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  1. We live fairly close to Candelaris and go there regularly, but I still prefer Romanos. Romanos is great pizza!

    Is that the Romanos on Barker Cypress, just S of 290?

    We really like EJ's a lot--- right next to Randall's, just outside Coles Crossing.

  2. Heard mention of this about a year ago--- it was supposed to be going in with Goode's BBQ. The Goode's sign is up (actually a teensy bit W of 1960 on Wortham Center), that little cut-through road to Wortham Blvd., but haven't seen/heard anything about Lupe Tortilla. Especially w/Barton Springs turning into Chuy's, I wonder how much more TexMex we'll be getting. Though Las Rosas isn't a place we'll set foot in ever again, and Rico's at 1960/Wortham Blvd. supposedly closed its doors too....

  3. And for my first post, perfect....DH is going to be thrilled when he hears this. He has the shirt, sings Buc-ees' praises, and isn't much for unnecessary compliments in general. I was at the one in Luling this week, and the signs all around cracked me up. "Your Throne Awaits! Clean Restrooms Ahead." :lol:

    There were three employees arranging artwork in, get this, the bathroom. Like it is sold (it is for sale, BTW) so quickly they can't fill the spots fast enough.

    Good service, great selection, cleanest place *ever*.

    Very cool news.

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