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  1. august948

    The Boulevard Project

    I like the way they've staggered the trees right, left, right...that's gonna make a nice shady walk as they mature.
  2. august948

    New Development on the University of Houston Campus

    This might be old news, but I was walking along the Braes Bayou trail next to the UH campus and discovered they have built a separate lane for golf carts along a section that connects the main campus with the UH research park on the other side of the railyard.
  3. august948

    Metro Next - 2040 Vision i would think, though, that this would reflect more on bullet train projects between cities rather than commuter projects in cities. Is the TCR project using any fed funds or is that all private?
  4. I got my truck in her garage, but it was a tight fit.
  5. august948

    Metro Next - 2040 Vision

    Good point on the rail as an option for commuters in Dallas and elsewhere, but is it realistic that Metro will do anything like that in the next 22 years? Or is it going to continue to focus on inside the loop?
  6. august948

    High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    Actually, it looks like what they are saying is that TCR doesn't operate any track already, therefore it isn't a railroad. That would be more like forming a new oil company and the court denying they are an oil company until they have built a pipeline. At any rate, it should be an easy hurdle to overcome if they have to. But, there is plenty of history for railroads being formed and getting rights before they start building.
  7. It'll help a little, but it's really on the edge of the TMC and Riverside Terrace, not so much in the Third Ward. Sounds like Riverside Terrace is really taking off, though.
  8. Or Pandora, it's free but there are ads every once in a on a regular radio.
  9. august948

    High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle the ruling is that TCR isn't a railroad and therefore isn't entitled to the legal preferences for acquiring land. So...what if they build a mile of track and put a locomotive on it?
  10. august948

    Metro Next - 2040 Vision

    I agree with you on that, the biggest issue we have by far is getting people in and out of town on weekday mornings and afternoons. That's where the focus of transportation improvements should be.
  11. august948

    Metro Next - 2040 Vision

    To each his own, but I have to say the people watching on the bus and light rail isn't the best.
  12. august948

    Metro Next - 2040 Vision

    Doesn't it make you glad you can take your own private vehicle, as clean as you want it with a/c and radio to listen to instead of being stuck in an overcrowded train, or worse?
  13. august948

    HEB- 288 and N. MacGregor Drive

    When's it supposed to open?
  14. august948

    HEB- 288 and N. MacGregor Drive

    It's been a low-income area for a long time. Look at grocery stores on a map and you'll see the pattern very clearly. Even with this new store they are moving it considerably closer to the wealthier areas near 288 and away from the poorer areas of the Third Ward.
  15. august948

    Day 18 of Government shut down

    I don't usually watch the circus that is a House hearing, but today's was pretty good. Whitaker took them to task time and time again. To bad he has to return to his regular job...