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  1. I think perhaps there will be a few Civic Associations testifying about this at COH Ellen Cohens Quality of Live Committee meeting.
  2. I have that bag! also, I to joined the “slow moving” anti- plastic straw movement.......really just raised eyebrows and. Verbal tsk-tsk to anyone who serves me a plastic straw. Uhm? Does that qualify for Raising awareness of a.small but disheartening environmental problem. Also— every family member got a stainless steel (with cleaning brush) straw for Valentines Day.
  3. Muxian Fung COH planning and development spoke at Neartown/ Montrose last night. She spoke generally about traffic corridors, but questions were asked about developments along lower Westheimer (areas within Historic Designation areas and areas with deed restrictions) and she spoke about current ordinances that “request” rather than demand buildings be built close to sidewalk which resulted in only 19% developers opting in. So now there are proposed amendments: 1) Create both mandatory and optional compliance boundary. 2) Revisit the designated Type A streets based on the adjacent local context. 3) Designate additional streets with appropriate context. 4) Revise some of the standards to effectively promote pedestrian friendly environment along the transit corridor streets.
  4. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/07/02/seattle-ban-on-plastic-straws-comes-into-force-as-city-gets-tough-on-w.html sounds like a variant of the taxation on plastic grocery bag thread— lol
  5. From AirAlliance enewsletter I hadn't heard of this before Houston Anti-Idling Ordinance Petition Idling from diesel engines creates air pollution and health risks all over the city. From the scores of trucks lined up in neighborhoods around the ship channel to school buses waiting to bring our children home for the day, it is safe to say that all of us are adversely affected by this issue. Help Air Alliance Houston gain traction on an Anti-Idling Ordinance in Houston by signing the petition today A little info on AirAlliance Air Alliance Houston wants clean air so our economy, quality of life, and children can thrive. Our mission is to reduce air pollution in the Houston region and protect public health and environmental integrity through research, education, and advocacy. We are the Houston region’s leading environmental health and air quality nonprofit. Air Alliance Houston was formed more than twenty-five years ago as GHASP, the Galveston-Houston association for Smog Prevention. Now we are bigger and better than ever. We are strong advocates for Houston's environmental justice communities. Our educational programs, including Ozone Theater and Air Pollution Solutions, reach 5,000 students every year. We also host Earth Day Houston, Houston's premier celebration of our planet at Discovery Green. Our office is located in East Downtown Houston. We’re always looking for motivated individuals who want to help us reduce air pollution and protect our health. You can donate to our organization, volunteer your time, or explore our programs to learn more about us. Please contact us at info@airalliancehouston.org if you have questions or want to get involved.
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