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    I've moved 40+ times between 18 diff places on 4 continents. Old forumers know me. BA in Geography (tract City Planning) Univ. of Texas, MPublicAdmin, Univ of Oklahoma (done 03). Drop me a note and we will have and swap war stories! INterests-History, Travel, Flying, LONGHORN SPORTS, Texas, Belize, Numismatics, Houston, and my cutie Sicilian fiance'. AND Why did LTAWACS steal my old name from SSC?
  1. Hola, I'll be moving back to Houston and buying a house in the next couple of months and I am looking near Greenway plaza. What's the words from the insiders here about the market in that area? I haven't driven it since January. Are more midtown/4th ward townhomes/condos going up. Are any of the classics oldies still around for sale? I haven't found much on the market in this area recently. thanks. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Not all pilots are alcoholics, we don't go to meetings
  2. Economics say you really want to host. As a sports fan I would love for the Texans to win one, but hosting is the best for the city of Houston. How about the best of both worlds, first time ever home team win in the superbowl Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Seven Continents Down, None to Go
  3. I just turned the big 30 26 Nov 75 Thankfully the Anthrax is no longer mandatory. Shot #2 tore me up for some reason. I think it gave me more grey hair LOL Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Watching you from 30,00o feet
  4. Ninfa's on Navigation is a place to try! As for the "ward" thing, they are not all bad. One of my properties in the fourth ward, and I rent to a lawyer (as are 4 others on the block). Don't fear the "Ward" Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Dutch girls are easy
  5. Is that a good or a bad thing (note I would say the same about Houston or anywhere else the way Trump is going these days...) Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, A Houston tradition since 1975
  6. True but the loads did not justify using the planes. They were freed up for the new Denver and Philly service. Hobby is working better for fleet utilisation (like I noted in #48) Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, I'm your huckleberry
  7. But again, very simple here, the construction for all of Terminal A is not finished, period dot, why is that so hard for you to understand. No you were talking about ops, not gates. Go re-read your posts. Obviously, other than a few rare examples, jetway gates do not come out of the ground (there are some rare examples). All of Atlanta's airside ops (on the terminals east of "T") are in basements, something you had issues understanding for multiple posts. Now all of sudden you are an expert on the goings on underneath the airport and airside? LOL And as I noted from my first posts, Terminal B is to be redesigned as well, BUT it is not happening yet, and the plan (as Terminal As did, and at most airports) is being reworked as we speak. I never said Terminal B would not eventually be redone. I am well aware of the master plan, I helped with Trans plats for it when I interned with the city in 97. You asked many times, in various posts about Terminal A, and my comments about it and its underground construction and reformation. Again, Re-read your posts. No you have just asked what it means for three posts-so if you don't what it means, you still know it happens? You ignored them because you asked questions about them, I answered, and they were not the answers you wanted to hear. nothing was tangential when you asked a direct question about it-nice try. So let us see, the paragraph before you didn't care about Terminal A, but in this one you say plenty about Terminal A ops and how you talked about it? Okay.... I'll scan some photos when I get back to my home compter this weekend and post them, or email them if you prefer. You can also look if you ever go into Terminal B southside (atTerminal A) and see the construction going on. You can also look at the photos in the current issue of "Airports magazine and see some of the construction. I get my info from actually going places and doing the things I talk about, not heresay [sic] THe issue you brought up was various questions about Terminal A's underground system after I mentioned it in my post. When Terminal B, looks like Terminal A, call me. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Sarcasm, just another service I offer You said Sweatheart in your post # 38 "And BTW, sweetheart, I know what "ops" means" How is the crow? I answered your questions in a seperate post, since they are seperate issues. As for arguments, you admited yourself you ignored those I answered, so you need to take your own advice. Good trip, I've done that a few times myself. But then again I've lived on 4, been to all seven, have two passports (one Official), and do it for a living . Don't force your religions garbage on those with common sense BTW. Have fun
  8. Well sweatheart as you say let us look at some of posts here- -""well "teh" spell man...""- Funny, your mistyping of teh was not in a quote, but how exactly is that a personal attack, explain to all our readers -"You have shown nothing but a lack of understanding which does not suprise me after reading all of your posts here. "- All of your posts did show a lack of understanding, you even noted it yourself if your "obtuse" ref. How is a lack of understanding a personal attack? I do not understand heart surgery, but I would not see it as a personal attack if the doc told me so. -"constant use of you favorites "kiddo" and "kid""- Kid, I call everyone kid, and have for years, it has long been a favourite of mine, since college. While you might find something patronising, doing such does not make a personal attack -""people like you, simpletons if you will,""- Being a simpleton is not really a pejoritive[sic] but a ephamism for uneducated, which you are on the subject. -""look out from your RJ window (that is the round thing made of glass and plastic""- Ditto, where is the profanity or personal attack????? -""I would type slower if I could HAHA.""- I refer the right honourable gentleman to the response I gave some moments ago. Many times when speaking in technically jargon people speak too fast, have you never heard of such things? -""Sorry kiddo. I am just curious as too why it bugs you? Do you have airport issues?""- And the question stands, why do the unfinshed construction issues at Terminal A bother you, do you have airport issues? No profanity, attacks on you personally. No casting aspersions [sic]
  9. RJ stands for Regional Jet, that is the most common player for Express Jet (flying under the Continental Express banner) who use Terminal B. Banks of Gates are basically long rows of boarding areas and jetways, normally in a linear fashion, whereas there are also circles, semi-circles, "banjos" and others. It is a more discriptive term. It is used in some airport planner books (many of my older ones use it re:atlanta) Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Have you had sex in a Ford lately
  10. I like the "Robertson Stadium" idea for the first year or two, then work out something good. I think the delmar plan will be most likely at least hearing the scuttlebutt from others. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Have you had sex in a Ford lately
  11. Houston is normally cheaper, especially Internationally- Houston IAH has more international service, airlines and destinations (Yes DFW is much bigger domestically, but IAH is bigger Internationally) Southwest hedged their fuel better and has a lower cost business model. Continental made money in two quarters last year (lost a bit for the year BTW) paying the same for fuel as AA. Southwest never had to move because it was an intrastate airline at the time. Then through the federal courst, Southwest won the right to fly from Love (via the supreme court) as long as it is open as an airport. AA became the largest airline by being predatory, just look at Legend airlines. I am not saying that is bad, but look at the history. Southwest's real interest is to make money, as it is a business, not just to increase destinations. And Southwest could not just get 10 gates at DFW, they only offered 20 in a deal that Southwest did not want. (for the record I do not like Southwest much at all) but you have to look at the facts overall. You can find tons of debate at www.airliners.net Edit, your point about Southwest not wanting AA to come in against them. Trust me, everytime AA has fought Southwest at Love, they have lost. Southwest kicked AA in the last attempt (at he same time AA killed Legend airlines) No offence, but that is absurd. You are not required to sit in your assinged seat on other airlines. People swap and move all the time. I moved on my flight last Saturday for example. If a terriorist made it on the airplane you lose, it doesn't matter where he sits. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Watching you from 30,000 feet
  12. well "teh" spell man I don't know, care to show me any personal attack-please share with the group? You have shown nothing but a lack of understanding which does not suprise me after reading all of your posts here. So let me get this straight, now your whole point is the terminal B future construction issue and not how airside ops works? Because you spent multiple threads explaining how there could be no underground ops at IAH (I used Atlanta as another exactly you have seemed to ignore), but when your point there is debunked you go back to Terminal B, which I also noted would be changed? Nice attempt at redirect, you still answered no points in my post, which of course addressed every point in you text, funny kiddo. And I've been to more than all of you combined, what is your point? Maybe you can explain the baggage system at Atlanta to H-niner here. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Forum Alpha Breeder Male
  13. Translation, you can't answer my post because you were wrong and put in your place. The defence rests HA. When Terminal B gets demolished and rebuilt come talk to us (it will be RJ focused and not like A), but that was not the point you made in your previous post. You tried to argue some odd semantics over the word basement and were wrong, sorry kid, maybe next time. I don't need personal attackes, I have facts and they are stubborn little things. Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Am I the only one who likes 70$ a barrel oil
  14. Actually kid I did, you must be blind if you can't see that- but then again I know several in Houston not a shock. You are simply wrong. Again, I have been there (saturday as a matter of fact), and know how the airplanes are serviced. I guess the word basement confuses you, try not to go to "semantic" on us just to prove some odd point here. Look, I understand that when people like you, simpletons if you will, do not understand how complicated things work, they try to put down or redirect, but your redirect will not work here. The burden of proof is on you if think the airside carts and belts do not load under that terminal and underground, because as I noted, they do at that location. At this point I don't think you have travelled or ever even been on an airplane if you can't understand (have you?). Do you have questions about aviation, I am always here to answer questions, lord knows I get enough odd ones at airshows and such. You are wrong. Do me a favour, open your eyes if you ever go to the airport and fly to Tulsa to see the family, look out from your RJ window (that is the round thing made of glass and plastic). You can see what is still being constructed at Terminal A as the old banjos are fixed. And the plan for terminal B is different so I was correct, sorry. THe way HAS runs their plans lord knows it could change again I know all that and never said otherwise. I flew in and out of all during those times, many times actually. I even taxied my own T-1 up to terminal A in 2000. All of that above I never contradicted, but thanks for writing it down for us.?! No you simply did not understand and seem to still not understand, I am sorry my first statement confused you, I would type slower if I could HAHA. Terminal A is still being reconstructed into full banks and half of it has the new underground airside servicing while the rest is using the old system. Go read the newest issue of ""Airports" magazine and you can see some pics yourself. You seem to just be focused on what is above ground near the jetways. Well much of the cost of a terminal is actually below ground in the gate servicing and baggage system (some airports do elevate more than others depending on soil and other configuration issues) Yes Atlanta- all of the servicing belts and people walkways are underground, just to name one of literally 100s. There were 4, two are completely gone, half of another is gone, and one still exists in the old config As a said above, two were dug up when the north side was razed in the late 90s, the south side is yet to be done. If you ever pull into the "70s" RJ gates in Terminal B you can see the construction on the A area to fix it (look west). You work the personal attacks, I just point out the facts. Just because you don't understand doesn't faze me. I've been there, done that and gotten the T-shirt more times than I would care to remember. I've flown more in the last 5 years than you will in your entire life, and that is just a fact- I've seen a few more airside terminals than you have. Next time you fly try and pay attention to it and you will see what I mean. Notice where the tugs park and bag belts, and the food trucks and the ____ trucks etc. HeightsGuy, Terminal A is supposed to be like servicing all the none skyteam domestic airlines (and Air canada since you clear UScustoms in Canada). Co Connection should pull over to B and the remote stands to the North eventually to Keep CO, KLM, Delta, NW and the skyteam folks happy Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Your humble teacher
  15. Well Kid, I really could care less if you call BS or not-facts are facts. Just for "shits and grins" as someone like you might say, I went down into the bowels of Term A Saturday after flying into IAH and meeting with some execs at Cotinental. DId a little tour and one full underground compartment is left and half of the other (one is partially in use due to diverted funds-mainly AA's). Construction was stopped due to some rain, but should be finished and linked into the new system as noted above. You basically show you have no idea how any airside of an airport works. The fact you did not even know what ops means tells me that. Sorry kiddo. I am just curious as too why it bugs you? Do you have airport issues? COntinental will not get those anytime soon. Terminal B's landside refurb is actually ahead of schedule (something rare in Aviation construction). edit /link Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns, Capt-AWACS, Seven Continents Down, None to Go
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