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  1. I noticed in an ad in our Copperfield community magazine about the new Cypress Station Grill, my family was excited about going to a new restaurant that had home style cooking. My husband, daughter, and I arrived on June 22, 2008, around 3:00pm. And we were seated very promptly. Our waitress came by to give us our drinks we ordered. When we first walked in there was a clown with a monkey; so I told her after we order we will go see it and we did. Our salads arrived (before meal) so my husband told the waitress "I am going to go get my wife and daughter there on the other side of front entrance"(which mind you we were 3 booths away) she said that was fine my husband came told us salads there I said hold on I am getting the clowns name and number and will be right there max of (3-4 min total) my husband returned to table before that time and was shocked they had cleaned off table and were getting ready toset someone else down. REMIND you he was gone no more than 3 min. and waitress was aware and said not a problem and pleanty of empty table no waiting at all. WE were upset the waitress appologized and could not believe that happened the nice ladies up at the front also could not believe that happen and the poor clown lady apologized they got the manager he finally walked over to the table they directed he to us of course he passed us up and went to the clown which we were standing right by and she said no it happened to us, so he came over NEVER introduced himself to us when only knew his name (Paul) due to Natasha the hostess (which was so sweet and kind) and we stated to him what happened well I quote " our bus boys when they see an empty table they clean it off" I was again stated we told waitress we were not gone 3 min clean forks by salad drinks full nothing touched he got right in front of me and I QUOTE said " IF YOU WOULD LISTEN TO ME THE BUS BOYS AND WAITRESS DO NOT COMMUNICATE to one another they are trained to pick up dished because customers may not like the food" at this time I was mad but I was not going to get down to his level and I felt like telling him I am not one of your employees, so do not speak to me in the manner, but his hostess and customer standing behind us along with the clown lady did hear him and all we wanted to do was pay for our drinks and get out of there and never to return again. We were not loud, disrespectful but if that is a manager and if he treats anyone else like that, that restaurant will be done in with in a short time. Every worker was so kind and felt really bad about the situation except for the manager and he finally half hearted apologized as we were leaving Tracy Houston, TX
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