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  1. About Crocker street East side of Crocker is not protected by Historic designation. IMO or perhaps In my wildest dreams Each of thosehouses would be offered for sale at $1.00 The buyer would have to move them of course. I think there is another thread .....HPD storefront is closing Iposted how space would be saved for a library, perhaps even a small HPD space. But the Greek restaurant still has a few years on its lease. one thing no one mentions is saving the historic brickstreet where Crocker meets Westheimer.
  2. If you parked on that dirt parking lot- take a last look at the historic houses along 2600 block on Crocker- those are not part of Avondale west Historic district- I have been told have each been purchased for demolitio.
  3. A kindred spirit! I take my grandchildren walking along Avondale blvd under that huge tree canopy and we daydream about those old houses and what story each house could tell.I love my neighborhood then.
  4. Maybe my perception of parking ( or lack of it) being on the lowest rung of importance is flawed. I should have used IMO. Still-the majority of meetings I attend where parking questions come up- there is usually a big hurry to get on to other priorities.
  5. I’m sure what you say is true however In a City like Houston with population growing ( more cars) parking seems to be dead last to be considered—- puzzles me.
  6. I think most of what Greg Marshall presented to Neartown has been posted above. with the exception of parking. I hadn’ t Realized it was a slippery subject as opposed to sticky subject; which most close by homeowners view it. When asked about parking in general and a potential parking garage Mr Marshall talked a lot about Market based parking when asked what would happen if developers didn’t feel need to provide parking Mr Marshall cited all the surface lots available but when pushed to have an alternative if developers didn’t provide enough parking.....He changed the subject.
  7. I got an email update on Market Based Parking in Midtown from midtown Superneighborhood president ”The City has agreed to compromise with the MSN and they have offered to exclude market-based parking from the highly-residential area East of San Jacinto. See the attached map. I have responded that I would like to make sure that parking for other residents in Midtown is provided for since there is a shortage of residential parking in other areas of Midtown (2016 Main, Brazos and Tuam. As far as businesses are concerned, I believe that their customers are taken care of with the two parking garages on Main (MATCH and Midtown Park Garage).”
  8. Sigh guess I will have to take that building in 3700 Fannin off my list— looks like a club of some sort is opening.......
  9. Hmmmm. Guess I was thinking to post in Montrose since Neartown business ( stuff that benefits Montrose residents to be made aware of)is also a big part of the agenda.
  10. I started topic to see if perhaps a RODEO Rodeo Museum might be in the works.....seems like RodeoHouston seems to have beaucoup money and influence to get a museum started. One has to wonder where all the fancy belt buckles and saddles go when those who won them have tired of them. Plus,a museum that doubles as a tourist attraction would seem a PR machine in perpetuity. On the more more shallow side, residents of many years ( like moi) who have lots of family come ( who expect to be shown Houston’s cultural side as well as entertainment side) that family sometimes gets bored (remember I prefaced by using the word shallow. ) by being shown same museums year after year-sigh Then of course a Rodeo museum might be opportunity to save an historic building........perhaps such as building in the 3700 block of Fannin....always being renovated but never really being used. Or if I were thinking big theKirby Mansion would have made a lovely museum of any sort.
  11. The next Neartown/Montrose Super Neighborhood meeting ( 6/25/19 at Cherryhurst Community center) might be of interest to you. Neartown represents the 18 Neighborhood Associations that make up the greater Montrose area. A short article from the Houston Business Journal on the ION Project: https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2019/01/30/midtown-sears-building-s-transformation-into.html Greg Marshall of Rice University will speak on ION progress —7 pm. Open meeting
  12. IMO There are a kazillion restaurants in this area, it’s great and all for varietyetcetcetc but taking a gander at that newly laid sidewalk is the STANDOUT, most of the sidewalk within Avondale area abysmal. Now you can walk to a nice restaurant without stumbling on crap sidewalks.
  13. I did google Rodeo museum in Houston but I think only Cowboy museum on Almeda rd came close.
  14. I meant to write there was speculation Indika’s was closing
  15. I am bummed at the prospect of half price books leaving. it gets worse for me as the talk at a wine tasting recently was speculation that India’s was moving away- sigh
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