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If you plotted my DNA - it would probably be a map of Houston. I'm a multi generation Houston native and multi-multi Texan. My earliest recollections are of the bottom of the drafting tables at the University of Houston school of architecture as my father completed multiple degrees in the early 1950s. For my first career I was a systems contractor who boored his crews with history. Then I returned to the UH for another degree and graduate school - in History! Now I can "entertain" as a professional.


There will be a time when historians mark Houston's timeline as "BI" and "AI" for before and after Ike. In my instance Ike's recovery caused me to stop graduate school and restart a career I thought I had retired from. Now I am again the av guy to the rich and famous.


The family has several houses at Bacliff directly on the water. All three on the water were damaged. But to help my parents comfort level, we first built them a new house just across the street on land we used to garden on. My house is the last one left to finish restoration. It's like me - a product of the early 1950's! My passion is mid century modern.



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