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    She might well be, but that's also exactly what I would expect a GOP strategist to say.

    Most probably are unskilled, but there are going to be those who have skills who either can't find work in their native countries, or can make much higher wages in the US. Some will risk the journey to make the higher wages available here. I'm also sure it's not just the farming lobby that wants illegals. Construction moguls benefit from it as well since most construction workers are contractors working for contractors so the Construction industry doesn't have to get it's hands dirty. 9/11 was a blip, if anything. The number of illegals living in the US has been steadily increasing since the 80's. The opinions of the world aren't really going to weigh on Trump's legacy here. You may not be old enough to remember, but everyone hated Reagan too and thought he was leading us into world war 3 (sound familiar?) If anything, that's proof that he's right that the rest of the world has been taking advantage of the US and now they're mad that we're not wiling to take it anymore. I've been hearing for years, especially from friends and family from Asia that they can't believe how the US lets itself get taken advantage of. They think we're stupid, and we have been. If Trump can reverse that successfully, that alone will make him a pivotal president. We'll see how North Korea works out, but he's done more in less time than anyone else. And I don't even need to mention how the economy is humming along with unemployment the lowest in decades.
  3. Town & Country/City Centre *update*

    It's also on the eastern edge of the energy corridor and at the crossroads of I10 and the beltway, which makes access to other industry partners a little easier.
  4. The Boulevard Project

    Doesn't matter if they clash or not (which they don't). This is Texas and in the summer pedestrians need trees.
  5. Seattle bans plastic straws

    The plastic bag ban is one of several annoying things about Austin. If someone really wants to go on a crusade about this, they should contact the Chinese consulate.
  6. Lower Heights District

    And it's right next to the Kroger. Can park there and walk around. Also would be nice if they find a way to connect it to the Target shopping center without you having to go back to the Heights trail.
  7. Lower Heights District

    Sounds like it will be kind of like these....out in Katy Long live Katyville!
  8. Lighting up the Montrose Bridges over I59

    LED bulbs are more complicated than incandescent bulbs and when there's more complication, there's more room for issues. I'm still waiting for the promised 22 year led light bulb. All mine seem to die within 2 or 3 years or they fade out so much that I have to replace them.
  9. Lower Heights District

    Nah...everyone knows Mount Houston was the first. It was leveled by developers but the community built there remains.,_Texas You can go visit it. It's off 59 a couple of miles south of the beltway.
  10. The loss of Ed Emmett are correct on that. I have to hand it to him, Beto certainly gets an A+ for effort.

    Not exactly. We don't know what skills they bring, since we aren't processing them and asking. Some may already be skilled at this trade or that, or at least have worked farms growing up. But what most certainly happens is that most will gain skills and become skilled labor in due course. Thus they are competing not just against high school dropouts but also high school graduates who don't further their education one way or the other. It isn't the same lobby screaming about illegals and then wanting them to come. That would be nonsensical, and I can assure you the powers controlling the Democratic party (and the Republican party) in this matter aren't insane. We tried amnesty, remember? That led to even greater numbers trying to come in. The proof is in the pudding on this one. All Trump had to do was talk about it when he got elected and the numbers trying to cross dropped dramatically. That's because suddenly amnesty became less certain and the likelihood of deportation became perceptibly higher. At any rate, anyone who comes here illegally should not ever, ever have the chance to become a citizen. Maybe make them permanent residents and they will be in the system and paying taxes (if they aren't already). And it's laughable that either party is going to use any increased tax revenues to reduce the deficit. They're paid well to dole that out to special interests. I'm glad to see you think Reagan was a hero. Trump may well go down in history as a hero, too. At least he's trying to fix things that the Democratic and Republican establishments both don't really want fixed. That's more than the presidents in between the two, from both parties, have tried to do.
  12. The Boulevard Project

    Not just on Post Oak, either. It's all over uptown wherever they have those light posts. They glow blue at night and look really nice.
  13. Commerce Street @ 2339 Commerce Street

    I think they are trying to say it's not in the official EaDo boundries. Technically, it's in the second ward but I'd bet people will just say EaDo anyway.
  14. The Boulevard Project

    That will happen eventually. Post Oak started out as a suburban boulevard but has been slowly urbanizing, particularly in the last 20 years or so. Matter of fact, looking at the size of that shopping center on a map, it wouldn't surprise me at all if it got redeveloped into a city centre type multi-use setup. It's a huge piece of land in one of the busiest parts of Houston.
  15. They can still keep the property in the TMC and use it for med school purposes/research/collaboration as well.