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  1. Could it be that the real plan is this... Let it ripen for about two thousand years and we've got a major tourist attraction.
  2. Whatever the date, I'm sure it will be on a Tuesday.
  3. Wasn't intending to contradict anything. Just thought the Judge's party-line comment was interesting.
  4. Lol...somewhere here I saw a post about a millennial asking why it was called "hashtags".
  5. That's what I concluded as well, though I wonder if they are really going to purchase and tear down the church or if they took a little license with the site rendering.
  6. I think the idea here is to build a community where the residents can connect with each other in their own language and culture rather than with the outside world.
  7. Looking at the picture, it appears to be on the west side of Kirkwood, perhaps a quarter mile north of Bellaire Blvd.
  8. Now that we are naming areas of downtown proper, we'll also need to rebrand EaDo to the more geographically accurate SoEaDo so we can free up the EaDo moniker for area around Discovery Green and Minute Maid. I'll propose DoDo (Downtown Downtown) for the very center. Given the number of homeless in that area, shouldn't we call it NoDough?
  9. Sounds like it is the area north of the junction of 45 and 59.
  10. SoDo isn't any more artificial than EaDo.
  11. I'm reading that as 90 minutes total in what I can see of the article. 45 mins each way is what I had door to door from just west of westchase to downtown in the early aughts. It's what it takes to go from the same place now to UH in the mornings and evenings. That seems normal to me, not super-commuting.
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