in my opinion, is the exercise of free speech by others to rebut or counter the speech, not to intimidate or to take legal action. As for the IRS, there are specific rules regarding what can cause an organization to lose it's tax exempt status. I am, however, no expert in this regulation and my experiences have taught me that the way things actually work in the legal world are frequently not the way we assume they work. I'm quite sure SBC is regularly complained about and perhaps investigated in this regards. I'm not going to call for that, though. Nor would I call for it if a liberal leaning pastor were to make similar statements about a Republican administration, candidates, or policies.
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