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  1. I'm looking for a nice size scan of the Astroworl logo from the 60s - the one with the beach ball looking orbs (I believe) under the letters. Thanks in advance for this and I hope this thread is in the right section.
  2. I was 15 stuck on the freeway with my mom, grandmother, uncle and girlfriend. We had went to Austin and coming home we got blocked on the 45 pretty close to the action. i later dated a girl who sang in the choir that night and she said her and her friends were looking out in the sea of people and they couldn't find one face that wasn't smiling. All the choir were crying as they sang because she said the performance went to something spiritual for them. Wish they would do something like this again.
  3. Strawberry park in Pasadena still has one of those Rocketship slides to this day
  4. We used to get music shirts from H&H music that said stuff like HAMMER GUITARS and D-DRUMS, we couldn't play a single note but the girls didn't know that. Parachute pants and Go Round are still things tied together in my mind and Chess King always reminds me of Michael Jackson's Jackets.
  5. I seem to remember a case involving a Guardian Angel mugging a guy as well.
  6. I remember the rumors as to WHY they wanted to off everyone were all over the place -- one was that their leader Papa Smurf was killed and they wanted revenge against the community
  7. I went to Park View in Pasadena and spent part of my 8th grade at Stovall in Houston and I remember the whole thing. People were actually scared about going to school because this gang was supposed to show up and kill kids and teachers. A friend of mine brought a knife and hid it in his bike in case the Smurfs tried to grab him while he made his escape. It's pretty funny now.
  8. Lots of great memories of driving up and down this street honking at girls (sometimes hooking up), smoking, drinking and getting pulled over by the police. I really wish the old street had lived longer - I miss those days. Anyone have any pics of the old strip packed with crusiers?
  9. OMG - You totally knocked the cobwebs off my brain. Now you have we wondering what else I remember wrong.
  10. Hey - that's across from Uncle Mary's Biker Bar
  11. I loved this place in the late seventies because there as a toy store there called "Brown's Toy Store" and they would get the new Star Wars figures in faster than any other store in Houston. I would call them a soon as the commercial for a new toy hit and they would have it in their store already. I used to call around to Toys R Us because we would have to haul ourselves all the way from Pasadena to Bel Air, but no one else would have them yet. Great memories
  12. The place I remember might have had more specialty items - kinda like a upscale Spencer's gifts - I was 10 or 11 the last time I went. The only thing I ever focused on was the Japanese toys.
  13. Okay, this is a big request but I'm hoping someone knows. My mother used to work at Methodist Hospital back from 75 - 87 and when I would go visit her she would walk me across the street to the little string of shops to a toy store. This place was small but was loaded with Japanese Toys that no other store in the city sold. Lots of small box robot toys and stuff that were expensive but cool. They also sold buttons (I still have my Twilight Zone one). I loved this place. Now there are buildings between the hospital and the place where the store once was - not even sure the strip is there. Anyone know the place I'm remembering
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