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  1. Is that place open to the public? I would love to walk inside and just look around.
  2. Yep, pretty much the same topic. Can these be merged, please?
  3. I pass this building daily and haven't seen anything going on. They removed 1 small strip, then stopped. It looks to be in such bad shape - I would be shocked if it were turned into a hotel. I wish that were the case, because it was once a beautiful building, but it looks baaaaad. Also, there is a small narrow old building next to it. It's closed off to the public, and when you walk in front of the old doors, the smell would knock you over. Anyone know what that once was?
  4. I went to Stovall, and we were not all ghetto. Funny thing is we thought the same thing about Grantham
  5. I went to Aldine int he 90s, and the girls room had doors
  6. These are the best photos I've seen in a long time - thank you so much for sharing! I hope you don't mind me asking, but what type of camera did you use? I'm in the market for a new one.
  7. There is a Maggie Rita's in the tunnel (Downtown Houston) and it is no bueno. An inch of grease sitting on top of my food is no good.
  8. It's a long story. Check out the latest Houston Press for the story...Trae is on the cover. [.
  9. Isn't this possible walmart location still a rumor??
  10. Thanks for this info! I've seen that first house in Spring from the outside many times and always loved it. There are some neat homes around that area (45/Cypresswood) in North Hill Estates and Enchanted Oaks. Lots of character in those neighborhoods!
  11. Ok, this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay late, but I haven't read any posts in a few weeks. Anyway, the manager of the hotel across the street from Main Place told me that Banana Republic is rumored to be street-level retail. I'll believe it when I see it!
  12. Thanks for posting this! I hope the brick-paved streets of Freedmen's Town survive.
  13. Is the Dillard's still open? I know it's an outlet Dillard's, but anytime I have ever passed the mall (day or night), it looks closed.
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