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  1. No offense, but "self-help" and all that, it's really not truly and permanently effective.
  2. Impressive. Wish we could get that kind of publicity on dallasmetropolis.
  3. Generally when someone's that defensive it shows an insecurity.
  4. Well, it's an interesting article, but I happen to believe that there's more at work here. It's the lack of something real in these peoples' lives. This is what happens when you try to fill an eternal void with earthly possessions, and I hate to say it, but this runs true outside of the suburbs, too.
  5. No. Not silly. Sad. Stupid. Pathetic. Frightening. You can always count on TheWoodlandsCorp.
  6. Hah, it's funny because it's so warm. Puffy Pine Cone?!
  7. It doesn't just sound that way, it is. It's not even jazz. It's not really music.
  8. Excellent, and I didn't even have to say anything.
  9. I suppose it may have an opportunity to improve once it becomes I-69.
  10. I'm very glad to hear this. My feelings on highways are that as long as we still have them, they should at least look good. Anyone have any renderings or some idea of what it will look like?
  11. Actually, I was born and raised there, I just go to school in Huntsville, first time I've lived away in my life, these last four months. I'll try to find some pictures of Central; it's a great looking stretch of highway.
  12. What can I say? Some are worse than others. However, there are some highways that do an excellent job, proving it's possible, like US75/Central Expressway in Dallas, to name just one of many. I understand Seattle has great freeway entrances.
  13. You know, I was laughing when I read that, but then I realized that these people take themselves seriously. That's sad.
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