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  1. So COH did post new dedication date—— July 1 However at this point, you wonder why COH doesn’t sent a really nice green plant to be placed at the gazebo, and a really big plywood dedication card............it could save some poor ole communication person a lot of headache with all the posting then postponing then reposting thenrepostponing then.........🙃
  2. I love that retail will be coming. Let me also go out on a limb.........I believe “drawing” in customers is a high priority to success. Besides the myth of Montrose acting as a magnetic of sorts; I have my own “pie in the sky” solutions to bring in more people. Why not have small unleased spaces have a courtesy display ( developers waive rents) of artifacts about “what things were before”— maybe the artifacts from Mary’s. Or maybe COH historical artifacts? Perhaps the “M” statue ? Change displays ever 2 months are so.....pack all up if space gets leased.....move to new courtesy s
  3. Too much rain I guess.......COH postpones dedication
  4. Dedication of new park May 25 11am Neartown president and others will speak. not sure what happens if it rains.........
  5. I saw a permit request for “Demo Com/Sewer Disc” guesthouse
  6. Oh my mea culpa i will take you at your word that you reviewed every word of the council meeting. There are those of us that stream those council meetings and take notes. At some instances, a conversation with our 90 year old Mother ( who quarantines with me) must be maintained at the same time one tries to take notes of the council procedures. At really special instances, ones grandchildren might have been dropped offunexpectantly ( both parents got 2nd vaccine and had bad reaction) during the HTV council live stream meeting. When that happens, one try’s to listen and take notes,
  7. The Central 1&2division PIP did its monthly program on this. A new three officer unit focusing on upholding COH noise ordinances focusing on bars and restaurants. The meeting highlighted efforts along Washington street corridor.
  8. At Council meeting, councilwoman Kamin asked why Houston couldn’t have a trial program as Dallas did.....? ....mayor replied no, absolutely no! why?
  9. https://www.perkinseastman.com/projects/heart-of-montrose/?fbclid=IwAR04ZJo6lPJpiwxvF8ai_9Ed_QDvlsfO7U66jFDC-b-QLdzy-e_R01s4BSM geeeeeeee, My pie in the sky hopefulness is taking a nose dive. Not sure why new development refuses to honor anything that made this location so desirable.Absolutely no hint of the “ mythology of Montose” you’d think any developer could have given a nod..........even a small one that maybe only residents would recognize..........it could have been some thing subtle like matching stiletto topiary near the entrance?😇
  10. Guess COH will have a dedication after all
  11. There is also discussion on this intersection in the Montrose section Under thread “ M “ monument. District C has monies to pay for cut removal and barricades to close down right hand turn lane going south on Bagby towards Westheimer
  12. I received this tidbit from HMNS: Each and every Spring, 2.5-3.5 billion birds make their way north to the continental US to settle into breeding mode in a more ideal environment to raise their annual clutch of babies in. When lights are left on at night (the time when birds opportune flying north) it will confuse our feathered friends, thinking they have reached the stars they navigate by. This results in flying in an endless loop until they perish from exhaustion. The sad truth is this could have all been prevented with the simple FLIP of a light switch! More about Lights out
  13. I have seen lots of recollections (few of them fond ) on the Montrose Nextdoor concerning the tiny HEB that was once there.........among my “pie in the sky” wishes ( along with lowered rent for 1/2 price books and a lush green wildscape along Westheimer side)is a newHEB like the one on Waugh and Westheimer. wouldn’t that be a lovely “ coming full circle “ event.🙂
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