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  1. Any proposed drawings of the units out there? Nvmd...I see it now on page 1. Interesting.
  2. I'm looking for someone to terminate Cat5e and phone lines that were pre-wired into my townhome. Also want a wall panel for everything to clean it up. Who would you recommend?
  3. I've seen Directv do some goofy crap on even pre-wired homes. Installers are usually independent guys, just depends on who shows up. I live in a group of 6 townhomes and 3 have Directv, including myself. They put the dish in the backyard on posts for the other two houses and ran wires punched holes all over the exterior even though the houses are pre-wired in the attic. I knew that the dish had to go on the roof (not easy, very tall) to reach all the wiring. The guy who came out to do mine asked if he was the first installer they sent. I said no and he replied that he's usually the third guy sent out to jobs and fixes all the difficult jobs. He put my dish on the roof, no problems. I was very surprised that it didn't sail off like a kite during Ike, LOL. I even go great reception all through the storm until I lost power.
  4. Have a friend who's looking to have a built in home entertainment center installed. Can anyone recommend a good carpenter/cabinetmaker? Thanks, Jeff
  5. The neighborhood around the church is all new townhomes, Edge condos and Post Midtown. Not bad at night but gets worse to the west a few blocks. I walk around there all the time at night but usually within confines of the new apartments so it's well lit.
  6. Thanks for the link. The church sits right behind my property so I'm pretty excited about the project.
  7. I live right behind the church and I'm estatic!
  8. Looking for a recommendation on who to use for protesting property tax increases...aside from DIY. Thanks!
  9. About a month ago I saw a gathering of news crews and people at the Bethel Baptist Church at Andrews and Crosby. I spoke to a representative from the Mayors office who mentioned that the City had entered into an agreement to purchase the property and turn it into a public plaza. The plan was to study if the facade of the building could be preserved...ala Coventry Cathedral. It appears that work has begun on bracing the facade and cleaning up the property as of last weekend. Andrews Street has been closed at the church and crews are there.
  10. I'm looking to install a concrete patio about 10x20 in my back yard. Does anyone have a recomendation for a good installer? What should I expect for a price/sqft? Thanks!
  11. About $100 per step...that's what I've seen in proposals as well so far. Unfortunately, I have a lot of steps!
  12. Culver's. 5420 Atascocita Rd, Humble. Love the frozen custard too.
  13. Anyone ever hear of this AC additive? Snake oil? http://www.permafrostcooling.com/ Supposed to lower electricity usage when added to AC unit. From Website: PermaFrost, once injected will dislodge the isolative, non-conductive layer of oil and replace it with highly charged thermo-conductive molecules whereby eliminating future build-up for the life of the system. The energy that was lost to friction now is restored. There is additional heat conductivity, dissipation and less energy is needed to "circulate" the refrigerant throughout the system. The compounds integrated into the technology contain polarity. As we know heat is energy and energy can be made directional by another form of energy, which in the case of PermaFrost is the thermo-conductive compounds. By acting as molecular fins, PermaFrost attracts the heat from the refrigerant and conducts it through the metal at an accelerated rate therefore increasing the systems capacity and reducing energy, resulting in more cooling action with less energy.
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