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  1. AEG's Tim Leiweke and Mayor White had a 1-2 hour meeting on the day of the soccer complex opening for stadium negotiations: Dynamo exec says he's optimistic about stadium DynamoPlanet.com mention on stadium talks
  2. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/5785786.html In other words, it looks like talks are ongoing. Slow, but ongoing.
  3. I agree that there's nothing wrong with football in soccer stadiums, especially when it means more revenue into the stadium. The only issue would be if the soccer field were covered in gridiron lines on game-day after so much money were spent on making it soccer-specific. I doubt that's going to happen in Houston though because Dynamo would be the majority owners of the stadium and would probably get first dibs on scheduling and groundskeeping.
  4. According to Fox, TSU has moved even closer to a deal with the City and Dynamo within the past 48 hours: TSU Moves Closer To Joining Dynamo Stadium Effort I think if things work out in the next few days, financing may no longer be a question. The question then would be how they'd coordinate the games and events in the stadium to where there aren't any football lines on the soccer pitch during any soccer events. That would probably be taken care of by a strong grounds-crew I assume.
  5. What's going up? New homes; at a higher demand than what's being built. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/5760767.html
  6. If salary is what you base what makes a league major or minor league, then how many minor leagues do you know have any players with a salary of over $1 Million a year?
  7. http://www.sportsbusinessjournal.com...rticleid=58570 Actually, yes:)
  8. There's an article today from the Chronicle that includes the input of multiple residents in that area: ----------------------- What they're reacting to is the possible plan the City may have for the area:
  9. So here's a question: If they did come up with a plan for the Astrodome hotel that made profit for the County after all the money that's been lost so far, and the hotel committee came up with a plan to keep traffic and parking issues at a minimum (like, say, underground parking at the Reliant complex for hotel tenants, while Reliant Park attendees parked on the surface), would the Rodeo and Texans still oppose it?
  10. It just hit the news a couple minutes ago. Fidel Castro, for the first time in around 50 years, will no longer be Cuba's president. The power has shifted to his brother Raul. I don't know if it means any significant political changes or not, but this event is indeed historic seeing the relationship the U.S. has had with Cuba since his reign. I'm curious if this announcement will be addressed via policy proposals in our presidential elections or not.
  11. Houston Chronicle's Article If they were to build the Astrodome hotel, they'd REALLY have a shot. Otherwise, I can't see Houston beating out Indiana for 2012. 2013, maybe.
  12. Houston OKs purchase for Soccer Complex Mayor White has said before that he will "highly encourage the Dynamo to build a practice facility on that land and pay a fair rental rate." It's not been said in this article if that deal has gone through yet or not, so it's safe to assume that negotiations are still going on for that to happen. But it does look promising that a practice facility announcement will happen very soon. ------------------------------------------------ Another big story out of Philadelphia: Philly/Chester has everything needed for a new stadium It looks like Philly is about to become the next expansion city in MLS, and their new stadium in Chester will finally have a completion date. The question is if they'll start play next year or 2010. Miami and St. Louis have also been in the news in the past two days with progress towards new stadiums, and looking to secure the 17th and 18th spots in MLS.
  13. That's jacked up, yo. I had the flu all week, too. Just gettin' over it. It's like a disease, man. It's an epidemic >
  14. He could have told to stay at least 10-15 feet back, could have stood a distance behind them and told all the media people "don't get past me, and if you touch me, I'll have to defend myself", or could of at least told the people what direction to go before they were stuck in the stairwell for the camera dudes to get the pictures they were looking for and let the media run the courthouse.
  15. Good question, mate. I knew Ali G would be my HAIF avatar the day I heard him ask "So Beckham, you mean to tell me you've never been caught offsides?"
  16. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/headli...nt/5397286.html Dearly beloved.... Yeah, that sucks, but it was fun while it lasted. Ali G also happens to be my avatar When you play characters that have had their own movies like those two, they can only last so long before everyone already knows who you are. Here are my three favorite Ali G / Borat interviews... 3. Ali G in Wales: 2. Borat learning how to date American women: 1. Probably the most famous interview of Ali G's career, Victoria and David Beckham:
  17. That looked weird. The cop didn't do anything? I'd imagine that when someone got physical, the cop would have told them to keep a distance, but if there was nothing he could do, what was the point in him escorting those people in the first place? I could care less about the case itself because I'm too busy poppin' my collar, but I always thought that police escorts were meant to deter and try to prevent physical confrontation from the people their sent to protect. Is that not accurate?
  18. I don't understand how the trickle-down-economic effect would happen with Reliant Park if the hotel were there. 1) Most people that go to the Rodeo or to a Texans game are fans from the Houston area, so why would they want to spend any extra money sleeping in a hotel the night before unless they already have that money to spend? 2) The Rodeo and NFL football are not year-around events. The Texans play as much as 15 games at Reliant a year (if you include preseason and if they made the playoffs). The Rodeo is around three weeks long straight, so the chances are that most people traveling to Houston would probably be staying in the hotel in their complex, but they'd still be spending on Rodeo events because that's why they came in the first place. If anything, the hotel would probably help make the Rodeo even bigger than before. And when events happen on non-football/rodeo days like concerts, international soccer, motorcross, etc., chances also are that the performers and athletes from those events, including the Texans opponents, would probably stay in that hotel as well. Why would they have spent any money on their own event in the first place? I understand the greed-economic effect going on there, as in "they're making money, and we're not making money off of them, therefore it's not a good economic plan", but if you already spent money on a ticket, parking, and saved up for that $6 beer for your daughter Jamie Lynn, where would the hotel take away from that other than a stuffed belly at the beginning of the game that you probably would have had anyway from the tailgate parties in the parking lot? Chances are that if you ever watch your home team make a bad play, you're gonna wanna buy something that'll make you slur your words and forget everything that happened five minutes before. I know that because I've watched countless Texans games, and I still can't remember anything between 2002-2006...
  19. Can you explain how the current concept of the Astrodome Hotel would take money out of the Rodeo or Texans' pocket? Also, when I think of "serious congestion" at Reliant Park, I think of Reliant Park back when Astroworld was opened. To make things simpler, why not have the Dome developers pay for an underground parking garage strictly for those going to the hotel, while Texans and Rodeo spectators park on the surface lot directly above it? That wouldn't take up any parking spaces, and wouldn't effect the Rodeo carnival.
  20. He doesn't have to. He's never actually been accused of ever "using" steroids or HGH; he's been accused of "purchasing" HGH from a teammate who's also on the Mitchell Report. I don't know if he's denied "purchasing" it yet, but he can make up any story that he wants to at this point and get away with it. Perhaps he bought HGH for his friend's birthday? Maybe he bought HGH to test it on Britney Spears to see if it would cause any damage to her hair? Perhaps he bought HGH because he thought it would save him 35% on his car insurance? But the Mitchell Report doesn't state that someone actually injected Tejada like Clements is being accused of, and it doesn't name anyone that actually saw him use it, so he's basically a free man and the Astros have nothing but a little PR to worry about. That's about it. Unless Tejada were to do something dumb and confess that he's used before even though there's no one currently to attest to that...
  21. What else can they do? They knew he was accused BEFORE the Mitchell Report came out, 'cause you wouldn't invest millions of dollars on a player without doing some research first, and Tejada possibly using questionable substances was all over the news a couple years ago when the subject first started to get looked into. All they'll do at this point is downplay and ignore Tejada's past. Their goal will be to get Astros fans to forget about the Report since they have around 3-4 months to try to put out the HGH fire. To do that, they're still going probably going to make at least 2 more starter pitcher signings since they have their All-Star closer now. I'm pretty sure Mark Prior will be one of them,
  22. You really think Houston Dynamo are going to charge $50,000 for a personal seat license? And do you really expect Dynamo to ask the city of Houston to pay $350 Million for their stadium? They're asking for infrastructure funds, which is a lot more reasonable than any sports team asking a city to pay $100 Million or more for a private stadium itself in any sport. They're nowhere near similar in deals. My question about Arlington is this: since they paid $350 Million for the new stadium, how much of the ticket and sponsorship revenue will go back to Arlington? And if the answer isn't that much, how are they expected to get their money back? Other developments? Through taxes?
  23. The Astros have just traded Chris Burke and Chad Qualls to the Arizona Diamondbacks for pitcher Jose Valverde
  24. According to ESPN, Tejada's name and story are in the report stating that he specifically asked fellow teammate Piatt if he had any steroids, and he later gave him a certain steroid and growth hormone enhancer. However, he "emphasized" that he has no idea doesn't know if Tejada ever actually used the substance. If that's all there is in the story (I haven't read and don't plan to read the Mitchell Report) there's nothing in the report that implements that there's proof that Tejada actually took steroids. If there's more to that story, feel free to post it, but that's all I heard from the news report because I'm too lazy to read a 300+ page document on magical pills and needles.
  25. Tejada wasn't a surprise on the Mitchell report though. He was accused for being a steroid user for quite a few years now, so the Astros knew what they were getting, they knew the Mitchell report was coming up a few days after the trade, and the Orioles knew they wouldn't get that much for Tejada in a trade if they tried to trade him after the report. Neither team can lie and say they didn't see it coming.
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