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  1. Gregory School Historical Marker Dedication December 12 | 11 AM African American History Research Center at the Gregory School Thanks to the efforts of the African American Library Gregory Friends, the former Gregory Elementary School has received a historical marker. The community is invited to attend an unveiling and dedication at the African American History Center located at 1300 Victor St., 77019. (This event has been rescheduled from November.)
  2. . Family Winter Fest December 10 | 1 PM - 3:30 PM Barbara Bush Literacy Plaza at the Central Library Join us for winter-themed activities, caroling, falling snow, a live reindeer photo op, and the man in the red suit! In the spirit of the Icelandic tradition Jolabokaflod, or “Christmas Book Flood” in English, we'll be giving away books (while supplies last) to youth ages 0-18.
  3. Drove through intersection of Fannin and Cambridge at edge of Herman Park-- you just make out the earth movers and steam shovels
  4. Just a heads up- I went to park in the parking garage off hildago at galleria the Saturday before Thanksgiving. yes a kazillion other people had same idea. I guess it must have been years since I did something like that because I don't remember the 47 minutes it took to exit that garage from 4 th floor. geez
  5. VOLUNTEER TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! The Department of Neighborhoods’ Volunteer Initiative Program invites you to get involved in community service projects to help neighbors in need and assist with community improvement activities. Learn about volunteer opportunities at https://www.volunteerhou.org/agency/detail/?agency_id=115542.
  6. Pictures taken yesterday 2405 Genesee uptick in construction activity Looks like the windows behind fence have been enlarged.- plus huge vents on roof and also the lot across the street.
  7. If I was charmed when native wildflowers were planted.....it just keeps getting better.
  8. I wonder what is was about locating in lower Westheimer ( $$$$ rents)that prompted them to "give it a try"- after their sandwich shop couldn't make it at the Velvet Taco location but a concept for "swanky" restaurant will.
  9. I wonder if a Latin theme for this business might be useful; considering the renovation of old LULAC across the street?
  10. I am happy the building will not be torn down. I always had visions that all the old houses along lower Westheimer could be “upcycled” for variety of purposes and at least be part of a homage of what Montrose once was. I guess I’m sorta bored with a lot of the ubiquitous new builds of late.
  11. I guess I’m raising my eyebrows at words “ parking Lot”"………if indeed there are 50 rooms available- 1 car per room plus employee cars……that’s a huge parking lot on only 2 house lots.
  12. From District C newsletter Houston has officially been designated as a Music Friendly City. This is an important designation that takes years to obtain. I’m looking forward to continuing build on this work, and it was wonderful to accept the certification on behalf of Mayor Turner and attend an industry listening session at one of our historic music venues, District C's Heights Theater.
  13. Sorry no link but I forgot to write there will be a full bar on ground floor
  14. I was there for the estate sale held before covid. The "yard" was totally jungle plantings, plus dozens hanging vine plants, narrow wooden path, water feature --completely fenced in from street. It was amazing.
  15. So I heard a few details..... This will be boutique hotel- 50 or rooms. They want to blend with neighborhood. A parking garage is proposed. They went to Montrose TIRZ to get help with variances.
  16. Something a bit interesting happened at last TIRZ meeting. The bike lanes on Commonwealth and Waugh were part of discussion centering on how improvements suddenly halted at Dallas street- where TIRZ boundary ends hence no improved access to hook up with Allen Parkway. A grateful audience got to hear that Montrose TIRZ will reach out to Memorial Heights ( I think that’s the TIRZ name) to form coalition to expand bike lanes to connect to Allen Parkway.
  17. Confusion…..smoke and mirrors? Most of this thread centered on me and my monthly spoonfed info on crime data at HPD/PIP meetings. HPD usually uses year-to-date crime analysis. That seemed such a small ( but digestible) increase/decrease differences; till Mayor Turner wanted to use it to justify his $$$$ spent on intervention programs instead of hiring more bodies to put on the street. Now the election….each side plays fast and loose with the stats=> hence my confusion. Personally having lived within Montrose 20 years; neighbors seem to have more and more stories of people getting assaulted or robbed. So for me, it does seem crime is increasing. The indigestion comes in reflecting whether or not electing new politicians will impact crime.
  18. The intersection of wheeler and Emancipation seems to be a new retail/restaurant magnet within the 3 rd ward. However, parking and noise still seem to be problematic. The 2400 block of wheeler is permit parking only. The 2400 Rosewood is permit parking only. Of course the South Central HPD seems indulgent about issuing tickets— how long will that last. now that COH has tied the noise ordinance violations to whether or not a business will keep its liquor license- you wonder how indulgent HPD will remain about issuing violation tickets.
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