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  1. Just received email from Neartown thatCouncilman Kamin found out most of the crew working on the park haBe been diagnosed with COVID. All work has been halted.
  2. I think I misspoke......apologies.....too much isolation...not enough tree type research....... it might be pin oaks I was thinking of.....that stubby tree used to replace most of the canopy trees that are removed? still, you bring up a good point about not Adequate ground for shade trees..... another thing buzz around in my head......staring ing into space...geez
  3. Love that parking in back will be embraced. Is it too much to ask for canopy type trees for shade? Seems everyone embraces the stubby live Oak. Seriously so many people give the yadayada on why Live Oaks are good choice. Surely in Montrose some “ thinking outside the box” alter.natives could be found.
  4. Sigh parking, parking parking........ never important to anyone but residents. Truth be told, the Residents have done everything in their power to make the subject of parking violation important. Those efforts were ignored by their representative on COH council Before and not much effort from current rep.. But the residents kept going. Wheeler street from Emancipation to LiveOak is permit parking only ditto Rosewood, Uhm, that could have been a thorn in the side of developers ,except HPD South Central and the parking Police NEVER enforce for permits.......oh my, I mean that I have never seen any enforcement in the 6+ years I have been observing, let aloneVerbalizing complaints at PIP meetings. Seeclickfix app and 311 have been inundated with complaints ( complete with pictures and follow up calls) but has anything changed. No. It’s hard not to be bitter alas it is a character building situation. BTW have you driven by parking lot of Dbar or Sparkles lately? Loads and loads of people.......no social distancing.
  5. All of this new construction in this area of lower Westheimer didn’t get a lot of love from local neighbors...... sometimes I wish a little bridge building would occur.....maybe a 15x15 community room on first floor...... that would have sliding doors to access theadditional open space of foyer....the $$$ spent wouldn’t bother developers....instead developers would throw in floor palms and coffee maker........neighbors would be charmed.....harmony would begin........... oh my— too many days in isolated quarantine , my imagination is running away with me..........🙃
  6. Walked over to view progress at The Montrose Collective and noticed the brick street on Crocker by Katz Deli is beginning to look more neglected than usual. Anyone know the history of this particular section of brick street? Some of bricks show markings of. BUFFALO BLOCK, GOFYVLE V IT B&T CO, OFY, THU RBRD......
  7. Working my way through the Brenè Brown talks on YouTube. one of my kids is a furloughed restaurant worker, who is lucky enough to get very donated posh food boxes each week that is shared with us. I cook and make single servings for take home( it is very rough going for the furloughed). So I have made and shared baked beets and white radishes with single bottle Cabernet with marjoram sauce, over a bed of freshly wilted Swiss chard and fresh pearl onions.......pretty good. This kid is vegan so no meat in the box but “from the farm” cheese, kale, apples and fresh made pasta were also in box as well as a tube of chocolate chip cookie dough......the culinary adventure continues.
  8. I have watched this church “ up close and personal” for a while now. Sometime in past, church was “ power washed” grievous results; this time “ hand washed” ......a miracle! It’s lovely to see the 100 year old facade returned to its lovely nature.
  9. I hope I didn’t mislead anyone or confuse anyone COH was always consistent using the term “ green space” as I-hope I have used that term. This is the term for that small median at intersection of Elgin, Westheimer and Bagby that Avondale Civic hopes to become stewards of. There is another small green space at Tuam, Fairview and Genesee. These small green spaces are all one could hope for as all the remaining land within Midtown and Montrose seems spoken for- sigh
  10. They are closed but the plywood is because robberies keep breaking their glAss windows and doors to gain entrance. Maybe 4 or5 times now over a couple of months.
  11. I got an email from an Avondaler ( who “just” found out that COH was trying to sneak in the closure of Bagby) asking me to sign the StopBagbyCloseure petition— I responded that the open meeting (hosted by Westmoreland Civic 6 weeks ago at MontroseCenter)on the 3 proposals was posted on Nextdoor and didn’t seem sneaky at all. Next day BikeHouston emailed a StoptheBrazosHighwayRamp-Buildapark petition. guess these proposals will prove a gentle way to deflect attention away from Coronavirus?
  12. Have you contacted your department of Neighborhood liaison? my info might be dated but the last time time I emailed the parking Dept I used Melonie.curry@houstontx.gov. And her boss derrick.williams@houstontx.gov
  13. Got my supplies ( 91% rubbing alcohol- Aloe Vera- lavender oil) and put together DIY hand sanitizer. Guess I’ll have to tweak the portions as it was a bit runny. Still somehow , that and all the hotel “gimme” mini soaps I unearthed from various junk drawers around gives me a bit of confidence as I hunker down to self quarantine.
  14. Yup I agree but In the car with toddler going out.....sometimes no soap and water available....of course I could carry jug of water and bar of soap but my mind keeps playing Murphy’s Law over and over....... 😞
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