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  1. All of Galveston is now under a mandatory evacuation starting at 12:00 noon.
  2. All of Galveston Island is now in a Mandatory evacuation starting at 12:00 noon.
  3. Thankyou. Im panicking like hell because I don't know what to do and my family is trying to stay. Im going to make sure that don't happen.
  4. Hey we are leaving the west end of Galveston. Does anyone know any websites/phone numbers to Hunstville Shelters? (plz reply quickly ) Thanks.
  5. More bad news... Hurricane ike is now back over water and theres a high that well determine where it goes.The high is strenghting and this means that it has a more likely chance of hitting the Texas Coast.Also if it does hit the Texas Coast and if the Houston area does'nt even be directly hitted by this storm, we will most likely be on the "Dirty Side" of it. Computer Models.... ^^^^^ Link: http://www.hurricane-models.com/
  6. Should'nt we be worried now??? Because 3 of the cpu models have it hitting Texas 2 has it hitting LA and 1 (the purple one) has it suddenly turning to the west and then Tim Heller (meteorologist on ch.13) was talking about the computer the latest computer models moving westard .I think Louisiana is overreacting because of katrina.The storm has been slowing down and another HAIF member posted that if it slows down its a bad thing for us.We should probably be on guard now.
  7. Is this still being built?It's not in the images of the other BLVD Place buildings and theres no information of it on this site: http://www.wulfe.com/BoulevardPlace.asp
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