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  1. I'm torn between the two. While a skypark would be super cool, it still creates a perceived barrier at street level. Maybe there's a good solution for that, I just don't know. If not, then a ground level park would also be good as that (and the skypark as well) would serve as an extension of Buffalo Bayou Park through downtown. It'd be a nice connector either way.
  2. I honestly think that you only experienced hypocrisy. Regardless of the exact wording of the city code, I suspect HPD takes a pragmatic approach outside downtown. Even then, the crackdown that I recall was sparked by messenger bikes riding recklessly in downtown because they had to do their jobs quickly. I don't think HPD will stop you unless there have been complaints in the area or you are obviously doing something stupid and dangerous in front of them. The cop that told you to ride on the sidewalk was most likely looking out for your safety.
  3. Never. And I cycle on the sidewalks down Richmond near the westside police station all the time. Cops pass me coming and going from the station. I've only ever heard of tickets being given out downtown, and that was some time ago when bicycle messengers were all over there.
  4. Am I wrong to assume that the worst of the worst would already be a top priority?
  5. Given our current zeitgeist, I don't think renaming a road from Spanish to honor a white guy is going to fly.
  6. Actually, the city code says "No person shall ride a bicycle or motor assisted scooter upon a sidewalk within a business district. " The only reference I've found so far to a business district is the Central Business District, otherwise known as downtown.
  7. So, were we not already identifying and prosecuting the worst of the worst?
  8. You hit the nail on the head. The compromise is in the middle. Make each highway like the Katy and then run transit in the middle. We can call it Saudi Amsterdam.
  9. Here on the west side we've got plenty of trees, unless perhaps you are referring to the Katy Prairie. We can always use more, though. Completely agree with you on Atlanta. Lived there for ten years and they've got the tree thing down. Of course, the Atlanta area was heavily forested even before it was known as Terminus. We started with wide open coastal plains so, all things considered, we haven't done too badly.
  10. There's a third option, the development of edge cities. I think we are well into this trend already. Bear in mind that the primary traffic issue occurs mornings and evenings during the working week. Outside those times, the current highway infrastructure runs fairly smoothly.
  11. I'm no engineer, but the way this demo has progressed leads me to believe that this is just how the process works and we're seeing it in the middle stage right now. I would also think that it would be safer to rebuild the foundation from scratch rather rely on existing structures not built for the purpose.
  12. I do have to say that I like girls with guns. But then I like girls with curly hair, too. Bonus point to Alex, though, as I just noticed she has a roll of gorilla tape molle'd to her tactical vest.
  13. I think you need to read my second sentence again (again). Fascism is a fairly well defined, documented, and researched political and economic order. It's not just about aesthetics. It's about total control of society and squashing all forms of dissent. But how it's used in the media is just as a way to smear anyone who doesn't toe the Democratic party line. Unfortunately, there are many who have bought into the propaganda and can't distinguish the difference. Since we both can recall the Reagan era, you might remember that every Republican leader has been impugned this way since at least that point. And it becomes especially pointed when that leader is popular and a threat to Democratic party control. Thus, once we're done with the Trump era, Trump will be forgotten and the next Republican leader will be given the same treatment for the same reason.
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