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  1. She attended Cypress Creek Christian Church previously. Then after her marriage she started attending a traditional Lutheran church. In her early adulthood she attended a Methodist church. She used to belong to the singles group at Cypress Creek and they would go out to lunch and go on trips. I'm not sure what other activities they were involved in. Once she met her late husband they started working on a property investing business so she hasn't gotten to do regular activities for a while (hence the need for a new church home and a new circle of friends). She loves reading and she recently got a dog (her late husband was allergic to dogs so she had been without for a while). We're trying to get property mgmt companies set up for her properties so she doesn't have to be burdened with the day to day operations of those anymore. But, that leaves her with more time on her hands. She's a wonderful caretaker so she enjoyed working in the ministry at her old church visiting people at the hospital.
  2. Well, I should clarify that I grew up Catholic and I don't want to go back. Since I'll be going with her, I get a say in what the final decision as well. I've put Immanuel Lutheran on my list to try. Thank you.
  3. Thank you. I will definitely take her by to check out a sermon there. I had previously marked it off the list because we tried attending there years ago before the new pastor was appointed and we didn't care for the speaker. We already tried St. Mark's on Pecore but it didn't feel like home.
  4. We lived in Sunset Heights for several years (2001-2008). There were no kids on our street until we moved and then only one other family with kids. We were zoned to Helms Elem at the time. We moved because we needed another bathroom with a kid that was potty training age and we were exhausted from diy remodeling for the entire time we lived there. We moved to Lazybrook where we now have 2 bathrooms. The neighborhood was pretty much blue hair when we moved in but now has lots of younger folks. We were the only family with a kid on our block in 2008 and now there are 3 other families with kids. We are zoned to Sinclair but when the kindergarten teacher suggested I drug my kid, we got in the lottery to move to another magnet school. We're at Harvard now. I would prefer Travis but we couldn't get in there. I am happy with the zoned middle school (Black) and don't anticipate putting in for a transfer to another magnet school when we get to that point. Harvard is pushing Hogg Middle School because it's a continuation of their IB program. My neighbor that has a school aged child is sending her to Travis. My husband refuses to pay for private school when he's already paying taxes for school. My kid is exposed to every type of person and I'm happy about it even though he's still a little spoiled. He knows kids at Travis, Harvard, Sinclair and Love because of his involvement with little league and cub scouts and Esperanza after school. I would be comfortable moving him around from school to school if needed because it's not a drastic change for him. The whole area is a really good community and you start moving in the same circles with other people that have kids just by virtue of participating in extra curricular activities.
  5. My mother in law recently moved to the Heights area and I'm trying to help her find a new church home. She's a senior citizen and I'm looking for a church for her that has an active senior's group that goes on trips, goes out to eat together, etc. She's open to just about any religion except Catholic. We've tried a few already and the congregations seemed really small. We were looking for a mid-size congregation for her. Small enough for her to get involved but large enough that she can find a variety of friends. Thanks for any recommendations.
  6. Extended cab pickup SLT--runs great. No major mechanical repairs and no accidents Original Owner Pewter Metallic exterior, graphite interior; VIN 1GTEC19T81Z129178 143,410 miles, runs great; maintenance records available 5.3L V8 Engine (285 horses, 325 foot-pounds of torque) with automatic transmission short bed with heavy duty trailering package; tool box immaculate exterior cruise control, power windows/doors, custom wood steering wheel 6 way power adjustable and heated seats with driver seat memory leather front bucket seats/vinyl rear seats, normal wear, center console compass and temp in auto dimming rear view mirror Price negotiable.
  7. I checked and I don't have it on the computer anymore but I have a hard copy of everything. If you want to email me your fax number thru this site I can send it to you. De
  8. BTW, I did file the complaint and I can look to see if I still have a copy of it you could use for small claims court.
  9. Send them a certified letter, return receipt requested, with the following information (which should also be in your lease if you used a TAR standard form--pages 3 and 4 --http://www.texasrealtors.com/mr/forms/blank/2001%20Final.pdf). "Notices About Security Deposits: (1)Property code § 92.108 provides that a tenant may not withhold payment of any portion of the last month's rent on grounds that the security deposit is security deposit for unpaid rent. (2)Bad faith violations of § 92.108 may subject tenant to liability up to 3 times the rent wrongfully withheld and the landlord's reasonable attorney's fees." I rented a home where we knew the landlord was a dirtbag and he wouldn't give us back our security deposit because he drank it all. Because of the law, we opted to go ahead and pay the last month and then sued him in small claims court for triple our deposit. Unfortunately, because he was a dirtbag and was sleeping on someone's couch, we couldn't locate him to serve with the suit. We also couldn't put a lien on the house because he let it get foreclosed on shortly after we moved out. Good luck.
  10. Thank you for all the suggestions. I tried to look up MECA but their website is no longer. I'd love to get him a few private lessons for basic drawing. I looked at the books at Texas Art Supply but they were a little advanced. I found him some more basic ones on Amazon that got great reviews so I ordered them along with some sketch pads. He has already shown great aptitude for following instructions on using basic shapes to create animals but I wanted him to get a few more ideas. It has increased his creativity since he has taken the basic shapes and ideas and used them to build other forms. I don't want to force him to take classes but if he is interested, I want to provide him with as many opportunities as I can to increase his skill. He is young and he gets all the free form art time he wants in his PK class so I'm looking for something a little more directed. I'll definitely contact a few of these places and see if they have anyone willing to do private lessons. Thanks! De
  11. I wanted to love BB's because I've never tried them before and I wanted a good cajun place closer to home. Their fried catfish was wonderful and we tried the appetizer that sounded really disgusting to me (but ended up being terrific). It was the french fries covered in cheese with roast beef and gravy. I would have never tried it if my husband hadn't ordered it but they were really good. The cheese tastes a lot like rotel mixed in but even with a canned product the outcome was good. I finally tried the gumbo because that makes or breaks it for me. I have to pass on the gumbo. The veggie chunks in it are just not right. Gumbo should have all that stuff in it but it should be cooked down and you shouldn't be eating chunks of it in the gumbo--the only chunks should be the seafood, chicken or sausage. I'll have to keep with the Mardi Gras as the only place in Houston that sells gumbo the way my mom makes it (ordered with an extra cup of rice of course). My whole family is from Louisiana and Mardi Gras is the only place that I've found that makes a gumbo with roux the way I've always eaten gumbo. Too many places make their gumbo in a creole style that I don't care for. I'm not crazy about Mardi Gras for any of their other food but their gumbo is the tops. If anyone has a suggestion for a better place for gumbo I'd love to try it out. De
  12. Are there any good art classes in the Heights for a 5 year old? I'm looking for a weekly class (not a summer camp). I tried one of the camps at the Glassell but it's not what I thought it would be. I was hoping they'd teach my kiddo some basic drawing skills--like shapes to use to draw different animals and how to start out with different shapes to draw a person's face. Instead it was just a drawing free for all. I know he's young but he is able to take instruction sheets from the internet and follow the instructions for putting together the shape of a horse and a chicken. Anyone know of a place that's a little more directed in their art classes? Even a private teacher would work. De
  13. Take a look in our neighborhood too--Lazybrook. Right next to Shady Acres and our home never flooded. Most of the houses are at top of slope. I know the guy across the street from me is going to be selling soon because he's getting transferred. Some deals are to be had depending on how much the home has been updated. Neighborhood is switching from older folks to newby's moving in. Lady across the street from me just had her second child.
  14. I just sent Corporate an email thru their website begging them to reconsider their location off of Washington and instead consider the area surrounding Northwest Mall. Northwest Mall has been on a downward spiral for years and if that was torn down to make a mega Walmart I would definitely shop there. It's not in the historic area but is close enough to 3 freeways to make it a convenient location to shop. I would love a Walmart nearby without causing all the fuss of people who do not like them in their neighborhood. I don't think they would encounter any problems with the community if they would consider that location.
  15. I bought mine at D&D Farm & Ranch supply when it was in Waller. It looks like they closed down and are now in Seguin. There was a Tractor Supply attached to it that may have been the one that actually had the fencing--http://www.tractorsupply.com/StoreLocatorSearchAndResultsView. You can call and check. I got 48" even though I asked for 36"--they had both. We tried the 48" but it looked too tall to me so I just cut the bottom of the fencing off to make it work. Looks like this fence company in League City sells it but that's a lot of fencing to buy. http://www.afence.com/store/home.php?cat=464
  16. We used Amrid for our termite inspection and had an issue come up later on. They have stood behind their work 100%. Not sure about value--get a couple of quotes. I had End-O-Pest out as well and the prices seemed comparable and they seemed trustworthy as well.
  17. At the old house there were roving bands of guys coming by and asking everyone if they had an alarm system. What dufus would tell them "no" if they didn't have one??? Then they would know exactly who to come back and rob. They came by and asked me and I told them yes, plus I have a vicious dog as did everyone in the Heights so he was wasting his time. Never saw them again.
  18. Because it was close to work. Because I had 12 mature pecan trees on my small urban lot. Because I could find my house while driving down the street without having to look for the address on my mailbox because my house looked exactly like all the neighbors. I could paint my house pink and purple if I wanted to.
  19. I think the desirable areas are going to maintain--not overpriced. We sold our Heights house within $5K of asking price in this economy. I can't afford to live in River Oaks but that doesn't mean it's overpriced. You can't always go by comps. If everyone always sold for the same price as comps, there would never be high and lows. Basically, it sounds as though your friends have not found "the one" or they would make an offer that both they and the sellers could live with (maybe not the exact price they want to pay, but one they can live with). Buying real estate is about negotiation and if they are offering their highest and final offer the first time, their real estate agent is setting them up for failure.
  20. I have a family member and friend selling a toyota tacoma and a toyota camry. I'm not sure about the tacoma, but I do know the Camry has been well maintained. '05, 60K miles, $7500. '06 Tacoma, 20K miles, $11K. De
  21. How bad is the train noise around there? Isn't that the place where the trains sit across the road all the time and you get stuck coming and going?
  22. I ordered mine from Gardener's Supply and it was cheaper than getting it locally. Before we moved I sold them cheaply on Craigslist. http://www.gardeners.com/on/demandware.sto...p;x=12&y=14
  23. Why is the Shipley's Donuts on Ella always crowded in the afternoons? We drive by there on our way to Krogers and the line is always out in the street. Are they giving away free donuts or something?
  24. I saw these tiki figures on Craigslist--would look great in the yard of a mod. http://houston.craigslist.org/for/1187125195.html
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