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  1. I've visited Bridgeland before, and I think it is very beautiful. However, I've seen the price dropped quite a bit and was hit with quite some short sales and foreclosures in the last year or so. I am wondering, in general, is that community a good opportunity for investment purpose ? I am thinking of buying a property there, rent it out a year or two, and resell it. However, the uncertainty about the developer, lots of resale/new houses/foreclosures on market in that community, high taxes, bad traffic make me think it is probably not a good place to invest in. I do not know too much about the market history there, and your kind advice is highy appreciated. I see virtually no rental in that community, is it true that it is hard to rent out in that area ? E.g, is it reasonable to expect a market price of 280k house to rent out for 2500$/month in Bridgeland ? For a resale house (not new), is the market price around 90$/sf there, if it is one of the top builders, like Trendmaker, Highland or DavidWeekly ?
  2. I am owner of a house, and I am doing some remodelling work on the house. The project is now done, I owe him the last 300$ as agreed before. The total agreed is 4300$, we do not have a written contract. I paid him 4000$ already, and he emailed me with a receipt of 4300$ before the project is done. However, I am not satisfied with the work, and I am emailing the installer saying I am withholding the remaining 300$ of the project work because of the poor quality of the job. The installer is not happy, he said he is going to put a lien on the house by tomorrow. I am trying to sell/rent the house, so what does this 'put a lien' on the house mean, and can he even do that ? Thanks very much for your advice.
  3. I just noticed from map that in East Houston, like Baytown, Channel view, lynchburg area, they are close to the real beach. Just wondering if in there are any good single family communities with great beach views e.g., and also good schools. Somehow I got the feeling that East Houston is not great for living, with the refinaries etc. and more of an industrial setting. It is not up to the same level as Katy, Sugerland, Woodlands, clear lake area ? But I am wondering with beach view on the real sea shore, there got to be some high end good communities in that area ? I never been there, but planning to visit some day, just don't know which communities (with new development) to visit to, if there are any ? Thanks, Joe W.
  4. We've looked at windsor park lakes, and felt it is very beautful community. Anyone knows/heard anything about the community in general ? My concerns is, it is very expensive, for a 3500 ~ 4000 sqft house, the price is around mid 500 to 600k. Wondering if that community is able to hold value over the years ? Another concern is, we have 2 very young kids (10mon and 4yr), I am not sure i've seen many kids running around in the community,and the kids facility and not quite good. The other community we are looking is seven meadows for a 3700 sqft house, it is costing us about 300k, and it is very kids friendly (facilities, many kids..). I work at I10 and dairy ashford now, with a possibility to work at Galaria in several months. Traffic wise, I-10 after finishing construction, I assume it would be no problem, although I heard in the morning/afternoon, I10 to grand parkway exit is jammed---I tried several times around 8:30 am, i did not see much traffic at all at that exit though. We are torned between the two communities, any advices would be highly appreciated.
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