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  1. Houston City Council OKs expansion of BCycle sites https://communityimpact.com/houston/bellaire-meyerland-west-university/government/2021/04/14/houston-city-council-oks-expansion-of-bcycle-sites/
  2. The Nook at UH and Fellini's in Rice Village.
  3. That's sad. It was one of only three places I've found so far that could make a decent flat white.
  4. In-street rails aren't particularly bike-friendly. You can have both, but I wouldn't mix them in the same space.
  5. Would have been awesome last month...
  6. Anyone know if pharmacies are giving out the shots yet? I have (unfortunately) just had my age group called.
  7. I'm no expert on commercial real estate but the way I read it is that velvet taco has a 15 year lease with option to extend twice for 5 years each for a possible 25 years total. The owner has now packaged that and is trying to sell it as an investment. I don't think this indicates any change for us, the taco-hungry public. If anything, the pink and green is front and center in the sales brochure.
  8. We're in agreement then that Montrose needs to look like this... Wish they'd bring back the Cafe Bustelo pop-up while they're at it.
  9. We're in agreement there...fortunately my alma mater is higher up in the food chain than a dog and a cow...
  10. Think of the parking lot as the future site for restaurants adjacent to the park. You can be sure that parking lot won't be there forevermore.
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