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  1. Here's how our floors came out! we love them... This is the image from http://www.STAINTEXAS.com that the company took.. There is no sealer on our floor, it is polished like granite... never scratches LOVE IT!
  2. Texas Concrete Effects http://www.staintexas.com By far the best stained concrete people we've come across...Ive been in Urban Lofts and the Herrin lofts, both have terrible stained concrete floors...full of scratches and peeling up everywhere. I dont know who did them. The company I mentioned above refinished the floors in our new home and they are awesome! They put up a picture of our floor on their website. JEN
  3. We own a mod-ranch in Braeburn Valley and are considering Stained concrete or Polished concrete floors throughout the home....I understand that there will be some issues with carpet tack strips and other character flaws and we're fine with that. Just wondering if anyone has some insight to the business and if any recommendations can be made.... We've had two companies give us bids for staining, but they wanted to use clear coatings to seal our floors Not a big fan of this...I love the look of polished concrete but cant find a soul who will come out and take a look, can it even be done to 40+ yr old floors.
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