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  1. Best part...."You don’t smell cow manure on the elevators of Shell Plaza or Pennzoil Place." And that's Houston for the win!
  2. Metro needed a win on the Red line and used whatever they could to boost it. Since then I don't think any event has provided a measurable impetus to get a project done faster. I wouldn't expect the World Cup to be any different.
  3. I thought about bringing up the "bikeability" score as well, but the other, even lamer criteria seemed more enough to view this list askance. Not saying Portland isn't still #1 or that we don't have room to improve, but some of the analysis put out is demonstrably laughable.
  4. Other than the odd "google searches" weighting, bike trails per 100k is a bit flawed for inclusion in the calculation. Bike trails can vary widely by length, some being a block or less depending on how you want to count it. They should have used bike trail miles instead.
  5. There's already been grading work done for this trail at the Eldridge and Dairy Ashford bridges over Brays. Just getting the connection done between Fiorenza Park and Storey Park is going to be huge. Once complete, though, you'll be able to bike from past hwy 6 on the west all the way to Mason Park where it joins Buffalo Bayou. With a little street riding north from Fiorenza you can hit the Terry Hershey trail and go west through Katy almost to Fulshear. That hits chinatown, TMC, the Museum District, UH and much else along the way. Connecting inside the loops to other trails and you could easily do a multi-day tour of the broader Houston area by bike, staying at hotels along the way.
  6. That's one idea. Another would be to put in 4 lane HOV on every highway, including all the loops, much like the Katy freeway and then run the longer P&R buses on those.
  7. Personally, after years of Houston yard work and fighting weeds, I'd opt for artificial in a case like this. The grass they make now isn't our father's astroturf.
  8. The picture in the op looks like it was once a gas station. So upgrade but no change here.
  9. I was disappointed at first when I heard we weren't getting the Enterprise shuttle, but what we got was so much cooler...
  10. In the days when rail companies ran their own passenger services, passenger trains we're routinely given highest priority and freight trains pulled into sidings to let them through. These days with Amtrak I don't know if that is always the case. As for the turnouts, the turnout switch is typically manual except in certain cases. On a freight line, it's normal for the train to stop so a conductor can get off and set the switches for the activity at hand.
  11. That looks suspiciously like artificial turf grass. https://www.almostgrass.com/artificial-grass-between-pavers/ Not a bad idea, of course. My first thought looking at that picture was "that's gonna need constant maintenance". Using artificial instead makes it almost maintenance free.
  12. The way I read this, it allows a developer to not construct a sidewalk and just pay a fee in to the city instead. Is that correct?
  13. Well then, I stand corrected. Master planned communities in recent years all seem to have similar signage restrictions regardless of where they are located. I suspect, however, it wasn't so much the city that imposed these restrictions as the developers pushing them. Regardless, I'm glad to see such support for suburban development on this forum.
  14. I believe that's a restriction imposed by the master planned community, not the city.
  15. Because it's an empty and meaningless, knee-jerk ad hominem attack? 😜
  16. It's not really an argument in favor of cluttered signage as much as a commentary on photographic distortion of reality of random street in the suburbs of Cincinnati.
  17. The magic of photography is always fascinating. Below is the streetview for this location. Seems much more ordinary without the camera sorcery. https://www.google.com/maps/@39.2387786,-84.5932101,3a,75y,331h,82.65t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sC7Yi7a5cGggkPop16ePDmA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192
  18. Feat not, good citizens. I have it from a reliable source that the fencing around this place will be one-way, like a crab trap. This is designed to attract errant Austinites in the area and confine them until they can be safely relocated back to central Texas. Thus the large billboard-like sign. Apparently the Heights is particularly over-infested.
  19. Is it complete or are they still working on it?
  20. I believe this is the extension from Stude Park to the Heights trail. As far as I know they're still working on the bridge so I don't think it's completely open yet. EDIT: Nevermind...looks like this is extending the trail towards TC Jester. My bad.
  21. And the Democratic propaganda networks have largely ignored or tried to explain it away. I'm not surprised, mind you, that's what these organizations do, right and left. That fact doesn't make it, or parts of it, not true. But, we see the mayor jumping on a 3% decrease over a five month period and the question comes up as to "why now". I've been poking around the HPD page and haven't been able to verify the stats the mayor put out. I suspect, but wanted to verify first hand, that the press release was held in waiting for a drop that they could pounce on. And pounce they did. Perhaps I missed it, but is it normal for the mayor to put out a press release any time the murder rate drops by a few percentage points? If not, why would he do so now? Why would a professional politician do such a thing? I wonder. Quelle surprise indeed.
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