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  1. My how things change in a short period of time. Our move has been delayed so we won't be officially heading that way until the new year. But we did have a chance to visit, see a lot of neighborhoods, and get lots of information. Obviously by now most know that Lakes at Gleannloch is in fact part of the neighborhood. I had a chance to view all of Gleannloch including this section. Unfortunately, Lakes is very disappointing. These homes have nothing special about them except they are newly built. Mid-level builders, average quality, awful lot choices, terribly overpriced, and salesmanship was below expectations. My suggestion if your interested in Gleannloch is to find a slightly used home in one of the back sections. They are the identical type homes and can be had for much cheaper...some with pools. And there were some with golf course view for less than these wallet-suckers in the Lakes. Also, Spring Cypress is going to become 6 lanes once the new high school is built...going to become very loud in the Lakes. My thoughts are that there are plenty of better choices in the Northwest region.
  2. Creekdweller, Thanks for the information. My children are 9, 7, & 5. Class size is important but I would rather my children be in a school that is grounded in a worldview that mirrors what I am teaching them at home. Education is also important but I feel there are much more important things in life for my children to learn; especially when I am establishing a foundation that everything else in their lives will be built upon. It seems there are many choices for the lower grades but very few for upper, especially high school. I keep hearing very nice things about Trinity Lutheran.
  3. A friend that lives in Gleannloch Farms stopped by this weekend and picked up some information. Then she drove the 3 streets (yes, only 3 streets) early this morning. She mentioned that these homes were like those being built in the Dove Manor section of Gleannloch Farms (Newmark as Concord mentioned). She said that some of the lots were odd shaped and would leave very little yard. The backyards of other lots backed up to townhomes looking directly down into your yard. While lots on the opposite side backed up to acreage that was up for sale (commercial property she believes). Basically, in her opinion, IF (and it was a big IF for her) you wanted to buy in this section you better hurry. There were very few decent lots at the end of the cul-de-sacs and very few that backed up to the center pond. She said for the money you could get twice the home in places called Memorial Northwest and Champions. And that if you stepped up a little more you could buy in a place called Rock Creek.
  4. I'm not naive enough to think problems only exist at public schools but your statement is just one of many reasons why I asked about Private Schools. And it just continues to add to the "reputation" KISD is gaining, which is not a good thing from my vantage point.
  5. It would appear this new neighborhood is part of Gleannloch Farms. Can somebody that lives in that area tell me if this is true. Or is this another neighborhood piggy-backing the Gleannloch name? Also, if anyone has a chance to drive by I'd love an opinion and/or comparison to other neighborhoods around there. I won't have time to see anything for at least a few weeks. Thanks.
  6. My family does not live in the area yet, but I cannot tell you how many times we've heard these types of comments concerning KISD. And I've been shocked at the amount of negative comments about the school board. Don't get me wrong...you never make a decision based on somebody elses experiences or hurt feelings, but it does raise red flags.
  7. Hi. We will be moving to the Willowbrook/Tomball area before the next school year (not exactly sure where yet). I've learned a lot about the Public Schools in the area. Now I'm interested in finding out about the Private Schools. Does anyone have thoughts, suggestions, and/or opinions? Thank you.
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