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  1. Hey Walter, your over-active ego is skipping beats again, but when you falsely accuse a man of German Jewish heritage of making light of Nazis you show your elitist WASP colors. But I forgive you because you really believe all the crap in your head, including the falsity you spewed just now and all the lies you pack into your posts. I really feel sorry for you. With your grandiosity always on display, it is evident you suffer from a narcissistic personality disorder that forced a connection between those posts made about Nazis and the HAHC and the latest poster to call you out, who happens to be a direct descedant of German Jews. And your reference to the Klan fits right in with your desires for a perfect world, wholly populated by............you.
  2. Now you see his overreach, now he wants a MAXIMUM lot size too.....that way the nasty vermin-infested fire trap garden-style multi-families will never get converted to new multi-family. But it shows his duplicity. It just kills these freaks that they don't have a time machine to actualy set back the Heights to the first 1000 all white families, just skip over the post-war era multi-family 50+ year-old stuff and all the racial/ethnic integration that went with it. These hateful elitists would love to have the original Deed Restrictions back too with the "Coloreds must reside in the Servant's Quarters and only work in the front house" clause.
  3. Apparantly your lady friend is the typical, uninformed citizen of Houston who jumped immediatlely to the cut-your-nose-off-to-spite-your-face solution that the elites chat about while planning to save the great unwashed. The brand new Chapter 42 allows two methods for minimum lot size that prevents town homes in established neighborhoods, one block-by-block and one neighborhod scale. See the redline of Chapter 42 Clause 197 forward: http://www.houstontx.gov/planning/DevelopRegs/docs_pdfs/ch_42_ordinance_redline.pdf . That's the easiest solution and it does not hand over control of your property to a panel of freaks on a power trip.
  4. In cases no one noticed, the slippery slope on adverse behavior by the HAHC continued at the June meeting. The HAHC, all decked out with their new doozy of a Chair, disregarded Planning staff's recommendation, long-set precedent and other rulings that very day in DENYING a CoA for an addition on Harvard Street due to gut feeling on size. Of course they were led by foremost social engineer Doug Elliot. When will the citizens have enough of governance by unelected prima donnas or being Wayne Brady's <delicate flower>?
  5. Ditto for all the diatribes, clearly a case of grandiosity: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grandiosity
  6. I am wrought with guilt, I just have to get this off my chest. You see, I, ummm, I live in a house made of trees, tree parts to be exact. I know, I know , I know...but it gets worse. You see, the house is damn near 100 years old, and the tree parts (now this part gets a little sick) I inspected them and they have really tight growth rings indicating the victims were really old-growth pine trees. Yes, I live in a house made of 200 year-old trees. It wasn't my fault, I didn't know any of this when I bought the sicko dungeon twenty years ago. But now it's time to do the right thing. I am starting a petiton for an ordinance (Ellen? Ed?) to have all these type domiciles in the Heights respectfully removed and prohibit anyone from living in one ever ever again.
  7. Got four calls from non-Heights friends asking "what is wrong with you people?" when they saw the article. One idiot in the Chronicle was calling for a tree ordinance. Once again a faction of these new people are a source of embarassment for the rest of us, just like RUDH. These fools apparently were so new they were clueless about Ike. I went weeks without power because narrow-minded neighbors refused to let Centerpoint clear the powerline RoW for years.
  8. I read an article about that phenomena and its reverse, you know, the " damn kids these days" thing. So these researchers set out to find the stupidest, lamest generation by looking at standardized tests, number of doctors, lawyers etc, giving to United Way, voting etc. Well according to these guys, the window from like 1959-1962 was by FAR the worst....I gotta find that link,,,, only reason my dumass remembered it, I was born right smack in the middle of the window.
  9. Link didn't work for me, but I guess that's the Billy Joel song. Boomers started complaining in the womb and never stopped. Abortions were rare and dangerous, otherwise there would have been no boom, and the biggest arguments of today would have been resolved by consensus in their infancy. On the flip side, we would have a lot less great music.
  10. If someone did this out of dislike for the art, definitely a boomer. If someone did this for profit, like on a bet, I would say Gen Xer. The Millennials will probably rebuild it, just like they'll have to do with everything else we left them.
  11. Droll. Rebutting political satire looking for facts plays into the satirist's trap. I don't care if you didn't get it, like it or read it, but keep posting please. Same with Walter. I am satisfied that I successfully delivered my message, thank you for playing.
  12. Walter Mitty's head is a random fact generator, but you sound like a mainstream media buff so feast away from the trough. Anyone who believes the Marathon is solely a sporting event is a political neophyte or as the case may be with some here, just switching teams to suit the argument. So if you haven't figured it out yet like other humorless folks, this thread is what's known as "political satire". Go look it up, I'll wait.
  13. "Cutting out the Heights is just another growing pain." One of the all-time idiotic statements...hell, while we're going through pain, let's just cut out uptown, river oaks, west u and Montrose....run that baby down memorial and back safely and efficiently.
  14. He really is in a world of his own, a regular Walter Mitty.
  15. Sorry, try this one: http://apps.dot.state.tx.us/apps-cq/project_tracker/projectdetails.htm?projid=050801276&dist=Houston You can use Project Tracker at DOT number 050801276 PS- I talked to the original DOT engineer for this Project and he fell over laughing when I said it was scheduled to break ground this year.
  16. Call it the last straw in a series of decisions clearly reinforcing her careless attitude about my neighborhood. So why would I continue to support someone who doesn't support me and mine? I have no illusions about the probability of success ousting Parker or gaining real Council representation with this disenfranchising split district. And I am glad that other hoods get the marathon (now which ones would that be, hmmmm?) And this is not my "precious Mayberry", I leave that to the preservation freaks who do nothing but embarass me and cause shallow thinkers to paint me with that brush.
  17. That's a great question. I'd put my cash behind any candidate that honored our anti-zoning charter starting with opt-out of the HAHC or diverted some of the trail money to fix up our little league field like other inner city ball parks or honor the City's obligation to enforce deed restrictions. And I get it about 40,000 population, but then I would never bother to vote for Senator much less President worrying about scale. But if a neighborhood breaks from the pack and is vocal about serious issues, you begin to swing the 2 million.
  18. Hey inte, if that annoys you, you'd better tune out until November 6 and stick with Architectural Digest.
  19. I still believe you get what you vote, entitled or not. Until the Greater Heights pulls together and votes together we don't get anything much less our property rights. Right now Parker is a slam dunk in November and when that happens, we just as well get ready for bi-weekly trash pick-up (to the humorless elites out there, pull your fingers back, take a deep breath, I was NOT serious). If we really want to take back control of our neighborhood, let's pull together now, start the get-out-the-vote drives now. Nothing pulls people together like a common enemy, and I think we have one.
  20. I have no doubt that if Parker wanted the Heights in this race, it would be, and it would be safe and efficient. Only a damn fool would believe they can't get runners through this gigantic swath of near-town. This was the time to make radical route changes to do it, but she would have to want to do it first. I'm with Mako, done with Marathon after 15 years volunteering, done with Parker after this (and likely not the last) hose job.
  21. Don't fall for the Elysian demolition BS spewn about on the interweb, even the key political players in the re-route are careful when mentioning that Project. Engineering is not done, and all cost and schedule estimates will change based on the fnal engineering estimates, and it doesn't get faster or cheaper. The bums on Washington will probably see two marathons before that demolition: Elysian Aqueduct Project Detail
  22. Especially for the elitist, humorless liberals who grow tired of interpreting these complicated communication techniques for the unwashed in the Heights.
  23. This is the type of disgusting act engendered by a callous disrespect for property rights. O crap, I thought I was posting in the Historic Districts thread. Nevermind
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