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  1. I drive by each day, and will try to post any changes if there are any.
  2. “ tend to build near other bars because it makes economic sense and alcohol sales are extremely profitable as the margins are very high” Did Sparkes obtain a liquor license? When community questioned the content of the Daiquiris, the reply was “ no alcohol in daiquiris.”
  3. In reality not much happening. Savoy is part of the current business name. So guess the current business owner will be part of new project. Excuse me while I step upon my soapbox........... I (along with other nearby homeowners)used to worry about parking?But have seen first hand that no matter how much those patrons park next to a stop sign, park on the bend of a street corner or next to a fire hydrant or on the sidewalk or right of way——-nothing happens. Really nada, I have heard a spokesman of the parking department deny seeing any parking complaints against either 4401 or 4402( this business gets opened periodically for BBQ gatherings)in 2019. This was a bitter pill for me to swallow as I must have wasted all my time lodging 20+ complaints , along with accompanying pictures in the past 24 months—— maybe nothing extraordinary accept that I live outside of Houston for 6 months out of the year. Plus I do more than my share of whining at the monthly Southcentral PIP. How 4401 and 4402 made arrangements for their patrons to park with impunity is beyond me. The residents disgust with both those locations is at the same level.
  4. I tried it last week- food okay but a bit pricey. Really the only downside was walking in and observing staff munching down at front tables with food from McDonald’s. thought that s3nt a mixed message to first time diners.
  5. Ellen Cohen is the sponsor of this Town hall along with developers of 812 Westheimer. Q&A about parking, relocation of Freed Library, HPD storefront as well as actual proposed building. Upstairs at Jerbek Building at St Thomas. In Scanlan room- Thursday September 26 —-5:50 pm parking entrance on Graustark
  6. I know Metro has presented its power point a kazillion times with dozens of different reps but this gathering is with the Metro Board of Directors. upstairs at The Montrose Center, 6:40 pm September 24
  7. I know quite a few people who own homes on south side of Avondale blvd where there is an alley— not much talk about the advantages of that route to their garages. But there is a lot of grousing over criminal mischief in the alley and vagrants setting up camps there. I’m not sure why the rest of Avondale wasn’t platted to have alleys in 1907, plus I wonder why Avondale blvd wasn’t platted for a median like Lovett blvd. Why were some of the street names changed? it’s hard to get into the mind set of developers in 1907. Still today parking is a HUGE point of contention within Avondale. The HPD parking officer must carry a windup measuring tool as tickets are not only given if you are less than 18 inches from curb but also if you are less than 15 feet from stop sign. . Towing occurrences were so numerous a contract from COH was issued to a particular tow company to prevent the kazillion other tow trucks from idling in Avondale waiting for their prey. none of this was a big secret......so the owners of the wine bar should have been aware and should have alerted staff. Getting a towed vehicle back is a big chunk of a waitress salary.
  8. At most of the neighborhood meetings, this park is always spoken about as being “ already have100%money needed” “ready” “green lighted” etc just need to approve contractor contract by COH—- weeks and months of this talk, no one could figure out the hold up..... but then I heard a few neighbors grumbling and now I might have a bit of insight into the delay. TheMayors office sets the agenda. Somehow theMayor is very busy and caught up in campaigning, suddenly it’s difficult to get new items on the agenda. This seems plausible but it’s hard to believe it would actually be true. If true, I’m sad.
  9. I noticed there isn’t enough parking lot for employees.Someone must have told them to park in neighborhood. Unfortunately, didn’t warn them to not park too close to stop signs or fire hydrants........neighbors are fairly predictable to call tow trucks for that. I think it might have been a character building experience for a few waitstaff.
  10. If Random does follow the details of this thread ........Maybe Random will send a rep to Avondale’s big National Night out event Oct 1 upstairs at The Eagle.Lots of Avondale should be there.
  11. Guess Ellen Cohen is up for hosting an "Everything you've always wanted to know but were afraid to ask" Town Hall about this bit of Development in MOntrose. Thursday September 26 Scanlan Room 2nd floorJerabeck Athletic center St Thomas 6-7:30pm about that authority question concerning Neartown or Montrose TIRZ-- I haven't a clue
  12. Oh— it’s on opposite side of the street Glad Ryan Hildebrandt is coming.
  13. Wow Isn’t that the same address as current HPD storefront? this will be a big topic of discussion at upcoming Texas National Night Out next month.
  14. Hmmm Random hasn’t approached Avondale—It has been my experience that developers go to Neartown first. Now I suppose approaching the Montrose TIRZ will become the norm. I try very hard to attend every Neartown and as many TIRZ as possible— so when I explain I am puzzled most likely the TIRZ I attended had discussion on parking structures plus underground parking from this developer. But you are correct in advising me that a final plan hasn’t be presented yet. Btw when those pictures were taken along Grant and California streets, were the large trees along Grant still marked with pink spray paint dots? My worry over the tree canopy disappearing is intense.
  15. I'm puzzled that there are no parking structures included. At the Montrose TIRZ a request was made about sharing cost (additional spaces for public use) of building parking structure, then finding a way to charge and recoup that cost.
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