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  1. I'm still rooting for a 24/7 Video and a Washateria at this location...
  2. Maybe it's a secret plan to do something about housing affordability in the Heights...
  3. "Ok, kids...now whatever you do..DON'T TOUCH the button that activates the drill...." "Jimmy?? Jimmy!?! JIMMY DON'T TOUCH THAT BUTTON!!!" NOOOO.....
  4. I hope that decision doesn't depend on how much money the Biden family made off their Chinese connections.
  5. With all the covid closures, have rents come down or flattened? This will be quite a bit bigger than the original on Bellaire. It happens to be one of my wife's favorite bakeries so we'll be stopping by to see how it turns out. I wonder if they're going to expand to drinks and be more like the 85 Celsius bakery across the street from the original location. Look for it to be open late. Until just recently the original was open til 11pm. They've got a sign in the door at the Bellaire location reducing their hours to 6 or 7pm. Betting they're spending nights working on this new location.
  6. It's these nuggets of knowledge that keep me coming back to haif. Thanks to everyone for the illumination on this tangent I spun us off on.😀
  7. The foundation repair folks I called said the bedrock is 22 feet below my house. I'm quite sure they dig down at least that far before putting up skyscrapers here.
  8. You'll know it's the real deal when someone left-turns and hits it.
  9. The city of Houston may be decidedly blue, but its on the conservative end of that spectrum. Whoever we get will most likely be a centrist. We won't be seeing anyone winning by promising to raise taxes to fund social experiments or declaring they'll defund HPD. What I'm more curious to see is how the next Harris county judge election unfolds.
  10. Sorry to hear that. Few things suck worse than having your bike stolen.
  11. $137 was much closer to the average when I was looking at it. $391 was for a JetBlue ticket. Not sure why it's triple the cost. Do they serve an in-flight steak dinner or something?
  12. What I find interesting about this photo is that the bar(s) appear to completely block passage. Could be that it's an optical illusion, but that's what they should do at all crossings.
  13. Imagine the tailgaters chagrin when they roll in from Dallas and find they can't put up their tents.
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