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  1. Eh. You probably would've made the cut. I biked over around that time to make the line at 7 AM and estimate that I was safely among the first 50 people. The branded Midtown tote bag was nice. Also appreciated that they opened doors early.
  2. Love the zoolander reference! Haha, watched the movie again just last thursday.
  3. Yeah, simply echoing the previous comments... But I think we can rationally come to an agreement that the floor reduction is a good thing. One of the few times you'll hear us saying that, but given the location, it's fine.
  4. An important thing to note from the article for this tower is With so much other office construction downtown, it should be a challenge to get this off the ground with prelease commitments. I really hate the location of this tower though. There are many other spots of downtown that need development. I actually wish this one was shorter, even half it's size just because of the location it's in, but I'm all for anything that adds to our skyline.
  5. Downtown, easily. Even with the upcoming construction, Downtown's skyline will not radically change because the new Chevron Tower is so similar to the former Enron complex. And the other towers at the other bookend of Downtown appear to cover up the other in certain angles. So from the well-known "skyline district" angle, a supertall behind our famous frontline skyscrapers is really the only height that would be able to be make an impact(unless it's a skyscraper that is built in the gaps of the district) Although it makes for different angles from every direction, which is neat, the fact that the most famous angle of downtown is dominated by enormous and tall skyscrapers in the forefront, it makes it difficult for new towers to make a noticeable impact. Look at BG Place/MainPlace, a 600 footer is almost entirely masked from this angle. Just think how much more dense our skyline would appear if the tallest DT towers were in a central core, instead of concentrated linearly on one half of DT. But I do appreciate having so many different looks to DT.
  6. New pictures posted from the Houston Dynamo's FB : WOW!
  7. I found a good update: Needs to be viewed in original to see the pedestrian bridge! Link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ehimages/6750288231/sizes/o/in/photostream/
  8. I know this is an old thread, but the recent houston flickrstream shows a lot of good images of this building, I'd say it was a pretty good design that culminated quite nicely. Downtown Houston, Texas by marideab photography, on Flickr Downtown Houston, Texas by marideab photography, on Flickr Downtown Houston, Texas by marideab photography, on Flickr
  9. New Dynamo Stadium Renderings: Houston Buisiness Journal http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2011/10/13/slideshow-inside-the-new-dynamo-stadium.html New Houston Dynamo Stadium Updates, courtesy of the Dynamo website. http://www.houstondynamo.com/news/2011/10/stadium-questions-matt-doffing
  10. wow, best day for Houston sports in forever, Astros beat the Giants 7-5, 4 W's in a row, Dynamo beat Real Salt Lake 3-2 on a goal with litterally seconds left in the game, and Texans win their 2nd preseason game against the Saints 27-14!

  11. Hello all, I'm looking to move closer towards Memorial and have been browsing multifamily complexes. I found this one apartment called Left Bank River Oaks located at 5353 Memorial Drive. Does anyone have any experiences with this property? How are the units? How are the neighbors? What about the build quality? Thanks for the help!
  12. Cool. What are they, and the posts level?
  13. Pseudo-subway, sounds cool, and is better for the community, isn't it? But, looks like not too many people are happy about additional funds provided by the CoH. Chron Article: http://blog.chron.com/newswatch/2011/07/metro-city-to-pay-for-more-for-east-end-rail-line/
  14. Houston Dynamo's Virtual Venue link, pretty cool. http://houstondynamo.io-media.com/
  15. That's great news, and I honestly think ridership still has ways to go before it levels off...
  16. Of course I would prefer (Philly) Center City's street life as opposed to getting a Comcast Center( their new tallest tower that really did wonders for its skyline). But right now, Houston's DT skyline hasnt changed in a real long time( even with some notable additions), and in the short term,I think an immediate impact to Houston's skyline would be more beneficial than adding more office workers. If this were a resedential project, I'd understand. But to an outsider, adding a 700 ft+ tower to the skyline will stay in that persons mind more than adding 700 office workers that that person will more than likely not even see first hand. I mean on average, what, an office worker spends less than 30 minutes actually on the streets of DT? If were lucky, a new office tower will bring along a retail storefront, and a restaurant or two. A visitor will recognize a change to the skyline more than the addition of a few hundred people, and a new office tower doesn't neccesarily equal more people/street life to DT, it may end up being just a transfer of office workers from an older building to a newer building. But, yeah, in the long term, I do think adding density to DT is better than just a few tall towers.
  17. fun day @ Galveston, despite cali-cold water; also spotted some blubonnets( didn't think they grew there)

  18. if its of any significant height, it wont make that much of an impact considering its seperated only by a block from the state's tallest tower, but its a good thing the Chase Tower is relatively skinny, but when viewed from the skyline district, it looks like BoA will block it anyways; oh well, looks like it will make an impact from every other angle.
  19. Surprised no one posted the Swamplot article about the statues: Photos available at the link: http://swamplot.com/introducing-the-7-see-thru-alphabet-dudes-guarding-buffalo-bayous-new-rosemont-bridge/2011-02-15/
  20. There is no valid prediction to that inquiry, far too early for any specific curiosities to be answered pertaining the 2020 expo. No to mention that any random guess imagined might be outdated technology come 2020.
  21. Well I don't even know if the US has a World's Fair comittee that formally applies that one city to represent the nation in bidding for an expo. Additionally, it all depends on where the Expo is located, which should sensibly be located centrally, with access to the light rail, with the extensions done by then. 2020 is a long ways to go, and infrastructure improvements are a must for hosting such a large event, so if it is granted to Houston, you would expect additional improvements to Houston's mass transit. In the end, it also depends on the expo plan itself, just because SF, NYC, etc are bidding, doesn't mean their expos will be better, just because those cities are better. I mean look at the chosen cities for recent Olympics and host nation of the FIFA WC, the city/nation that can handle it the best doesn't always win. If Houston puts out a great plan, with guranteed improvements to the city, and a lasting legacy, it has a good a chance as any other city. Rio is a great city, but Chicago would've done a better job hosting the 2016 olympics, and Qatar, I mean really? Passing up the US and Australia for Qatar. No bid is a sure bid.
  22. Here's what Parents Magazine said about the museum, http://www.parents.c...ms-2011/?page=2
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