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  1. I might tip-toe In here and gently remind everyone of the dozens of community input meeting ( where IMO) all voices seemed to shout “ park should reflect the neighborhood” . Hence the “Gazebo like structure” in the smack-dab middle. 😄 A reverie of nostalgia among the shiny new structures along Westheimer, of course when anticipating the “ porch swings” Which will be the last things to be installed lol😇
  2. Oh my when did “mansion” become a negative noun. Perhaps those families as my family saw that those larger homes were priced at the same level as NEW Suburban homes of same size Twenty years ago.......my goodness..... buying urban ( here in Montrose) would allow my family a great school system, huge tree canopies, fenced yard, walkability— walkability you know that thing where you purposely use your car less......knowing that less car use is better for the environment. There was a lot of national conversation about that in the early 2000’s. Who knew that making that choice to
  3. Hmmmmmmmm i guess that’s a comfort, but if I want to practice walkability in a realistic fashion and advocate a small “ footprint” For my grocery, dry cleaner, restaurant, as a compliment to my walkability................I want a 1/2 Price Books with in Montrose or at least the Westside of Midtown. Hence the prime reason for starting this topic...........I’m afraid I am losing my 1/2 Price Books.......sigh. I was looking for discussion on how that might happen.
  4. Any chance the GOV would grant money? Would COH? COH and DMD (downtown management district) are Always looking for ways to bring people back downtown at night.......maybe thatMall might offer books a million space. Midtown Management seems to have a lot of open office space.......I’m thinking the abandoned antique store across from Natachee.....? I really hope 1/2 books can stay .........
  5. Is there a developer out there who could be intelligent enough to see that would be a smart move?
  6. I am worried. Where can 1/2 Price books relocate with in Montrose......all the rent is so expensive. I don’t want to lose that business...I still go in weekly.
  7. Okay, I will follow CK lead— I have previously explained that I believe what I hear from her.
  8. If the PWE guys told you all plans are still a “go” I can only tell you I have a bit of Civic skepticism I have observed Councilwoman Kamin giving information to her constituents many many times IMO she is extremely diligent in fact checking, even rechecking the fact checking and will refuse to pass on any information she deems “ dicey-my word). She doesn’t hesitate to label some information as “rumor “ or “unconfirmed”. soooooooo hmmmmmm yup I’m a little skeptical. Plus, I think back on what PWE explained about the lower Westheimer improvements. So yes I’m skeptical.
  9. I have known about the Bridge fiasco for quite a while. Montrose Commons has an informative PowerPoint presentation concerning the Bridge being built in the late 50’s and the disastrous result on on neighborhood cohesion as well as walkability. I bring this up as many of the Civic associations along Brazos bring up the negative stuff to the Mayors Office and City Council officials many many times after that bridge was built.........many many times.....so I’m sure every Mayors office and Council were aware of the resentment of that bridge. How could anything that is brought up year after year
  10. Councilwomen Kamin Did a zoom with some constituent leaders of District C. sadly most of the safety measures and proposals to protect pedestrians and bicyclists aren’t likely to be incorporated as the Renovations ofBrazos bridge goes forward.
  11. Trying to explain elections in general and presidential elections specifically to my 10 year old grandkid is confounding. Last nights TV debate sort of put me on hot seat to cautiously explain the reality of what we watched with the build up I had done on what we’d probably be seeing from the 2 candidates. I had lowered the bar on what to expect, but watching that debate ( term loosely used in this context) gobsmacked me. I can’t imagine the Civic class discussion ( naw, it’s not called Civic class anymore lol)
  12. Hard to believe but entire crew came down with COVID. BTW Did you notice the electronic board at the back by dog park part? That wasn’t in the original plans.......now my fear is that some city muckity-muck has a notion that installing that thing in Montrose will not lead to some sort of Computer mischief......really that’s not limited to suburbanite bored computer pranksters.......there’s plenty gifted mischief devilry in Montrose. Who knows what the daily “motto of the day” will end up being on that sign🤪.
  13. You have a point. However, the fully funded CIP (redo Westheimer from Main to Montrose) to partially funded (Montrose to Shepherd) all happened before Kamin was elected. The fully funded part was in place just before Hurricane Harvey..... that those funds were Probably redirected towards Harvey rebuild, is my personal speculation.
  14. Not to promote estate sale but rather the chance ( other chances like this are unlikely) to see inside construction of this old house. Another sale will open house in November
  15. Well that Blighted old house is located at 323 Westheimer didn’t get demolished after all. Some fancy footwork ( legal wise) prolonged its existence till owner passed. The daughter is having estate sale inside today and tomorrow (9/13/2020) Amazing how much original construction cane be viewed— no plaster on walls- all stain glass as boarded up- perfect wooden floor with inlay-very interesting to see inside.......
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