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  1. From Dacapo’s: To all our loyal customers over the last 24 years, we've decided to close Dacapo's on Sat. Sept.29, 2018. We're retiring a little early and moving up to Tahlequah Oklahoma to be with our family and enjoy God's beautiful Country! We've been so blessed over the years to have made wonderful friends and many great memories here in the Heights. Be sure to drop by to say goodbye or order your goodies to stock up! Thank you to all our great customers!!! We will miss you!...... Lisa and Trese
  2. Does anyone remember the Stardust Lounge where Stardust Antiques is on 11th at Studewood? I was told it was a bar and the owner was shot by his wife or mistress. Just curious to know the rest of the story.
  3. Does anyone remember the Stardust Lounge where Stardust Antiques is on 11th at Studewood? I was told it was a bar and the owner was shot by his wife or mistress. Just curious to know the rest of the story.
  4. From ND: ...we just received a notice of Variance Request for Parking. This is related to development of the property next to Maryam cafe. It is a 3 story building (2.5 technically). Per regulations, per the notice the building would need 41 parking spaces, they are requesting off-site variance for this, and will be offering 4 parking spaces on the property. Planning commission meeting: Thursday, August 16 @ 2:30 City Annex Building 900 Bagby Street. Street parking is a concern since the variance lists available parking near the SandLot. Has as anyone seen designs or info on this parcel?
  5. Since my original post, I found out that when the COH annexed The Heights, mostly all deeds were recorded as 1920. I’m guessing it was cost prohibitive and lack of records to assign actual dates. On a side note, since The Heights was its own city, it was never part of a ward.
  6. A section of the fiber optic cable being spliced probably does occur often, but this was a big "oops" moment. Not having a back-up plan when this type of incident happens is really unacceptable considering the number of cell only homes. It motivated me to enable wifi calling but alas, after hours with IT, the issue goes unresolved. Certainly on my to do list after yesterday.
  7. What “line” was cut, where is this cut line that took out T-Mobile cell usage for the 4th largest city in the US and how can this be prevented? Just curious and somewhat furious.
  8. will the city allow the heavy equipment to remain on the property until the bankruptcy is resolved? What an eyesore! At least they could return the sidewalk to its original state.
  9. Anyone have the back story? Looking for a link on this bar from the 30–40s.
  10. Nextdoor's reporting the project's back on board. Lots cleared and yellow flags up. Anyone have the new renderings, if different from prior posts?
  11. Has anyone seen road closure details when repairs begin on the Yale Street bridge April 18?
  12. The house at 4th and Oxford is hitting the road soon. Any renderings yet?
  13. The issue for inner loop was access for ER vehicles since entry from 5th requires bridge access. Don't know how the new kid can overcome that obstacle.
  14. What's up with "Forest Lawn Annex"? Sounds like a cemetery. Doesn't The Heights extend south of I10?
  15. Is there a site that shows voter results by district?
  16. Love that I have a bin so full of recycling fodder and wished I had two. Can't find how profitable the curbside program is and wanted to know if there's a way to get two recycling bins. Suggestions anyone?
  17. The implosion is scheduled for 7 a.m. Sunday. Houston police will have streets in a two-block radius of the implosion zone shut down. Project managers discourage anyone from coming down to see the implosion in person for safety reasons
  18. Perhaps the Four Season's hotel roof would prove to offer a good view. Too soon?
  19. Vonnegut said Indianapolis was the arm pit of the US. Guess that makes Houston the nether region.
  20. Any suggestions on where to go for the best view? Planning to bike downtown and find the top of a near by garage. Looking for details to follow on road closures.
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