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  1. Oh my thr 3 closest houses on east side of Crocker were purchased by Baba yoga owners this year.
  2. The "M" monument at Elgin & Bagby

    COH/PWE probably will begin construction West of the triangle as the handicapped access have already been installed. But maybe you’ correct— only a bus stop is proposed for the triangles far as I know.
  3. 3015 Bagby St. - More Midtown Infill

    Oh sorry but I’ve walked and driven past a few days now and it hasn’topened
  4. The "M" monument at Elgin & Bagby

    I saw after the street repairs ( Westheimer/Elgin- Bagby) the small triangular island where the “M” statue was taken down has been cemented over. What happened to plans for new art piece for that location?
  5. 3015 Bagby St. - More Midtown Infill

    Did Sterling House closedown permanately?
  6. New park/green space 424 Westheimer

    Got an email that should give some more background Brandon Wolf, the author of this article was in attendance at last nights meeting to update his article:
  7. Seattle bans plastic straws

    I was up in Manhattan a few weeks and noticed that most of the upscale “ Green” foodie or juice places didn’t automatically give you a straw with your had to request one. I’m wondering if banning plastic straws is perhaps a slow moving thing.
  8. New park/green space 424 Westheimer

    Finally COH parks dept will give update on this little pocket park. Tuesday Nov 27—7pm Cherryhurst Community Center 1700 Missiouri
  9. I saw this headline on page one today. Trying to wrap my head around many stories.
  10. Buffalo Bayou Master Plan ordinance.....because toddlers on self propelled scooters are such a nuisance....?
  11. Buffalo Bayou Master Plan

    I have always wondered why toddlers and small children are banned from using their foot propelled scooters.
  12. 1002 Westheimer

    I agree When pointed out to COH ( in one of these meetings) that a variance would have to be requested by the developer to PUT the structures next to sidewalk for a more walkable lower Westheimer———quickly you are told COH ( or whatever their PR is called) approach ALL developers to apprise them of Houston’s goals of walkability. Huh? Yes developers are told all that; so their development will “meld with the walkability plans of lower Westheimer renovation. All this was in last 3 years...........still no action to put ordinances in place that would dictate placement along lower Westheimer.
  13. 1002 Westheimer

    I guess after viewing this photo I will issue a shuttering sigh....... After all those COH planning meetings where I was told that building to the sidewalk and having parking in the back would be the new “de rigueur” for all new development in lower Westheimer.............not.
  14. Midland, Texas Boom

    Living 18 years in Midland, Texas has taught both boom and bust there; are character building experiences.
  15. Wasn’t the vote postponed?