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  1. I didnt notice any site drainage detention installed on this site as part of the new construction.  Is this because it was previously 100% impervious with concrete and now has a tiny bit of greenspace making it an "improvement" in total impervious space? 

  2. Is anyone familiar with the organization or city department responsible for the WWII Memorial on Heights Blvd at 11th Street?  For what seems like several years, I have noticed that the exterior structure could use some repairs and what was once nighttime lighting on the perimeter of the structure seems to have suffered from the effects of time.  With Memorial day right around the corner, I thought Id ask to learn who I could direct attention or funds to encourage its maintenance.

  3. and we kept hearing that they were easy to work with.....now they are exercising their dislike of her design for a denial even though she appears to have followed the rules as written?  Travesty - I agree that the gentlemen with the beard simply could talk himself to sleep with such nonsense.  I loved the comment about letter her demolish the house - that comment alone should get him thrown off of this board in my opinion.

    There isnt a chance in ____ that I will be renovating any of my properties while the HAHC is in control - I may paint them some bright offensive color though since that cant be dictated.

  4. Preservation Houston is proud to announce a very special February event.

    Villa de Luxe, a historic Houston estate, will be transformed into a stunning design showhouse from February 1 until February 17, 2013. The house, designed by William Ward Watkin, was built for hardware magnate F.A. Heitmann in 1924. The house stands at #1 Longfellow on two acres in historic Shadyside, a private place neighborhood adjacent to Rice University.

    Luxe Interiors + Design is the premier media sponsor of this event, which will benefit Preservation Houston.

    Event chairs are Jane-Page Crump and Bill Stubbs, ASID designers.

    The landscape architect is McDugald-Steele; The interiors are being handled by a top-tier group of Houstons Interior Design community - Peggy Hull–reception hall; Sandy Lucas & Sarah Eilers—dining room; breakfast room—John Robinson; kitchen and butler’s pantry—Julie Koch; back entry and porch—Diana Walker; front porch and pool area—Connie LeFevre; conservatory—Audrey Drought; and basement—Darla Bankston. Also, library—Marjorie Slovack; master bedroom and bathroom—Donna Vining; nursery and bathroom (bedroom 1) –Marlys Tokerud; front bedroom (2) and bath—Donna Jarnigan; bedroom 3 with balcony—Lynne Jones; bedroom 4—Lisa Roth and third floor—Sharon Staley. Jane-Page is designing the living room and Bill Stubbs is handling the solarium which has the most incredible windows.


    $30 at the door

    $25 in advance

    $20 for groups of 20 or more

    Showhouse dates

    February 1 through February 17, 2013

    Showhouse hours

    Saturdays, February 2, 9 and 16: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    Sundays, February 3, 10 and 17: noon to 4 p.m.

    Thursdays, February 7 and 14: for scheduled events

    Pop-up café

    Jackson and Company will provide box lunches for purchase on Saturdays and Sundays and for all scheduled events.

  5. If you dont like preservation, than move to Kingwood or Bellaire.

    You have stepped in an anthill with that comment...and on Christmas Eve no less. Ill refrain from my true feelings and let you enjoy the holidays with your holier than thou friends and family.

  6. The demo that occurred yesterday in the 900 block of Columbia, where literally 3/4 of the "historic" home was allowed to be removed, showcases to me how much of a hollywood idea this ordinance represents. Take a drive by and see how silly this looks in an attempt to appease the preservation mentality. If this is how one defines preservation, whereby the facade is preserved and the rest is new, i continue to find fault with the overall intent of the ordinance. Laughable implementation.

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  7. Has anyone got knowledge of the new construction going up there? Outside the current Historic District it appears to be architecture built for a specific non residential purpose, but i havent seen any discussions mentioning it.

  8. Why thank you for such a quick response.

    I went back and read the ordinance related to pending districts to learn if they can go on indefinitely. There is some language written in their that relates to termination of the pending status. Item 4 caught my eye and I wonder if this applies to Heights South in the current situation?

    (B) The protected status provided in subsection (a) above ends on the earliest

    of the following dates:

    4. In the case of an application for designation of an historic district initiated

    by property owners, the 181st day after the director determines the

    application is initially complete


    Nope! You have to get permission from the HAHC for everything. Once the application is filed, the city says you are in a pending districts and all rules apply. The city council needs to vote on the South district and the mayor doesn't want to put it on the agenda because she knows that there aren't the votes for them to pass. She may think she can hold out until she has a new city council in January of 2012.

  9. What then is the current status of the Heights South?

    On an empty piece of land that I own currently, am I able to get a permit for construction without getting any type of historical commission approval? same with repairs to existing homes?

    The South Heights district is currently in 'pending" status, awaiting to be brought before City Council for a vote. With the budget and Redistricting issues occupying all of Council's time, it is not expected to come up for a vote until likely May.

  10. You don't take money out of peoples' pockets without retribution.

    I love this quote of yours! - I'm in line right behind you regarding appropriate retribution and am anxious for it to escalate to more that just talk on this website and begin to raise this sunken ship.

  11. Too bad that they didn't send out the "survey's",(ahem - BALLOTS) with the annual tax bills and asked that the survey be returned with my tax payment. Since they limited me to one vote, but still collected taxes on the multiple properties in my ownership, I wasn't able to vote with the weight of my ownership dollars(and tax dollars). They have gladly accepted all of my tax money, but they didn't offer me an equal say in this debacle representative to my ownership level. This tactic certainly benefited their vote totals and was another planned method by the politically saavy to sneak this ordinance by. Keep up the fight. Expose the lies. Speak at a minimum with your vote. Vote em out.

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  12. BTW, did anyone make the propaganda meeting tonight? Because I took off a half day yesterday to protest at Council, I was unable to leave early enough today to attend. Not that I wanted to hear Sue Lovell's misstatements again anyway.

    Regrettably, Sue was not present tonight to offer up her opinions, Annise and Marlene Gafrick lead the propaganda charge for the evening activities.

  13. It now seems evident that there has been a concerted effort to dilute the "powers" of owners of multiple tracts of land by limiting their powers to a single "vote" for each owner per tract of land, regardless of how many lots that individual owns if they are contiguous pieces of land. The definition of tract placed in the ordinance diminishes the rights of larger property owners by limiting their full stake in the process that is determining the future of the neighborhood. Its seems to be an intentional definition placed within the ordinance that defined a tract of land as a contiguous piece of land under the same ownership.

    Basically, a larger group of properties in the Heights that in some cases comprises an entire city block with a single owner, gets only one vote. This could be 10 individual properties with 10 homes on them, it doesnt matter if they are all owned by the same owner as this is defined as a single tract of property. An individual could in theory, own 90% of a city block and still have that block faces fate be determined to be historic or not if two landowners (10%) on that block decided that they had a differing opinion than you.

    I haven't had much reason to be involved in a process like this before, but this "political" process has so often sickened me with the tactics that have been utilized. I have heard of Louisiana politicians with more ethics.

    Are there any possible legal grounds to challenging this ordinance based on the limiting powers placed on these multiple property owners voice in this matter?

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  14. I am upset that a future "non vote" on this issue by a property owner counts as a YES vote in the current ordinance. I'm smart enough to know that this must have cleared the city legal department, but it nonetheless concerns me that apathy will lead to the current ordinance not being overturned. With all of the attorneys that put their eyes on these postings, does anyone know if this type of vote has any grounds to be challenged and upheld?

    I own two parcels of land adjacent to each other, but they are under one hcad account for tax payment simplification. Does anyone know for certain if I Will get two votes, or one?

    Are any Heights residents like myself considering moving away if this ordinance is upheld? I guess that may depend on how this affects their investment.

  15. Perhaps not. An education campaign could begin early, with a list of willing signers made. That way, when the time comes, we'd know which houses to go to and which to avoid.

    In a communication I had this morning with the folks at http://www.responsiblehistoricpreservation.org/ they met yesterday as a small group to do determine a path forward to collect additional signatures on the proper paperwork that the city will require. They think that early next week they will have that paperwork and hopefully can disseminate information regarding a sign up process.

    Are there any business owners out there who would act as sign up location without fear of alienating clients who think differently? Would the neutral Heights Association allow use of Marmion Park as a sign up location that could be marketed for a specific time/date? 15 days wont be a lot of time

  16. It's not a done deal yet. For one, more than 20% percent of the tract owners who initially signed on 4 years ago have rescinded their approval, making the current percentage of supporters around 40%. City Council may not even pass this thing. If they do, we have 15 days to get 191 signatures to force a re-vote. Is that BS? Yes. Is it a blatant attempt to subvert the will of the neighborhood? Of course. Is it possible to garner 191 signatures in 15 days? Absolutely. There are 42 blocks in the proposed district.As few as 10 people could canvas one block per day in 4 days. Hell, there may be more than 190 opposition signs in South Heights yards right now!

    I've already committed, along with 3 neighbors, to collect signatures. It can be done. I won't give these people control of my house without a fight. They've already shown themselves to be misleading, deceitful, and outright liars. It does not bode well for the treatment we will receive once under their thumbs.

    Do you think it too early to begin the signature collection process? We could learn where we stand and get a jump on the 15 day BS.

  17. Sad days indeed ahead as we watch with seemingly little recourse political wheels steamrolling ahead. The Heights stands to lose many homeowners with vested interests that have brought the Heights from its intrepid depths that it reached at its low ebb. Stagnant property values and slow redevelopment certainly lie ahead. I will be looking to take my own investments in Houston elsewhere when the Heights South becomes officially Historic. We are good people who simply dont share a common opinion regarding government involvement with my personal property.I'm certain that my investments will be welcomed elsewhere - Good riddance Heights, Good riddance Houston.... it was a pleasure knowing you.....

  18. They were counted as "yes" votes by prior HHA staff. Once again, it is irrelevant, planning can slice those yes votes off if contested, and simply redraw the district. We can play this game for months.

    It makes me a little curious, when viewing the odd perimeter outlines that they have sliced and diced, how the street signs that announce the historic district will be applied. For example, the corner of 11th and Arlington where C&D hardware is located? Its boxed out of the district, but I bet they consider putting a sign on that corner.

    This whole process of redrawing the districts to fit their agenda is utterly disgusting, ludicrous and seemingly unethical at best.

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