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  1. Someone sent me this: interesting http://communityimpact.moosend.com/tracking/lc/68c6a75d-0458-4fc5-a256-03214d7c5f50/c3a999ab-8a8c-4b78-99bf-9ce405733da1/ef5d13cf-6968-4698-a11e-a245420ae9f9/
  2. https://www.houstonpress.com/music/daddy-why-is-numbers-called-numbers-6766618?fbclid=IwAR0KMz0b2kaI7Ykyk-I-qrmsKcklfGCsSGvZ_YwQ1FAGEDDZcvr0MrddGCA every thing I always wanted to know but was afraid to ask...lol
  3. Oh my you have hit on one of my hot button issues............what was a fully funded improvement project from Bagby to Montrose made into a partially funded improvement project from Bagby to Shepherd?? I wonder if the Harvey recovery effort made better by the use of it.
  4. This the type of renovation that leads me to have hope for the old Kirby Mansion (I still wish for a Mayoral residence) that great old house at Austin and Elgin deserves a plucking lawyer with a sense of history and a flair for renovation also. These nicely done renovations get all my good karma wishes as I am so great full these are spared and will be cherished by my grandchildren.
  5. I attended the Montrose TIRZ i was charmed that a bit of “the futuristic “ was discussed.........what type of transportation will be used by Montrose resident in the next forty years and how can that be planned for currently. otherwise just the milder details of contract negotiations over ratio of business to public parking spaces ( yes a bit of a side bar over dimensions of driverless cars) I think it will be 5 business parking places to 1 public parking space. I have to say a bit of that type of discussion can make for a much more enjoyable meeting as far As this audience member was concerned........ ;)
  6. Oh my Better perhaps to hope the Lower Westheimer initiative goes through....Then all the wonderful shiny new builds will be at the front of the lots and the parking at the back, hopefully hidden by new build. secretly, despite all the restaurants Built nearby, I am hoping to revive “Pipe Organ Pizza” a tall modern building with taller carillon tower that plays recognized melodies, perhaps reclaimed large stained glass windows on two sides, a roof top dinning space, vine covered 2 story parking, with harvesting water detail to keep plants green with rainwater.and seasonal flowering beds planted out front........
  7. Sad to say I haven’t tried any Daiquiris to see if there is alcohol involved.Guess I’m not the only one “ not trying” if the empty parking around it are anything to go by. i did notice that next door the remodeling has gone so far as to expos3 the brackets that support the roof over hang.
  8. Of course this was a dicey building that the homeless seemed to take over. But oh how I will miss that mural! money I suppose is the key to bringing in public art to your neighborhood. The owners of this building just gave us that mural— I loved seeing it each day- I always hoped to Thank them. It made it easier not to overthink the falling/public nuisance/safety concern structure next door—- I mean there are vines growing through the attic to the chimney. Still it seems to get a by-your-leave from COH no matter how many times it is reported to COH...........sigh
  9. I found this thread looking for an update on the beer garden at Wheeler and Emancipation parking permits are not always a useful tool for home owners. Rosewood east of Emancipation is permit parking only......but to be effective the parking patrol must come and ticket offenders. So far the parking patrol seems to be patrolling elsewhere. the s@me for Wheeler street east of Emancipation. You can call and report violators but that does seem to translate into actual police cars coming to the area.
  10. She and I seem to pop up at various “ anti crime events” enough that I have become familiar without really knowing my name etc. I’ve talked to her a few times here and there. I’ve met a few of the “fired” staff. I’ve met a few of the new staff as the DA office sends asst DA to attend PIP meetings.Kim Ogg always seemed to be on board that non violent crimes committed by poorer people shouldn’t mean months of incarceration because bail was too expensive. But the repeat offenders in crimes like assault or robbery seem to get on her nerves when released on OR’s and never have to put up money. I agree— just how many times can you justify no $ bail to a person who commits those crimes over and over. IMO........I’ve lived in Houston from DA Chuck Rosenthal forward and each DA had more than its share of Uh...ah. ....drama. So the hiring and firing mentioned etc doesn't seem more sedate nor more thoughtless that the previous office holders.From the outside looking in — the DA, the DA staff etc seems very complicated. So, for me, I’m backing Kim Ogg even if I’m in the minority . One of of my kids is a criminal lawyer and sees DA office as short staffed. That impacts efficiency. Non efficiency impacts justice. on that note .... I’m still confused that the big bucks thrown at the bail situation leaves me puzzled. If all that $$$ will only be used on those that commit crime, and not used to help the entire system, which seems to need help- why was it set up that way.
  11. With his elevated recognition on Iron Chef and Top Chef not to mention here in Houston, you’d think one of them ( Chefs) might put out feelers to help him out.
  12. Heard DA Kim Ogg speak beside the frightening statistic that 100,000 cases come through her office but only 345 on staff. she spoke about that 1mil$ for bail reform but it can only be directed towards the accused.... no $ for extra courts, court staff, DA’s, PD’s, etc only $ for accused........ what’s up with that? DA’s office is posting her remarks on internet but forgot Internet address.
  13. Perhaps it was only a matter of time.... Reef closed Hope Bryan Caswell can rebound
  14. Wow I got my dates mixed up Today Neartown hosts DA Kim Ogg heres the info on District C candidate run From the Neartown presidents email With the race to represent City Council District C going to a runoff, Neartown is teaming up with our adjacent Super Neighborhood, University Place, to co-sponsor a Candidate Forum. We urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to meet the two remaining contenders in the District C race, Abbie Kamin and Shelley Kennedy, and hear their positions on issues important to our city and our neighborhoods. Houston City Council District C Candidate Forum 6:00 pm, Tuesday, December 3, 2019 Congregation Emanu El, 1500 Sunset Blvd. The runoff election for this and other local races is Saturday, December 14, with early voting starting November 27th. Check www.harrisvotes.com for
  15. Neartown hosting meet and greet with 20 minute Q&A for District C run off candidates Abbie Kamin and Shelley Kennedy.at Tuesday, November 26 meeting. Everyone welcome, Cherryhurst Community center, 1700 Missouri, 7 pm.
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