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  1. So, Ellis mentions they got 19 miles done. Is that just part of the 50 or is that all that the city and county were able to accomplish?
  2. It will never be overkill as long as rush hour traffic exists.
  3. This is the new event space for White Linen Night 😛
  4. That's the moon door. Make sure you pay your rent...
  5. I would think so, but some of the sidewalks around town beg to differ....
  6. I wondered that too on another thread about the Post Oak Blvd work and someone said that they need to be planted below grade so the roots go down and under the concrete.
  7. You're missing the real meaning here...
  8. A good point. Wouldn't mind if they put more trees in the parking lots a la Austin. I'm still curious if that's a developer choice or if it's mandated. Would be something for city council to consider if it's mandated. Not sure what else you could do along those lines, though.
  9. Why is catering to the 85% of students who commute by car bad policy? Or besides UH the commuter in and out of downtown who might benefit from an extra way to get there besides 45 and 288?
  10. I think this sums it up (from the article above)
  11. I don't think the astrodome is much of a priority for Judge Hidalgo. Here's her priority list: https://www.linahidalgo.com/issues Perhaps she'll redirect the astrodome project money to a gun buy-back program?
  12. No doubt the freeways aren't all that beautiful, but they're commercial zones so I wouldn't have high expectations in that regard. Once off the freeways, though, there is plenty of green. I think it's a stretch to say 80% of the city lived and experienced by Houstonians is the concrete jungle. That's part of the point of the master planned communities where many Houstonians live. Green spaces, hike/bike trails, etc. The portion of hwy 6 that looks nice in Sugar Land runs through First Colony.
  13. 85% of UH students commute. http://www.uh.edu/dos/commuter/ It's a no-brainer to expand freeway access. I know they are expanding on-campus housing, but they will never be able to accommodate that many students on-campus. Nor should they try. UH is in the middle of one of the largest cities in the US. There are plenty of off-campus options. As for a freeway being the worst possible use for it, not even close. Like I said above (tongue-in-cheek) BNSF could expand it's rail yard. Or we could build a oil/gas pipeline through it. How about a city dump? Or return it to it's original (or near original) use as a stockyard. Ever smell a stockyard?
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