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  1. Houston has a Climate Action Plan with Chief Sustainability Officer Lara Cottingham heading it up. I have seen her PowerPoint presentation. Perhaps this small patch of land could be a lab of sorts for that plan.— There are a lot of goals in that plan. Finding a way to grow grass or an alternative plant or xeriscaping ( or whatever) on that small space and having it thrive; would be a big plus. For that plan. A tangible something to point to when COH presents (and re-presents) the plan. The PWE/COH seems spread a bit thin to maintain all green space in Houston. I really
  2. Walked the park again today. that round thingy kids can climb is installed. And a piece of equipment to do pull ups on. but I didn’t notice any structure for porch swings and didn’t notice any irrigation structure. There’s a rumor of artificial grass.....wondering about that.
  3. I noticed the Pling restaurant has started to show up on google maps. plingusa.com
  4. Random took the bricks beside Katz “ condition” very seriously— all the heavy trucks involved in construction were advised to avoid driving over them. now if only there was an Historic Brick Streets of Houston designation- Avondale would be the first to apply.
  5. Geeeeeee I wonder if this developer would like to “ underwrite” 1/2 price books on the ground floor🙏
  6. Secretly hoping a developer offers discounted property in Montrose or Midtownthat would benefit their other interests and keep 1/2 price books relatively close.
  7. Maybe the blank brick wall at the new Avondale park should be a memorial to Mary’s.................what ever happened to this movement anyway? Who gets 5o restart it?
  8. I walked by today. The forma that separate dog park part from rest of park are laid along with the beginnings of a fence 10” or so from brick 2 story wall of apartment next door. That apartment brick wall was never part of any plan proposal but now thatI see it as a backdrop of the park fence! And eventually the porch swings that will be installed.........I wish the owners of Apartment could have been contacted and proposed a huge mural courtesy of PWE; something bright that could have “ told” the story of history and future of that space in that part of Houston. alas
  9. I guess COH/PWE must have anticipated many people walking around at all hours and having their dogs with them. We were told those Park visitors with their canine friends Utilizing the dog park would act as a passive safety measure. Alas there was little faith in nearby residents remembering to regularly water plants so COH/PWE nixed the idea of flower planters.........sigh
  10. I might tip-toe In here and gently remind everyone of the dozens of community input meeting ( where IMO) all voices seemed to shout “ park should reflect the neighborhood” . Hence the “Gazebo like structure” in the smack-dab middle. 😄 A reverie of nostalgia among the shiny new structures along Westheimer, of course when anticipating the “ porch swings” Which will be the last things to be installed lol😇
  11. Oh my when did “mansion” become a negative noun. Perhaps those families as my family saw that those larger homes were priced at the same level as NEW Suburban homes of same size Twenty years ago.......my goodness..... buying urban ( here in Montrose) would allow my family a great school system, huge tree canopies, fenced yard, walkability— walkability you know that thing where you purposely use your car less......knowing that less car use is better for the environment. There was a lot of national conversation about that in the early 2000’s. Who knew that making that choice to
  12. Hmmmmmmmm i guess that’s a comfort, but if I want to practice walkability in a realistic fashion and advocate a small “ footprint” For my grocery, dry cleaner, restaurant, as a compliment to my walkability................I want a 1/2 Price Books with in Montrose or at least the Westside of Midtown. Hence the prime reason for starting this topic...........I’m afraid I am losing my 1/2 Price Books.......sigh. I was looking for discussion on how that might happen.
  13. Any chance the GOV would grant money? Would COH? COH and DMD (downtown management district) are Always looking for ways to bring people back downtown at night.......maybe thatMall might offer books a million space. Midtown Management seems to have a lot of open office space.......I’m thinking the abandoned antique store across from Natachee.....? I really hope 1/2 books can stay .........
  14. Is there a developer out there who could be intelligent enough to see that would be a smart move?
  15. I am worried. Where can 1/2 Price books relocate with in Montrose......all the rent is so expensive. I don’t want to lose that business...I still go in weekly.
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