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. . . . . .seniorish montrose maven- raised working class-decently educated--trying to be well-read -- reasonably opinioned--fairly open minded--unbelievely gullible when optimism takes over--optimism took a hike in july 2008--- now i'm only trying to be "reasonably gullible"--

I am depending on the kindness of strangers to get my optimism back by  next christmas--in the meantime i've painted 2 quotations on my walls---"It's better to live by the light of a single candle than curse the darkness" and "Hope is the pillar that holds up the world"---words supposedly have power so i'm hoping these will power me back to optimism---- HOPE— Be on the lookout.....it’s that thing with feathers.


Houston resident late 70's late 90's and here presently. . lived in Memorial area south of Buffalo Bayou in 70's drove to Downtown a lot using I10 when it wasn't so crowded. I remember mounted HPD along the downtown streets and lots of homeless people around the old Texaco building (I was downtown when the windows in that building were shot at during a visit by Deng Xioping in the spring 1978.) I miss the Pipe Organ Pizza place. Did the 90's suburbs in Sugarland while kids were in school came back after expat assignment and moved into Montrose- Avondale. (I am interested in Avondale history and try to take note from long time Avondale residents--I love the architecture of the homes and am glad many of them were saved---I really miss the ones that are being torn down). . Since 2009, sometimes living in Northern Manhattan for months at a time. . . .retired . . .grandkids etcetcetc


I have personal experience with PTO’s,Masonic Lodges, The Baptist Church, Club Soccer, The League of Women Voters and Society of Petroleum Engineers Wives Club.

Add to that 12 steps, Al Anon , NAMI, PFLAG, OU and RICE alum parent. 
so lawyer kid tries to keep me safe legally, NASA kid tries to keep me safe environmentally and last kid shows that living in Montrose was the right choice.
and lucky for me I found a reconciling Episcopal church.



I do find the occasional pick up game of mahjong ( I learned the game as an expat after giving up on canasta,bridge, hand and foot, spades, chess, backgammon . . . You get the idea. . .

There is an ongoing weekly mahjong game held in a coffee place in the Heights that I helped establish. Sometimes, I try to sponsor other mahjong games around Montrose but find my free time isn't what it once was. I carry a traveling set of tiles with me and can usually find people to share a game or two with me in unexpected places. A memorable game was at a hotel overlooking the Niger River. With that being said, I've found that the more I play the more I realize I have an extremely limited enthusiasm for it---so limit myself by only playing the 52 hands listed in the book Improve Your Mahjong by Rebecca Thompson and Betty Maloney. It's not published any longer ( want a huge OMG moment? Check out the price for that palsy little book on Amazon


i do believe that every resident of Houston should be active in a Civic way. I try to live this philosophy. I joined several local groups attend those meetings regularly, take notes and try to share that information. 


Update: I joined more groups and get a little more information. Unfortunately as I grow older, the yearning to be part of my grandkids world has taken precedence over attending a kazillion Civic, support, church or HPD meetings. Every organization seems to give the same “ need Volunteers” speech.

increasinly those volunteers seem to have gray hair. Retirees seem to be the focus as “ Retirement seems to give you so much free time” What happened to volunteerism in America? Is everyone REALLY  so busy that 2 hours a month is unsurpassable?

 There are only so many hours in the day to attend those things before you find yourself a stranger in your own 45 year marriage. So you try to prioritize. “TRY” being the key word.



another update  to refocus my Civic efforts to a more narrow spectrum.....mainly Montrose and all things Historic. I became a believer in the need for more green space within the Urban landscape, no matter how small and advocate for Texas native Wildscapes  plantings.  No not just  bluebonnets! Actual native trees, flowers and grasses that seem to help ameliorate The effects of flooding while being a boost for bees and butterflies. My general plea: Does there have to be so much concrete and Live Oaks with thorns inside Montrose —-
what happened to eccentric/ eclectic problem solving-applicable ideas that be used to alleviate the problem.


Can’t we all agree that cars and catering to those with cars only brings more heartache to Montrose?  Plus I calmly admit I don’t give a good $&@!¥>% to  help the daily suburban commuter’s access Downtown quicker.....$@!#— Montrose was never meant to be a pass-thru!!


guess my journey continues..


I am entering 7 month of Corvid 19 Quarantine.  One kids family with toddlers one great grandparent, one husband of 40+ years trying to quarantine together. This complicated by trying to remain Fed, healthy, employed and sane. Trying not to harbor resentment that our Governor didn’t shut down earlier and reopen slower with wearing masks and outdoor dinning  only—-no matter whether a bar or restaurant. My heart constricts at the number of bars and restaurants that couldn’t make it. I fight myself to not leave bouquets of flowers and crosses at their entry and graffiti my distain it’s that our elected leaders would not fully prepare To protect them nor  fight to save them. It is enough to overwhelm my depression medication.


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