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  1. Telfair is comming along nicely, but is experiencing some slow down like the rest of the market which should be totally expected. For the area you are looking in around Hwy 59 and Hwy 6, that is First Colony. I live in one of the older sections of that area now, its great and convenient. Hard to find a place less than 3 years old. Some homes in Telfair are already turning 2. Look into Greatwood if you dont mind the extra commute. Also Englewood Place, Colony Cove, Colony Meadows, and Edgewater. These are a little older neighborhoods but they are well maintained and hold thier value with consistent and steady appreciation. Personally Ive been looking to buy something in Edgewater on the lake. Water lots are a premium these day. I specialize in First Colony if you have any questions.
  2. Both are great communities. I work in both areas and lived in Riverstone for a couple of years. Telfair is a premium because of its convenient location. However all the retail and amenities are already in place for Riverstone. Telfair is still undergoing development. Riverstone is in the Sugar Land ETJ so it does have a Sugar Land mailing address. Eventually Riverstone and Telfair developments will flow right into each other somewhere along University Blvd when they are finally completed years from now. It depends on your needs. Look at different builder plans in both areas. Right now Riverstone is running some great builder close out deals I work closely with David Weekley in there. Are schools important, tax rates, etc. Do you plan to live there long term? Do you consider your home an investment? etc. Im a specialist in the area if you want to find out more.
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