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  1. Here's to hoping they can fix the montrose bridge lights by then...😀
  2. I would think that they'd at least build one in each major suburb. Haven't looked to see if they have one already, but the Woodlands/Conroe area would be a good spot also. Bear in mind that Houston has two of the five largest community colleges in the country...not the state...the country. Having a nearby four year institution where you can complete or finish your degree without having to commute in is a huge benefit for these students. Also, this makes it convenient for working folks to finish their bachelors or masters after the work day is done.
  3. UT started the war. Now we are going to encircle Austin and defeat it. If the legislature won't let us into the permanent fund then we'll have to explore other options. Riverwalk lights are the best.
  4. Apologies if this has been posted already, but I just ran across it and thought it was pretty cool. Someone's keeping track of all the murals around town. https://houstonmuralmap.com/
  5. That should be their motto and on all their advertising... 🤣
  6. Did you take these picture while on a bike ride? Cause if you're tooling around with a drone strapped on the back of your bike that's a whole higher level of awesome. 😃
  7. I decided long ago that if I am ever serious about getting a mustang, I'm going to take what I would have paid for a new one and buy as old a one as possible and put whatever is left into restoring it.
  8. There's a blast from the past! 😀 Consumer reports is awesome. But it's thing is that it was unbiased. Media Matters not so much.
  9. Well, with things looking so down for Greg, maybe we'll get a DeSantis/Abbott ticket in 2024 or 2028 and Dan Patrick can take over? Perhaps put Paxton in as Lt. Governor-in-waiting? I know you'd love to see him eventually in the Governor's mansion.
  10. If? Didn't Hidalgo et al redistrict Cagle so it would be difficult for him to retain his seat anyway? With the intention to make it 4-1 in favor of the Dems on the Court. They've got the power now to go as progressive as they want (or can get away with).
  11. You're looking the wrong direction. The wave appears to be washing over the Floridian peninsula to the east.
  12. Too late, the patient is already dead.
  13. I'd find an empty lot in the Heights and build this... Just exactly as pictured...
  14. My son told me UH is closing at noon.
  15. It'll make more sense if you go to the Red Lion and drink gin and tonic until your vision starts to blur. 😛
  16. News flash!!! Liberal commentator at liberal newspaper complains about Fox news!
  17. Why not both? One of the things I have to (begrudgingly) praise Austin for is that they tend to plant and/or leave trees scattered through their parking lots. We have that some here but I seem to see more of it in Austin. We should especially be doing that in our parks.
  18. We were there this weekend for homecoming and University Parks was torn up a few blocks west of I35. Lot's of new construction going on there as well with the underpasses on I35. The circle seems to be a sad ghost of itself, though, compared to the '80s when we were in school.
  19. ROFLMAO...Judge Hidalgo gets Hanoi Jane to campaign for her!!! 🤣🤣🤣 In a city filled with people who fled the communist regime in Vietnam, I'm not sure whether inviting Hanoi Jane to campaign shows a complete lack of judgement or if Hidalgo and staff are just too young and clueless to know who this elderly white California liberal is. I can't wait to see how this gets written up in the local Vietnamese newspaper.
  20. It all depends on what you are measuring and over what time periods. Both can be true but you can't get a real picture on it unless you know the parameters. Here's a little bit from the Chronicle...https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/crime/article/violent-crime-in-houston-numbers-17431491.php I haven't vetted this in any way and am assuming the Chronicle wouldn't have printed it without checking it first (a big assumption, perhaps?) This measurement over the stated time periods is higher than what Mac said. I'd bet that if you measured a different crime or set of crimes over a different period (ytd 2022, maybe?) you'd get a different, perhaps single-digit result. Read this little gem and you won't get caught off guard...
  21. The Houston Chronicle endorsement of Beto proves they've totally lost their minds so any endorsements they make can be safely discounted. As for her gun, perhaps just her presence reduces crime in whatever part of Harris county she happens to be at the moment? Or could be there's a 30.05 sign posted at the entrance to the establishment she's pictured at. Could be her holster is in the 6 o'clock position. And, of course, you can't see either of her hands.
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