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  1. Another opportunity to protect trees in the right of way- Ask the candidates hard questions
  2. Information concerning trees and the renovations planned for Montrose Blvd by Montrose TIRZ
  3. The mention of mesh side screens intrigued me- I googled it - The picture I found alluded to a $10k price tag! The first thing that came to mind was the disastrous mega dollar "branding" designs Montrose Manage District put up all over Montrose and how that ended up- geez
  4. This is the type of dialog that has my brain Brume parting, clearing the way for me to and wonder if there is a midway type of kazillionaire that would get a bang out of an urban project that hit bases of archeology and ecology-- a quirky sort of kazillionaire who landed somewhere between donating a huge public library like Carnegie and making a huge rocket ship like Musk. yup some sort of philanthropic someone who would shake up what was suppose to awe us; thinking outside of what was expected and introducing us to urban projects that combine history, archeology. Redefining green spaces forward that would provide hints of engineering ( like installing French drain 5o collect runoff- or a prototype smaller wind turban for lighting area), urban kindness ( everyone enjoys shade) and architecture ( the whole shabang looks great)---- but kazillionaire urban innovators that would inspire young Minds in a quirky way, seem to be in short supply.
  5. Wow, I missed that from their presentation- I thought they were only using those big gadgets to stack cars.
  6. Listening to Mighty Equity developer, I was lead to believe the trees would be razed. New greenery would replace.
  7. I guess I must agree with Tennesse Williams characters : I find myself depending " On the kindness of strangers" but with a twist.......developers. particularly The future Developer and ( hopefully)future kindness towards the median at Westheimer/Elgin/Bagby- which falls outside of both Midtown, and Montrose TIRZ- so seems improvements must come from private entities. I don't know any kazillioaires, so I'm hopeful of a " green leaning" developer. so whoever .....whatever Developer purchases these lots at Rosalie and Bagby- As you begin the tear down- please consider trans planting, the shrubs from ROW and the huge plot of Cannas that flank the front doors of Ardith's...... transplant across the street at that patch of grass median? Surely that will generate positive PR. Positive PR surely would be of help to any developer.
  8. I might be crazy in this super hot weather suggesting transplanting trees but........... There are small trees alongside Stanford that could be give new life at median at Westheimer and Bagby. This would be a great neighborly gesture Might Equities could do for the neighborhood.
  9. Citizens Environmental Coalition remembers Hurricane Harvey Photo courtesy of National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service by Samantha Page CEC Newsletter Editor On the anniversary of Hurricane Harvey, we reflect on the tremendous impact this natural disaster had on the lives of millions and the environment. This catastrophic Category 4 storm made landfall on August 25, 2017, leaving a monumental mark on the Gulf Coast and serving as a saddening reminder of the power and unpredictability of hurricanes. Harvey unleashed its fury in the form of torrential rainfall and relentless flooding. The storm's stalled movement over the Houston metropolitan area exacerbated its impact, leading to flooding and displacing thousands of people from their homes. Harvey's record-breaking rainfall, with some areas receiving over 60 inches (152 centimeters) of rain, led to widespread flooding of homes, businesses, and critical infrastructure. The human toll was heartbreaking, with dozens of lives lost and countless others upended by the disaster. The financial cost of the damage reached an estimated $125 billion, making it one of the costliest natural disasters in U.S. history, second to Hurricane Katrina. The environmental consequences of Hurricane Harvey were far-reaching and continue to be felt years later. The flooding released pollutants into waterways and soil, posing risks to aquatic ecosystems and human health. The storm also disrupted oil refineries and chemical plants, leading to hazardous spills and releasing pollutants into the air. However, Harvey also highlighted the resilience of both nature and communities. Wetlands and coastal marshes, natural buffers against storms, absorbed some of the floodwaters, mitigating the overall impact. Additionally, communities came together in remarkable ways, demonstrating the strength of human spirit in times of crisis. The disaster prompted discussions on urban planning, flood mitigation strategies, and the importance of climate-resilient infrastructure. As we remember the anniversary of Hurricane Harvey, let it be a reminder of our shared vulnerability and the importance of collective action. By learning from the past, we can forge a more resilient and sustainable future for ourselves and the planet.
  10. Houston SPCA to host Clear the Shelters! The Houston SPCA will host the Clear the Shelters pet adoption event on their Campus for All Animals on Saturday, August 26 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Big Dog Days of Summer promotion makes VIPs (Very Important Pups) $10 and includes the entire adoption package. ´╗┐In addition to adoptable pets, the campus will host free activities, expert chats, live demonstrations and giveaways throughout the day.
  11. I talked with a few people after the meeting about the art project. I am not the only person who is cautious about the makeup of the HAA team...............all of them will bring forth their knowledge of what Montrose was- by reading about it- reading what someone else's viewpoint and impression was.................
  12. At the meeting tonight, the first segment of Montrose Blvd improvements were discussed- everything should be posted online- one of the Skanksa developers attended, identified the property at Montrose and Westheimer and stated his support of this project.
  13. Don't know if this belongs here but: here's a small piece of Avondale walking tour............I haven't seen an historic picture of this house.
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