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  1. Yep! Its a nice little pocket, I feel like every day I walk my dog there is something different going on. More and more houses over on Munger seem to be getting the rehab treatment. The taco joint that took over Oakleaf is putting out some solid breakfast tacos if you haven't been over yet. FYI i do visit the Nook from time to time when I have work that I didn't finish in the office but don't feel like I can concentrate enough at home to finish up. I think I bring up the average age of the place by about 10 years. Why no Houston beers though? Although I'm guessing I'm in the minority here that drinks alcohol instead of just coffee at the Nook.
  2. Speaking of rail issues, does it seem like there are more stalled rail cars on the crossing on Telephone near Lawndale? This morning was about a 25 minute stall - i only know it was that long because I was waiting for the 40 bus going toward Downtown and stood there at the bus stop for a bit trying that whole "patience" thing, until I finally gave up and walked to a different stop. Just seems that usually when I come out on Telephone and decide whether to go right or left, if the train is there, its usually not moving. My guess is the switch yard you mention has issues these days? As you said, the noise is something you adjust to, living in Broadmoor, I don't even notice the train at night anymore, but still a Quiet Zone would be nice at least for the long term peace and quiet.
  3. Samagon, you're right, that house on two lots is enormous! I'm guessing he plans to stick around the East End for a while, considering the style is also very specific to seemingly one person's tastes. If I were to sell and move, I'd still stay in the east end as well, just relocate a little closer to the light rail.
  4. Idylwood is a gorgeous neighborhood. Sylvan is the one road I would avoid, at least the side that backs up to Wal Mart and then obviously would want to be as far in the neighborhood away from Wayside if possible. There are flooding problems in certain areas. Also along the bayou they currently are building bike trails that connect up to Mason park. Depending on your budget, In Town homes is getting ready to build some new single family homes in the neighborhood on Meadowlawn, however my guess is they will be close to $500k.
  5. Anyone know more about this house? I've been surprised its sat on the market with how quickly homes have been going. I don't think its perfect by any means as is, but even some of the fixer uppers in Eastwood have been moving quickly. It says its originally from 1928, did the remodel in 2000 change much of the exterior? Does this house have flood issues?
  6. Hello. Saw the listing for this house at 4511 walker in Eastwood. Was wondering if any haif-ers living in Eastwood have seen this house before on home tours, etc? Looks beautiful in the pictures and my wife wants to go take a look but just always looking for inside scoop. Seems strange to have a house that old with stucco? Any thoughts welcome!
  7. been to the grove a few times at night, once for drinks, twice to eat - has always been more fashionable for the dinner crowd for sure. don't think the shorts and t shirt would do too well in the downstairs bar, but i think during the day that's probably different too. the treehouse upstairs is pretty cool in my opinion. that deck is pretty large and its nice. one of the pics someone had was from the upstairs portion, and i can definitely see sitting out there during the day having a few drinks and it not being fancy at all. the other part that i think opens soon (the lake house) will also have beer and wine and i think that is very casual over there too.
  8. yeah i understand why metro wouldn't want to push too much towards an organized "flexible car pool" approach, where people in their own cars can pick up riders going the same route (less people taking the bus, less money) - but it would be nice to see the city push for something like this. every so often i go home to see my parents in clear lake after work, but the traffic is obviously not great. i sometimes try to see if i can get a Park and rider to pick up, but i also don't like trolling in the bus lanes with the window open. it would be great if there was almost a common spot for this...
  9. yeah i don't really mind what they gave up outside of Patton - Luke was without a spot, so it was good for him to find a new home. Pitching is a huge need though and I don't see what we have left to trade if anything outside of Chris Burke, which would get you about nothing. I don't mind seeing Everett get non tendered, he just could not hit worth anything. I do like that with Loretta coming back, you do have some flexibility on the left side of the infield. Tejada can always move to 3rd, or Loretta can play 2nd if Matsui struggles. Right now our rotation is what though - Roy, Wandy, Backe, Sampson, and Woody? Not exactly the kind of rotation that you can count on....
  10. ha - Red, you're just a little envious of the success the Hokies are having this year - don't worry NC State might get better someday
  11. yeah this "amazing" new change is actually awful. i take capitol in through downtown every day and i hit at a lot more red lights than i used to, sometimes i would only get to go one block and the next one was red. it used to be 3 cycles tops to get to the parking garage, this morning that at least doubled. i agree that the "all greens at once" system probably could have used some tweaking, but this is awful. hopefully they get it fixed soon.
  12. i went, it was pretty fun. great brisket and i liked the ribs. should be a good spot to get some food. not sure about the design of the space inside yet, but i'm sure she's still working it out. interesting menu - beaver balls anyone? the rebirth brass band even stopped by, which was cool.
  13. i am not going to even begin claiming i know how HPD works, i know some cops are assigned to just traffic enforcement, but yesterday was a classic example of why i get so irritated with HPD. go to eat at lankford's for lunch yesterday in midtown/ 4th ward area. as we're finishing up eating, some bum comes up and starts harrassing everyone eating outside, screaming, begging, and basically harrassing anyone in the area. finally the manager came out and threatened him, but the guy came back a couple of more times. as we leave and head down w. gray, we see one cop car stationed hidden off of gray with the radar gun out for speeders, and then we see a second one on foot closer to bagby with the radar gun. then a third one closer to travis kind of doing the same. apparently the speeding in midtown causes so much concern there are three cops out there at once in a 3 block radius, whereas the bums that love to violate the ordinances are apparently ok. yes, i realize the owners can always call the cops, but basically if it doesn't create revenue, HPD doesn't really care.
  14. have been a total of three times - first two opening nights were perfect. not yet crowded, good looking crowd, plenty of room to move around, no lines to get drinks. third time, we got there early and had no wait, but our friends that came later got stuck in the mob of people. we went downstairs to try to get them in and i haven't seen anything like that in a while. opened up the front door and it was just like you guys said, a mob of people, no line. people just screaming. then it got way too crowded inside, took forever to get $6 drinks and all around was not the nice lounge it had been the first two times. i think the problem is they are trying to use the red door system of letting people in, but it works there because red door isn't as crowded as it was 3 years ago. i agree the drake is a thursday night or early fri/ sat night place. other than that, its going to take a while for the idiocy to die down.
  15. I had one in VA when I lived there - wanted to to DNTMSWTX but didn't have enough room, so had to do DNTMWTX - had a nice TX sticker on the back of my car, so depending on people's perception they got it about half of the time.
  16. don't know which part of the east end you are talking about, but in the near east end/ warehouse area - sidewalks would help tremendously - due to the warehouses that were there, its non continuous to even be able to walk doen the street. only when there is development is there do sidewalks get put in. i really don't mind the walk to the toyota center from where i live (like 20 mins tops), but its irritating with little lighting and having to walk on the street for sections of it the density is slowly coming as communities start to be built, but yes, there is a serious lack of local conveniences. don't need a signature kroger, but a nice medium sized grocery store that is NOT the kroger on polk would be nice. also, a few more restaurants in the area like District 7 would be great, but they also need people to go - i think the reason more don't come is they look at D7 and say, well they are the only option and even they can't support staying open for dinner. i agree the location of D7 kind of hurts in terms of its not the most walkable block to get to, but more little restaurants like that would be great.
  17. went last night to the drake - have to say, these guys know how to build a fancy place. makes red door look like a barn - not really, but the high ceilings and lighting is really impressive, and the layout is nice and open. decent size crowd last night already and i kind of like how the entrance is in the back - sort of hidden. if you're planning to go, i'd probably go soon - the shiny hair shirt unbuttoned contingency will be out in full force soon (the upstairs part already had a few last night)
  18. hokieone

    Jones Hall

    i work right next to jones hall in pennzoil tower and on the exterior, i love jones hall. clean lines, and just fits in the block very nicely. as for the inside, i have to admit, its been a while since i've been in there - stomp maybe 10 years ago? so my opinion probably doesn't matter, but i would prefer that if there were a way to make it more updated on the inside, i would love to see it stay.
  19. it does sound like fun, but i'll stay closer to home and hit up the arts festival downtown - and even the turkish festival is going on in downtown this weekend too. driving out to hwy 6 just doesn't get me amped - ever.
  20. that sucks, i was thinking of going tonight, with the weather as nice as its been at night, its a great place to sit outside and drink cheap beer. oh well, november isn't that far off and there's always the w. alabama ice house
  21. nice topic, i live other that way, so i see that old building every day. it sat for a long time, they knocked down a part of the structure a while ago. lately they have been very busy gutting the remaining building. when i first saw it, i loved the outside and hoped someone would redo it. looks like they are now in the process of doing just that. i believe its owned by the same owner/ developer of the herrin lofts. leeland and delano has an opportunity the center of a nice little neighborhood - yes all new townhomes, but nothing has been added at the cost of historical buildings (yet). there is that hhn development there on leeland that is still building, midtown village further down delano, and then on the other side of the temple there are homes being built up to polk. i have walked down to that little corner market a couple of times, its a standard convenience store and comes in handy every so often. would like to see them fix up the external building some, but its not necessary given its business nature. a take out restaurant next door would be nice.
  22. red scare you are right about the patios being packed, but at the same time, i'm still loving the smoking ban. i love to watch college football during my saturdays and the best place is sports bars where you can watch multiple games going on. the thing i hated though was coming home around 6-ish when the game died down and just reeking of the smell. these days, i get home and feel ok, other than of course the effect of the alcohol. i don't think i would say any of the places i used to go to seem anymore empty, but people have definitely gotten used to going outside. and since most of my friends don't smoke, we're enjoying hitting some spots we used to like, but avoided during the week because of the smoke. loved the pizza and darts at keneally's, but hated the smell. now we go once a week. i agree not everyone is loving it, but for some of us that love to grab a few drinks during the week and not have to deal with smoke hangover, its nice. and thank god for patios for the rest.
  23. i love the size and look of the place - seeing some of the shows i've seen over the past year, its nice seeing a 2,000 person show sold out in there. that being said, i have also had the same complaints about the bar and the sound, depending on who is playing. it seems when the place is sold out, the sound it pretty good (deadens on everyone's ears). Otherwise, it comes across as being too loud and almost like if you were playing in, well, a warehouse or hangar. And I like loud, but it shouldn't just sound loud because the volume is turned up - sort of like blasting the stereo in your car sometimes just doesn't sound good. i like that we now have a number of music venues now, just wish they were all a little bit closer, but i can't complain really - between meridian, warehouse, verizon, and even number's/ walter's for the really small ones and the toyota center for the monster shows, everything is pretty much in a 5 mile radius.
  24. expansion? probably not. demolishing and building something new? probably the way to go. that kroger is a dump - its about a mile and a half and i hate going. there's maybe 3 checkout lines, nothing ever looks fresh, the deli section has basically nothing, its just not a good experience. the parking lot is empty because the store sucks.
  25. that really sucks, hope it wasn't people who got out of hand after the white linen nights event. i went to the event and there were a lot of people and i was wondering why they didn't do things like that more often - maybe this is a reason. sucks though, i think most of the people that went really enjoyed it.
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