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  1. Before Midtown was called Midtown Holy Rosary was considered a Downtown parish. They have a latin.english Mass at 9:30 AM on Sundays.
  2. A friend of mine is convinced that there once was a Sears on Harrisburg. is he right?
  3. There are so many in downtown that have been several buildingsOne torn down to make way for another and then another and now vacant lots.
  4. I have a feeling that the next mayor could be a real hard rear when it comes to the homeless. It seems to run in cycles.
  5. There is one at the corner of Louisiana and West Gray hidden by a shrub and behind a fence.
  6. I played High Schhol Baseball in the late 70's and the team alwys enoyed it when we played teh west side hisd schools because we got to eat a Romano's cafateria.
  7. I like the GRB. It is not a bad looking building and a good place to attend a convention. I have been to Republican state conventions in San Antonio, Fort Worth, Dallas and here and Houston and thsi is the easiest to get around between main hall and cacus rooms.
  8. Del Taco is a franchisee run now much like Pizza Inn. It would take someone willing to but the product fromm DT.
  9. Del Taco expanded too fast and almost went bankrupt. They are coming back but at a slower rate.
  10. My friend's brother actualy is buying the house. It is in great shape. A expert tile man built the gem I am talking about.
  11. I was in the area last night watching the All-Star game with a friend. It was an experience getting to his car in the dark without falling down. All in all I liked many of the houses that I saw.
  12. I have found the vast majority of the homless bother noone but the bad ones are so in your face they ruin it for the good ones. If the bad ones would be honest and say they want money for booze, drugs or smokes I would like it better. I know homeless poeple who go abouth their day eating free meals. taking free showers and sleeping in shelters or on the street. The ones I just mentioned have never asked me for money and I never seen them asking for money.
  13. Charismatics are real Catholics. Pope John Paul The Great and Pope benedict have both stated this. Most Charismatic Catholics I know are more prone to not be cafeteria Catholics.
  14. Doe's Anyone remeber the name of a Middle Eastern deli that was located on West Alabama nect to teh Stop and Go that was torn down to make way for the Annuncation Orthodox School gym. I think it may have been Micheal's. The food was good there. I could walk from my UST dorm to it in two minuets.
  15. i have no problem with one nice cross or maybe a statue of Christ like many of the great cities of the world have. My peoblem is that many of the mega churchs have coffee houses and popcorn and theatre seating. As mentioned by an earler post there is a lack of social programs at many of these hugh churchs. Having saqid that I know several people who attend the mega churchs who do good works on theit own. Houston as mo9re help for the homeless, near homless, unemployed and underempoyed then many other cities.. As a Catholic I can point out to Magnificat House, Isiah House, Catholic Charities, Matha's Kitchen, Fishes and Loaves, and several fod banks. The Episcapalians have brakfast at Palmer Memoria, and Lord Of the Streets offer help.
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