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  1. I hope I didn’t mislead anyone or confuse anyone COH was always consistent using the term “ green space” as I-hope I have used that term. This is the term for that small median at intersection of Elgin, Westheimer and Bagby that Avondale Civic hopes to become stewards of. There is another small green space at Tuam, Fairview and Genesee. These small green spaces are all one could hope for as all the remaining land within Midtown and Montrose seems spoken for- sigh
  2. They are closed but the plywood is because robberies keep breaking their glAss windows and doors to gain entrance. Maybe 4 or5 times now over a couple of months.
  3. I got an email from an Avondaler ( who “just” found out that COH was trying to sneak in the closure of Bagby) asking me to sign the StopBagbyCloseure petition— I responded that the open meeting (hosted by Westmoreland Civic 6 weeks ago at MontroseCenter)on the 3 proposals was posted on Nextdoor and didn’t seem sneaky at all. Next day BikeHouston emailed a StoptheBrazosHighwayRamp-Buildapark petition. guess these proposals will prove a gentle way to deflect attention away from Coronavirus?
  4. Have you contacted your department of Neighborhood liaison? my info might be dated but the last time time I emailed the parking Dept I used Melonie.curry@houstontx.gov. And her boss derrick.williams@houstontx.gov
  5. Got my supplies ( 91% rubbing alcohol- Aloe Vera- lavender oil) and put together DIY hand sanitizer. Guess I’ll have to tweak the portions as it was a bit runny. Still somehow , that and all the hotel “gimme” mini soaps I unearthed from various junk drawers around gives me a bit of confidence as I hunker down to self quarantine.
  6. Yup I agree but In the car with toddler going out.....sometimes no soap and water available....of course I could carry jug of water and bar of soap but my mind keeps playing Murphy’s Law over and over....... 😞
  7. How worried should I be that I’ve driven all over this town for last nine days looking for hand sanitizer and found nothing. Plus the ingredients to “ DIY your own “ also missing. I think I will have to drive down to our beach house to bring back the rubbing alcohol and aloe Vera gel we keep down there.
  8. I had the wrong information-- the CIP meeting is Wednesday March 11---
  9. I asked the Director of Communications of HBC: He replied We held a community sneak peek event on Sunday, Jan. 26. It was primarily for residents of the three zip codes closest to our site, but Houstonia magazine did include details on its website, so word got out a little more broadly than we expected. We had almost 1,000 RSVPs (many of which came in quickly once word got out), so we didn’t do much broad promotion of it after that. Volunteering on-site or attending one of our spring programs are the current ways people can get in to see how things have progressed. Justin Lacey DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS & COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT
  10. The CIP meeting is this Thursday, I'm sure that topic will come up.
  11. At the COH Multiservice Centenr 1474 West Gray Abbie Kamin and. COH Public Works annual CIP gathering. Positive side of attending this meeting ......you’ll find out everything you need to know but forgot to ask about Capital Improvement Programs. Negative side of attending.....If your interested in Midtown reaction to the proposed green space replacement of Brazos bridge; you’ll miss their March Meeting that same Thursday where those conversations will probably take place.
  12. Address is 3001 Main. Probably starts at 6:30 plus side of attending....you can gets lots of infl on what’s going on in Midtown. I’m sure that the proposed green space to replace Brazos bridge will be brought up. Negative side of attending....if you’re interested in CIP (capital improvement programs) within Montrose that will be explained by PWE and Councilwomen Abbie Kamin.....that Meeting is tHe same date same time at Multiservice center on Gray.
  13. I am so happy to hear all this info on pipe organ pizza which I remuneration from 1979 at Memorial City Mall. i wonder about the disassembled Pip organs......are they lost in some wearhouse or were they purchased by a church and still be played today?
  14. Thanks for the picture..... if I had the skill I would post a panoramic picture standing in middle of Wheeler and Emancipation. That might improve my story of mistrust at the reassurances from beer garden space that adequate parking will be provided.
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