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  1. I will write to my councilwoman again. I am checking to see what COH penalty is for guerilla plantings ( short booming plants) at base of stop signs in my own neighborhood. 😊Maybe beautification will follow, or rumors of something “beautiful and secretive” going on that will bring the curious to my neighborhood and perhaps the bars and restaurants will get more business because of it.
  2. I went to the park today and set on the low brick wall. A treat as I am entering day 6 with NO water..........you take precautions for unpredictable events.........but at the end of your efforts a one hundred year old house has it’s secret pratfalls.....much like the quotation “ when men make plans-God laughs”. My old house must have giggled greatly at the effort we took to prevent the pipes from freezing.” But frozen they were and now even on a Sunday, the plumber has come to fix them. At the park the “thingy” I mistook for a marquee sign is just the shiny back of the electrical box in
  3. Avondale Promenade park seems open.
  4. Went by park today. I had noticed 3 separate monuments ( maybe 12x12” 6 inches high or so) that I knew would be for the memorial, close to brick wall of apartment building. it looks like one might be installed by pavilion? Other 2 MIA. cOH was working on gas leak at alley entrance off Whitney. cOH announced several park closings on TV yesterday— I’m thinking the opening of Avondale Promenade might be delayed.
  5. I’ve been looking over the WestMont renderings for the new development and remembered this rendering from 2009 complete with traffic circle. All in all, I wonder how many proposed artistic renderings have been made for Westheimer at Montrose?
  6. Wow This IS the time for PBS to step in and film a series ( with lots of underwriters) on rehabbing a semi important building within Midtown or East end. An historic building saved, accolades for KUHT........TaDa 1/2 books would be perfect move in client. Uh 2 birds 1stone— uhOh my gullible wishful thinking is showing — my worst fears of last 9 years coming true- #$%&!
  7. I reread all the posts on this thread, my concern about losing my Montrose 1/2 PriceBooks was there at the beginning of this thread. My suggestion of the old house I mentioned won’t work since Poscol has gone in. That abandoned mansion at Austin andElgin must be complicated to rent since it’s still empty. The Abandoned restaurant at Montrose and Marshall seems too small. But is there somewhere else within Montrose or midtown? maybe 1/2price books monitors HAIF and might post something.. i’ve become jaded enough to doubt the new developers would offer 1/2 PriceBook# reduced rent in new
  8. I reread this post i wonder if there is a chance for that Memorial in the new landscaping—- is anyone still advocating for it?
  9. Is there a chance that the UKMD is contributing to those renovations? Likely any fancy brickwork was from them?
  10. The real wonderment is........why can’t those 2 projects that were joined be separated again and renovations on lowerWestheimer started....... the cost of street repair only gets more expensive.......
  11. I would write the email. I think there might be a tiny amount of discretionary funds available.
  12. This little awkward nib was spoken about in the reconstruction plans for lower Westheimer. 3,499 SQ FT RESTAURANT EXPANSION/REMODEL 1-2-2-A2-B '12 IBC SPK/F yes, Public art was also discussed and Avondale Civic ( stewards of that plot) were on board also. The talk todo something for the weird turn lane are coming from COH city council.
  13. There is a 3,499 SQ FT RESTAURANT EXPANSION/REMODEL 1-2-2-A2-B '12 IBC SPK/F that requested a building permit at 907 Westheimer is it in new construction or is Aladdin or Rosemont expanding
  14. Oh my......there is talk that COH might take the right hand turn lane at Bagby (going south) and Westheimer; reclaim it, and turn it into green space. This raises my hope that the “M” statute or maybe something might be erected where the M statue was. Green space is so very hard to come by, even if it tiny, I am really excited.
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