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  1. You may have just hit on the next big urban concept. Who needs ground floor retail when you can have ground floor storage?
  2. Just commenting metaphorically on your mad letter writing skills, brother.
  3. Copied this from their website. Looks like a once-a-month thing. History Tours Time: 10 – 11:30 am Cost: $40 per person (children under 4 are not permitted on boat tours) Weather permitting. Tickets must be purchased in advance. Look back at Houston’s history while cruising Buffalo Bayou with a local historian. Your guide will share stories of the Allen brothers and provide historical information about the people, places and events along the bayou that helped shape Houston. Upcoming Tours June 4 EDIT: Looks like I didn't scroll down far enough. There are other tours of different lengths and prices. https://buffalobayou.org/boat-tours/
  4. Ahhh....lawyers....who can forget Eric Dick's campaign sign when he was running against Annise Parker?
  5. Google is awesome...+1 for the new vocabulary word. More evidence that English is indeed an awesome language. I get the resemblance, just curious on the animus. As for my hobbies, those are wide and varied, though in the one I think you are alluding to the usual doctrine is to go for center of mass so the face isn't really that important. Only gamers and showoffs go for the head shot.
  6. Lol...don't be scared...the guns are only out because I'm cleaning them since yesterday was range day. Besides they're only .22 rifles, not those evil black guns. I ran those last week. As a matter of fact I don't pay taxes for my tenants as I don't have any. All the property I own is solely for the pleasure of myself and family. If the jurisdiction is running the area poorly, as you say, I feel free to pipe up regardless of whether or not I'm voting there. Anyone can, nothing really new there. It's not a litmus test of any sort, I don't believe I've suggested anyone should get to vote in more than one locale nor have I said that the franchise should be restricted to property owners. I don't think I'd ever move to NYC, but not because they'd allow non-citizens to vote. Who knows, with some of the batflurf crazy stuff successive democratic administrations have come up with maybe some out-of-country influence will help them out. For the record, I don't think non-residents can vote in city of Houston elections, unless of course local officials manage to mess things up. That never happens, though, right? I've seen the picture before but am still wondering what the fixation is. Do you have some policy disagreement with "Santa" or did you have a bad experience as a child?
  7. Do we know what's going into this space yet?
  8. If you own property in the city, then yes you are paying in a lion's share of the taxes. As it happens I'm a resident and property owner inside the city limits. But I also own property in other communities where I also pay in a lion's share plus some since I don't get homestead exemptions there. Even if I can't vote in those other communities whatever happens there politically or otherwise affects me and entitles me to an opinion (as if the first amendment wasn't enough). I highly doubt many suburbanites think Houston burned down during the summer of love, peaceful protests of 2020. I do suspect, however, that some city dwellers don't get out as much as they should, especially if they think all that rush hour traffic each day on 45 is Woodlands residents making their quarterly visits to the city proper. And what's up with the Santa fixation? Don't tell me it's because he has man hands...
  9. You don't have to be a resident of the city to have a stake in what happens here.
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