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  1. Of course this thread should be used to raise awareness that the residents close by 4420 Emancipation are skeptical that the business labeled Sparkles Hamburgers and Daiquiris will remain so. Most residents have suspicions that new builds such as this go broke ( sometimes intentionally) and reopen as a bar.—- those same residents don’t want any more bars,
  2. Is there any grocery stores north of blogett, east of Emancipation south of Elgin or west of Delano? there is a lot big enough fora cVS or Walgreens Alabama between Emancipation and Live Oak, that small church on Live Oak owns it. There is a big lot off Live Oak between Bolgett and Wentworth for a grocery store or up on Emancipation north of Elgin off Rosalie that could have a Walgreen and would be close to the new development off St Charles. there is a lot of available land for just about anything—- I don’t understand why only bars seem to take a chance when it comes to locating in the southern part of third ward.
  3. You are correct. Still- Any new bar seems one too many to most residents. The residents close the bars seem United to fight against any new bar. the neighbors just don’t want new bars. I hear this over and over at public meetings. With the recent COH/MCC housing development at Cleaburne and 288and of course the Emancipation Park improvement— the neighbor hood is hoping instead of more bars ; for established chains ( CVS, Walgreens, Dominos, Papa Johns, Aldi’s, perhaps Walmart’s “ neighborhood Market or perhaps a Tide’s Dry cleaners )to come in and build. Even with the new HEB- the south western part of third ward is a food d.essert- more so when Fiesta changes.
  4. I guess the keywords “several along Emancipation “ tell most of th3 story. I have attended local Civic club meets as well as bigger neighborhood meeting and those bars all always front and center of topic discussion. None of these discussions are positive. When construction started on Sparkles everyone held their breath that another bar was coming. I’m not sure what impact “virgin” daiquiris will have on the neighborhoods dislike of bars. When renovation started on the old Typewriter house as a high dollar restaurant ($40.00+ per plate)All neighbors vocally expressed their skepticism that another bait and switch was being perpetrated on them......roll out a concept of neighborhood eatery , to get all the permits required, then close and reopen as a bar. Basically over and over neighbors want to know why so many bars and so little new build of anything else.
  5. Wow a lot of bars seemed to be going in all along Emancipation.
  6. What HISD elementary and middle school is this in? It feels like this is a beguiling alternative to those families moving into those new developments in that area.
  7. Good question Avondale House was originally on Avondale blvd
  8. Funny about using the name “Avondale” i wonder if it’s the same developers that are doing the apartments on Avondale blvd...... i wrote before that that sometimes developers try to take a piece of the “myth” by using evocative names Now I’m wondering if they are after the. Mythology of early Avondale mansions owned by Levy/Bath family (textile mercantile) or O’Neals family ( cheek then Maxwellhouse coffee) or the Meyers Family or Bering family Or if they are counting on the Nortorious side of Avondale from 70’s and 80’s when Dirty Sallies was soooo popular.....? ot now with ripcord, TC’s andGeorge’s have their own place in that mythology
  9. Yes all true the COH walk@ble committe recommended that Bagby to Montrose get started a bit early while the equipment and manpower were finishing up Main Street to Bagby plus it was already fully funded—- nope all the equipment and manpower taken away, lower Westheimer first postponed, the attached to non funded Shepherd toMontrose. Blvd. at Cohens last CIP program COH stated it was STILL a priority.............that doesn’t really ring true now.
  10. Perhaps the City applied for Federal funds for project from Shepherd to Montrose but As far as COH spokespeople were concerned the project from Montrose to Bagby was fully funded and ready for a start date.
  11. I have heard METRO’s presentation 4 times now at various meetings- Some presenters are better than others, but of course there are knee jerk answers to probing Questions that puzzle me and make me wonder if all bright and shiny proposals will be implemented as presented. Richmond is destined for the dedicated Bus lane.——Metrorail on that street only a memory. a direct metro rail route from Downtown to Hobby probably a sure bet— to IAH.....maybe not so much The auto/unmanned Buses TSU engineers helped design, probably are no more than “iffy” at best—- real IFFY but the idea of fewer bus stops plus dedicated curb cut out Bus stops along lower Westheimer, to help with traffic flow really excites me. If you’ve ever been next to a Bus ( inside lane)on lower Westheimer when the bus begins to crowd you into oncoming traffic—-you too would be excited. sadly when the in-laws come from NYC there is a fair amount of redundant sarcasm at the state of our mass transit—— It would be nice to be able to show them them tangible improvements
  12. No real reason I should speculate....but I think money matters at COH are probably a headache right now— some of that money might have been borrowed for now an$ paid back later.
  13. AnotherEllen Cohen meeting this time a CIP held in latter March— its. “For Sure” that lower Westheimer renovation project that was 100% paid for and destined to begin in late 2018-2019 is now labeled ” a partially funded project from Bagby to Shepherd” with a not specific start date. Fully funded pocket park at 424 Westheimer start date set back. Those street repaired from Main to Bagby where new sidewalks were installed- not an official COH sidewalk improvement project. afew of the answers from Cohens panel; were confusing.
  14. Ellen Cohen is having her annual CIP (capitol Improvements) meeting this Thursday at the Multiservice Center on Gray 6:30 I’m hoping she brings her usually cadre of COH people and can shed some light on this Parks process and when construction will start. Last November the COH parks people gave a status report at Neartown that all things were a go, fully funded etc but after hearing a Councilman “rebrand” the 100% funded ( from Bagby to Montrose) lower Westheimer improvements to partially funded improvements from Bagby to Shepherd; the Park project seems stymied.
  15. I think perhaps there will be a few Civic Associations testifying about this at COH Ellen Cohens Quality of Live Committee meeting.
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