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  1. Looks like somebody's just dialing in the landscaping. Not a bad idea to have some green space but given the events heavy nature of nrg, it needs to have more open green space and vendor friendly areas (think Japanese festival in Hermann park) instead of just row after row of trees. Those areas can be surrounded by canopy.
  2. Welcome back! I'm sure you'll get plenty of folks chiming in on this but I'll take a stab at a few. Houston, and Texas in general, seem to be in the midst of an invasion of sorts from other parts of the country. Quite a bit of the influx is coming from high cost/high real estate value areas like California and New York. That's driving real estate prices for sure and most likely rental prices/availability. My guess is the lack of lease incentives and short lease terms reflect that. Apartment companies are expecting rates to go up so they don't want you locking in today's rates long-term.
  3. Freedom is a double-edged sword. But I'll take the option to make the choices myself vs allowing some entity to make those choices for me. The consequences are mine also. As for obesity, no one ever considers how when the zombie apocalypse happens we'll survive longer. Those skinny French will be dead of starvation in a week or two. 😛
  4. Research grants run amok? Get CA to give me a $50M grant and I'll cite someone who was born and then got cancer sometime in their lives. 'Cause there's obviously a link between being born and getting cancer. After spending $5.00 of the grant money at kinko's, you can reach me at my new tropical beach resort research center next to all the other CA researchers. 🍺
  5. I think TheNiche got his own day because he was the first to hit 10,000 posts. Followed very soon after by RedScare if I recall correctly. I miss the Christmas tree banners. There was also a brief time when you could post a map of a given project in the banner. That was a really cool feature. Don't recall why that got pulled. I've been a member since 2008 and I miss some of the active posters we used to have. The Heights Walmart thread was a blast.
  6. I'm all for more parks, but more than likely the local residents (with the exception of a few Karens) will fill this up quickly and demand more. As for historic neighborhood, it's got a lot of nice old craftsman style homes, but it's historic high point is that it was Houston's first suburb. You might say it's the original Katyville.
  7. What poet laureate wrote the signage?
  8. Not sure about the BBQ place but the Mexican restaurant was Pancho's.
  9. So I don't see a big deal with this. Loaning taxpayer money that gets paid back in order to get infrastructure projects built seems like it's a win-win for the company and the public. Private entities can usually do things more efficiently than government agencies. Are they proposing to borrow the money and then have the debt cancelled?
  10. I was under the impression that the 2001 project was more of a renovation/modification than the total redo they're proposing now.
  11. The plaza was built at the same time as Jones hall. My guess is it was originally intended as a staging/gathering/socializing area for before and after concerts (evenings most likely). At any rate, if nobody else I'm sure the Jones family thought it was a great idea at the timen (mid-60's).
  12. What's a one way ticket from nola to here run?
  13. If that's an overnight, sleeper train then I'm onboard (pun intended) with that. Could be useful after spending the weekend on Bourbon street.
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