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  1. They need to bring back the Donald Duck cartoons...
  2. Verizon commercial playing on tv now...We Love Houston sign, 8th Wonder Brewery at 00:20 https://www.ispot.tv/ad/naPI/verizon-the-fastest-5g-in-the-world
  3. I never knew Johnston was a trader. Was that before he was a confederate general?
  4. We need to start telling people H-Town means Hines-Town...;)
  5. If they're going to build a beach, I vote they import the sugar-white sand from west florida.
  6. Even so, I'm still going to make juleps.
  7. Thanks....I took a look and like what i see. Going in my bookmarks.
  8. And to think I told my wife Harvey was as bad as it could possibly get...
  9. I wish the weather channel was useful like they once were (long ago). My wife was looking for info on the storms heading our way last night and they were just playing endless documentaries. I told her to check the local tv websites instead.
  10. Maybe this will bring some focus to the problem and help move it along. It'd be helpful to have that connection right now.
  11. Weren't they planning a connector from the trail north of the bridge to Stude Park?
  12. At least one trestle is a complete loss just based on this picture. Plus heat damage to the concrete and steel above it. It'll be closed for a while.
  13. august948

    Embassy Plaza

    Just saw that Kenny & Ziggy's is moving into the Luby's spot just down the road.
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