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  1. It was originally a Victoria Station as well.
  2. Good decision by Krogers in my opinion. Several people shopping there through the years have been victims of Councilman Boykins constituents. As a former resident of that area it was risky being in that parking lot after dark. Maybe lives will saved because of this.
  3. Umm.... as a local helicopter pilot, how high do you guys fly those things?
  4. http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2013/06/new-light-church-50000-helicopter-blades
  5. This one was between Airport and Bellfort on the west side of Telephone. Building is still there, I think its a used car lot now. We used to drive all the way from Friendswood for a Coke....
  6. Ranger Drive Inn on Telephone Rd. North of Hobby
  7. Another squandering of my tax money. How 'bout fixing the potholes in my street huh?
  8. Student pilots and UAV's at Ellington. I'll bring the popcorn.
  9. Folks, you just can't get this kind of info anywhere else.
  10. This is my '72 El Camino SS454. It will pass everything but a gas station.
  11. He also was/is a crack dealer. I sure wouldn't want his basketball head talking for me.
  12. I saw one the other day. It looks like a $30,000.00 car to me but hey, what do I know.
  13. You may be thinking of Sky Ranch Airport which was started by 3 Tuskegee Airmen after WWll. It was at the northwest corner of Almeda Genoa and now Hwy. 288.
  14. "Ok boys and girls, the Black GT-R is no longer available, I sold it today and it has found a new home." Niche must of caved....
  15. From Edmund's Inside Line Nov. 20, 2008 With the Internet bursting with ugly tales of GT-R launch control abuse, broken transaxles and void warranties, a nasty rumor began; that the 2010 Nissan GT-R won't have launch control. Could it be? Really? So we asked and asked and asked. We asked three Nissan employees: one from the public relations department, one from engineering and one high-ranking executive. The first two confirmed its removal was being considered seriously, but the decision had not yet been made. Then the high-ranking executive confirmed the bad news. "It's gone," he said when asked if launch control would return in 2010. "We just don't want to deal with the warranty nightmare anymore. It'll make the 2009 GT-R really special. It'll be the only R35 with launch control." -- Kelly Toepke, News Editor Looks like they realized that they had a liabilty problem, now if TJ can accept reality......
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