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  1. Made some more headway. In going from person to person being passed along I finally got in touch with someone that was able to give me enough information that I have enough to go on to start from the beginning and work my way forward. From what I was told was the building was designed by Stayton Nunn-Milton McGinty as an A-B-C Grocery store in 1936. Newspapers said the cost of construction would be between $35,000 and $40,000. Then in 1941 Henke and Pillot purchased the lot from A-B-C Grocery store and there they remained till Ivy Russell Ford purchased the
  2. Well I got word back from the Harris County Archives today. Seems like the whole file for that property has been lost aside from a land valuation card from 1969. Hopefully my reply email asking how are the property organized, could it be possible it was filed along with what I am finding out right now a main location with a different address. Maybe someone goofed on that at one time. I always thought though that the downtown location came after they moved from this location here but apparently what I am hearing is they both existed at the same time and this was their small secon
  3. Really? There was no service department for the location? I wonder what was in the back then where there were no glass walls at then. I figure the wall you can see to the right side that is aligned with the glass blocks above the awning I figured that might be sales offices but there is quite a bit of space on the left side past the blocks that couldn't be sales offices too could it? I wouldn't know I contacted the Harris County archives to see if there were plans for the building as there had to have been plans drawn up for the remodeling after Henke and Pillot left cause the b
  4. Project wise this is what I am looking at doing, I am looking at maximizing my space by building only a right trangle of the building omitting areas that are not clear enough in the single photograph that exist. This allows me in the future to build a modular base to connect with this one to build the rest of the building if new information comes to light to get it right. But it also cuts down on size cause to build that building based off 122.67ft x 76.33ft real world dimensions scaled down to 1/25 scale would put the building at 10.53ft x 5.92ft which would be very hard to find
  5. Correct, the Ivy Russell Ford dealership on Yale @ 11th street. I spent about 4 hours last night getting measurements from google earth which I am not fully sure how accurate they are. blue prints of the building would be more accurate I feel but I don't know if new blueprints were drawn up when the building was renovated into the dealership. The first image attached from Google earth is dated as Dec 31 1943 for the 1944 year period. To me the building while it was an Henke Pillot grocery store was a rectangular building. The second image attached from goo
  6. Thanks for the reply, I sent a email to the texas land commission as I saw on google earth their name was listed on a 1943 and a 1952 aerial photograph of the Houston area that showed this building. It looks like the dealership took control in 1952 cause the shape of the building has its art deco styling in the dec 1952 aerial photo while the dec 1943 aerial photo shows a square boxy building with none of the art deco styling. I hope that they would have something but I might check with the permitting center. I really only need dimensions so I can scale everything down. But if b
  7. Is there any place to check to obtain copies of old blueprints of buildings? Im looking for two sets of blueprints if possible, first one would be the original of the building in question at 1102 yale St which was built in 1936. The other blueprint would be for the same building but after it was modified some time in the late 1940`s or the early 1950`s when the property changed hands. Surely something like this should still exist.
  8. This is a photo of the Ivy Russell dealership Yale @ 11th street, this photo was taken in 1957 or early 1958 showcasing 1958 year model Fords. Ok with this said I want to ask if anyone has any photos that shows this dealership a bit better? I am working on planning a 1/25 scale model of this dealership and I will be taking some liberties with it for not knowing exactly what vehicles were on the lot at the time of mine was in '56. But I would like to know more about the layout of the parking lot. Such as where were the cars parked at? Were there only cars or were truc
  9. Nice, my grandparents lived behind the apartments from summer 1961 till my grandmother passed away a few years ago. House is nothing like it was though. but I found some old photos of my grandfathers car which I have and I was trying to date the photos as best as I could. best I could is year wise but the more I look at the plate the more I think there might be something at the bottom center but its hard to tell. so now I am questioning if the photo was taken in '61 or '63. For me what helps is license plates alternated colors for the different years so that helps narrow the ye
  10. Well that would make sense. I did more digging and found out family didn't move into the house where the photo was taken till summer of 1961. So my reasoning is the photo would have to have been taken in late 1961 as 1963 license plates which were white with black text had the year at the bottom center and the photo doesn't show any indication of that. I have another photo taken in 1963 as the plate can be seen to state 1963 and it shows the apartments were painted a dark color not a light color like in my other photo. I couldn't figure out why the scaffolding but then I realize
  11. Anyone on here know when the 214 West 17th street apartments were built? I have a old photo I am trying to date and the apartments are in the background with a scaffolding on the exterior and the window it is placed near appears new as it appears to have a sticker in the middle of the glass. Based off the license plate I can barely make out on the vehicle in the photograph it is white with black text which puts the year of the photo either as 1957, 1959, 1961, or 1963. The photo is grainy and hard to tell as the vehicle isn't the focus point but to me it looks like there might be
  12. That is what I found out a couple months ago when I had the pleasure of talking to the daughter of Weyand. Actually seeked me out and sent me a message. I got confirmation that my 1979 dated service sticker was filled out by her father based off the hand writing but haven't heard back in a few months on if he recognizes the car or my grandfather. All good information that has been noted in my notebook till I can get a proper scrap book album going. I also have a old photo of the car in question but don't know the date but have to find it, boxes of photos have been moved around a few times
  13. What was the most common parking meter found in houston in the '50s and '60s? Was it the duncan model 50 and 60? Also what color were theses painted by the city? Im looking at obtaining one to restore but want the proper model and color as the ones Houston used to have.
  14. Sad to say I was doing some searching and came across this post and figured I would update everyone. Some time between Oct 2012 and Oct 2013 that station was demolished along with the whole corner of that street with all the houses. Really sucks as I have not gotten to get a photo of my car in front of the building. I didn't even bring it home from my grandmothers house till August 2014.
  15. Its still up there. Although its painted white now its still pretty much there. Its also good to hear the history as well, I didnt know the car was a yellowish cream color at one time (said yellow and I asked parents and they said it was more of a cream color as they remember it) But if you can get that photo loaded up I can say for sure the story above will be copied and pasted to the description of the photo after I save it. One thing I do is try to keep the history and stories with the photos where possible. Such as the story of that one car coming from dallas to houston that ended up w
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