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  1. I’m excited to hear this. when I first started attending Neartown…….2008? That Neartown President was also part of a coalition (with various developers and realtors who went on to take up seats on MMD)to improve Montrose Blvd from Allen parkway to Mecom fountain. The idea was a series of widened medians capable of having a pathway, plus lots of greenery and even public art. The goal was of course to give pedestrians crossing over Montrose a safe midway point to protect from oncoming traffic but also to improve that stretch to attract businesses. maybe this is a case of what goes around comes around……….. There was someone who told the story ( then) of huge palm trees planted on an esplanade down Montrose Blvd ( brought by train flatbed in 1911) from Westheimer to Richmond. Those palm trees were cut down when that section of Montrose Blvd was widened and improved.The residents were assured that new palm trees would be replanted—- that never happened. Still during all the talks from that time in 2008- replanting palm trees was discussed over and over……….
  2. from an email I received The annual Bird Week was started in 2019 by Houston Audubon’s inaugural Young Professionals Advisory Council to commemorate the organization’s 50th birthday. Bird Week is "a celebration of the important role Houston plays in the journey of billions of migratory birds and the everyday lives of our resident birds. In addition to Houston's vital location along the Gulf of Mexico, the growing popularity of planting native plants, restoring prairies, bird-friendly education programs, and Houston's Lights Out for Birds program were among the many efforts and programs that gained Houston the Bird City designation in 2020." This year's activities kick off with a Beer Launch Party on at Bakfish Brewing Co. in Pearland. The week includes a host of events around the region, including bird surveys, bird walks, activities that combine birding with biking and boating, volunteer beach and park clean-ups, trivia contests, photography classes and photo shoots, happy hours, chats by partnering organizations, a night of stories, bingo games, and many more. Many of the events are family-friendly. Find the full listing of events at houstonaudubon.org.
  3. No other info— I was talking to staff during Steak Night yesterday. The email from hospitality group said developers at Dunlevy and Dallas provided opportunity to build Georgia a james from ground up.What exactly does that mean? The Mon5rose Collective is just one block away………..is there no opportunity there to replace Hay Merchant?
  4. So Chris Shepherd is moving, Georgia James, Hay Merchant his others from their Current locations. Higher rent was problem a big factor. it’s so puzzling……. Businesses that barely made it during pandemic can’t afford higher rent. Land owners, who probably felt a huge blow from the pandemic, want to make back their money. But still, losing good businesses in your neighborhood is awful. not sure there is an answer but hard to watch this process.
  5. Margaret Wallace Brown (COH panning Dept) was one of the speakers at last nights Neartown/Montrose zoom meeting I think I got distracted “arbitrating” a cat and Puppy dispute happening at my feet…..but She was explaining that garage rentals ( she pointed out that most of Montrose was “grandfathered” in) on new build would be allowed again by COH as part of the proposals for enrtry level housing options. I didn’t get to find the ‘ raise hand’ option to ask questions……….………. ………….the cat/puppy arbitration was a no-go and I had to leave the room…..still I thought that was an interesting piece of information.
  6. This building was presented to me an past Artist “ commune” of sorts…when I asked about it 15 years ago……. Last occupied maybe 40-50 years ago? A lot of artists would use the small apartments for studios as well as living space…sometimes hosting “starving artists sales” on same weekend. The land owner was always a mysterious conversation— I asked Bob Novotney (Texas Junk Co) about the building but didn’t get much info. Maybe I asked the barista at Ecllesia coefficient shop when it was in that church. im curious now about any back story that explains why it took so long to rehab this building.
  7. I saw this address listed in Permit report. I’ve watched this falling down structure with the vines sprouting out the roof for almost 20 years. Neighborhood gossip said there wasn’t a clear title and the elderly gentleman occupying house didn’t seem interested in obtaining a clear title for any heirs. there have been several estate sales held 8n last couple of years.. The women I talked to at one sale, identified herself as home owner daughter……….I’m semi skeptical🤔 — In 2019 I wasn’t much interested in inventory, seemed fairly similar to other sales around here. However, after I left I texted a dozen or so neighbors to go over and look at the walls and windows, doors, stairs…..just about everything inside. The inside of the house had no wall board, you could see exactly how the entire thing was put together, all the joints, huge beams, nails, pegs etc.The stained glass windows had been boarded from outside and were as fine as anything on Avondale Blvd. The baluster and stairs seemed almost hanD carved……..Looking at everything was like an architectural window into how houses were put together in early 1900’s. Seeing the inside made you forget what a dump the outside was. It will be very sad when this house is torn down.
  8. Special Meeting Requirements: Due to the COVID-19, we will hold this special meeting on Monday, August 9th, 2021, at 5:30 p.m., via Zoom. There are specific registration steps that must be taken before joining the meeting. Click the button below to register for the meeting link. These are open meetings— there is always Q&A—-this is an opportunity to ask
  9. I was curious about those knitted sleeves for stop signs you used to see or the occasional painted manhole cover that looks like a pocket watch. my interest is more in the product of just your average citizen decision to try out artistic prowess and apologize later rather than ask permission first. Do those “average/citizen/painters get much blow back from COH? Not really wondering about graffiti artists………other kinds of public art……..painted up gas meters or storm drains or sidewalks etc. There was a lovely artistic painting of hibiscus on a wooden telephone pole on Fairview street a few years back. I’ve seen old fashioned mounted phone booths, whimsically painted up in Europe. I’ve visited painted stairways on West coast. In NYC, it seems ubiquitous knee high metal poles get painted a lot— most of them in a comic way. Is there any of that in Montrose?
  10. I found out the clubs name was “Attica”…… ring any bells?
  11. About Waugh improvements….. I haven’t gotten to zoom MontroseTIRZ is a while…but if I remember correctly.. Waugh and Commonwealth beginning at Westheimer ( at least that is what I remember)will have bike lanes, with signage and “ protection” I think that means those footballshaped road bumps. TIRZ monies we’re to be used with other funding. Improvement to existing sidewalks will take place at same time. BTW evenif I got it wrong about Fireworks costs.. there seems to be plenty of COH quirky/weird money spent ( advisory committees by independent companies)that would have a better use to fund street improvements ( upper Westheimer being one) Lastly really, what is the reason Upper and lower Westheimer projects can’t be broken apart? I have asked and asked— I thought I knew some of the council members long enough and close enough that maybe, I’d get a candid answer——-NOPE! Same ole same ole answer.
  12. I just found out some “posh” firm has been hired by ZcOH (350k I think) to “ look into walkability” and make suggestions. geez would that kind of $$$ been enough for a few blocks Renovation on Upper Westheimer? In fact wouldn’t the cost of the fireworks display have renovated Upper Westheimer to Hazard…maybe further? ugh— so maybe this is a darker side of $$$ search….put a moratorium on non essential funding. Is it Pie-in-the sky to actually consider the improvement of Montrose $#@! Streets in Upper Westheimer be a better benefit that fireworks……? Sigh
  13. The Renovation of Lower Westheimer from to Main to Montrose was 100% funded before Harvey. 100%! Somehow upperWestheimer ( Montrose to Shepherd) was attached to the project …….now both are partially funded. No transparency on why that was done, nor any explanation given. soooooooo why not breakup the projects and begin lower Westheimer, while looking for funding for upper Westheimer? I guess that’s the question…..is the 100% funding for Lower Westheimer still there?
  14. I viewed this process as simply a resident of Montrose. The Churches journey seemed an Arduous and perhaps painful process. After 18 years of observing the amount of commendable community service this church had provided for Montrose………I was somewhat gobsmacked ( technical term used by women of a certain age.) at how it all played out.
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