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  1. I'm thinking to be wary of 'Airprowing' aka 'APW'. Major insults/fighting over similar issue on another local comments/blog. And possible ulterior motive/dishonesty.
  2. Is there any equivalent to the Sugar Land area's Aliana development or Telfair development planned for Katy or already in the works? Something not quite as large as Cinco Ranch, but the same master-planned feel on a smaller scale? So like this: First Colony (Sugar Land) = Cinco Ranch (Katy) Aliana (Richmond/Sugar Land) = ?? what in Katy Telfar (Sugar Land) = ?? Get me on the right track please!
  3. Never heard of it. FM 359? OK, looked this up. Shouldn't this be in the Sugar Land forum?
  4. Thank you so much for this rendering of the site plan. I can't find it on the Aliana website! They really should include it. With all the choices to live in Houston, why would someone pay inflated prices for a 70's house with low ceilings, non-open floor plan, needing new windows and a huge amount of other work to live in a suburb that thinks it's not a suburb .... western-memorial? And no amenitities or sidewalks to boot. And no zoning so the main arteries all look like a mess. And people with attitudes who always have some comment about the other suburbs. So, different strokes for di
  5. Whoa. Glad I found this thread as I've been researching Pearland some. Now over a year later, they are still taking votes. Watch out for these. Two high profile ones right now in other areas. The developers of these low income places basically get huge tax breaks for building crap places that kill the neighborhood. It's completely illogical. Hey where did you hear Nano World is dead? Do you have a link or something? I wouldn't be surprised in the least actually.
  6. Easy enough to say while you sit in your 4,000 sqare foot Memorial home that's paid off, drive to your other paid off vacation home in your Porche and would be able to afford to use private schools (maybe already do). Those of us who are actually middle class not only have to pay for the poor and the rich in this country these days, but we get critized for wanting to live in peace in an area with good schools (because we can't afford private) and are made to feel "non politically correct" for protesting when the government wants to use our tax dollars against us to come in and change that. RO
  7. Thanks Topaz for your response. In this market you'd think we'd be able to find a great deal, but I'm finding out there's just not much inventory at all. That's a lot of the problem I think.
  8. Never heard that name before except for some place in England I think. I'll see if I can find it... Will this place have a Sugar Land address or a Richmond address? Looks like it's right on the border. No one cares about the prison/prison fields. I don't know why the Memorial folks always have to bring it up. Just look at the home prices and demand in Telfair, New Territory and others nearby and it's obviously not hurting them. The prisons are all moving anyway, the one next to Sugar Land Regional Airport is on it's way out as we speak. No one could anticipate the growth of Houston/Sugar Land
  9. It's not canceled. The developer is still trying to get the state's money to build it. I think it's a trick to throw people off. A dirty trick at that. How do I know? Because I see the big "United77498.org" anti-Goldshire signs along some of the boulevards and have overheard conversations on the hoopla it's caused. Heck, I was over in Lake Olympia (Missouri City) the other day and there was a lady complaining about Goldshire and their foolishness going on in Sugar Land.
  10. Aliana is one of several communities we have been looking at as well. I love the design plan. The rec center is amazing! The main thing holding us back is that there is not yet a school built in the community (not sure when this will happen, it's up to FBISD) and so it's zoned all over the place depending on your street. About two months ago, I asked a real estate agent friend what's going on up there. I was told it is NOT TRUE that any builders were pulling out. That it was just a rumor. Now this was a few months ago. If you think something has changed, I suggest you find hard evidence becaus
  11. Maybe we will look again. But maybe someone can enlighten me on this - I have heard more than once that Sugar Land doesn't care as much about its areas north of Hwy 90A. Like these areas aren't considered really Sugar Land. Or something like that. What does this mean? This sounds great, but from our history of looking I'd be really surprised to see a list price of less than $350k on that house. Unless there's some problem with it or otherwise to make it listed lower than what else I've seen similar. Okay, a couple of answers here. I do really like Brightwater. But there was talk around the
  12. I'd actually prefer to NOT have my kids at the best high school, because I think it will make it harder for them to get into public college that way. But, I'd like a better than average school. The reason I liked the Clements zone is because I just like the subdivisions and area around there, rather than the school itself. But my kids are very young. Right now, I mostly care about the elementary and middle school. Those don't need to be the best either, just above average. We are finding Sugar Land a frustrating market if you have a larger than average family, don't want to do tons of remodel
  13. You know I had see this one recently on HAR. You're on the right track. The problem I have is that when I look up Sugar Mill, the average sq ft in that subdivision is about 2400. We need 3000+ sq ft. We've already been the "biggest home in the subdivision" in the past, and don't want to do that again. I'd like to be in the middle or toward the bottom this time. It's a nice house with some great upgrades, but I'd probably want to change the carpets to hardwoods or tile, and with the home already being large compared to the others in Sugar Mill I'd probably "price out" of the subdivision doing
  14. We have a larger than average family so that limits our search because we really need 3 full baths. Also prefer a larger than 2-car garage (like 2.5 or 3 car). Here's where we've already looked: - First Colony (see my other posts about low inventory and way high prices in the Clements zone). Many of the homes needed tons of updating. Not looking to do that with toddlers running around the house. We found a few places off Dulles last summer but they went so fast we never got a chance to put an offer. We were worried about looking in Brightwater and surrounding area in Missouri City because app
  15. Like I had said, we tried, but no luck. I think there's even less inventory today as compared to when we started looking last spring. Maybe when some of these empty-nesters start moving out, there will be more inventory of the larger homes and prices will correct a bit.
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