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  1. Awesome article. http://blog.chron.com/bayoucityhistory/2012/05/almeda-mall-in-pictures/
  2. Lloyd you may need to find another photo hosting site such as Photobucket, to get the picture to work.
  3. So what is the second floor used for now, stock?
  4. Saw this sign for CMC Stereo Super Center in front of City Centre (Town & Country), I remember these store all over the city in the 80's. The EZ Tag store had its sign over it up until a few months ago.
  5. The Roomstore and Burlington now occupy the old Fiesta location. Garden Ridge took over the Pottery Mart location.
  6. Looked like they were painting that wonderful siding....
  7. I saw some small scaffolding around the upper parts of the building today.
  8. Does anybody know what the first cable company in Houston was? I remember in the 80's Houston having 2 major cable companies, Warner Cable and Storer Cable.
  9. Great pictures! Does anybody have any pictures of the old David Mcdavid sign near Woodridge.
  10. The Wards building was demolished in 04 or 05 after Macys (Foleys) moved into its current location from the Wards building.
  11. I can remember the fountain located in the food court and the tall glass kiosks in the grand court. Was the current Dillards (old Macys) added on after the mall opened?
  12. Harrisburg Plaza has occupied the old Sears site since it was demolished in the mid 80's.
  13. If you watch the old Thunderbolt commercial you can see it in the background.
  14. Great post a lot of good info. It would be great to see those pictures you have.
  15. so what happened to all the post from the past year?
  16. Awesome find! Wonder if anyone has any Hannah Barbera maps.
  17. Wasn't there a Whataburger in the mall at one time?
  18. That Target has needed to be replaced. The old Marshalls next to it has been sitting vacant for at least 5-8 years
  19. When was the plaza torn down? I remember in the mid 80's going to Panchos and seeing most of the store front windows covered up with paper.
  20. VCR alert. Shouldn't it be DVR alert these days
  21. so has the missing siding been replaced yet?
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