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  1. I do believe that the Woods High graudating class is usually right around 10 students. They are, however, breaking ground on a completely new, green campus right after the new year. I think the goal is to get the graudating class up to 30 or so. I do agree that Awty has a good reputation, but there are a couple of things that concerned me. First off, the homework load is incredibly heavy. My friends have two daughters there, one in third grade, the other in first. It is not uncommon for the first grader to come home with 45 minutes of homework. The other thing is that the air quality on campus is horrible. There's a non-profit group called Mothers for Clean Air that did studies on the pollution levels at areas around the city. The are by the I10/610 interchange is one of the worst in the city; I believe on par with the Pasadena/Ship Channel area.
  2. I think the Woodland Heights (Norhill Heights?) and Houston Heights websites both have contracter listings. The foremr site has reviews from local folks.
  3. My daughter goes to School of the Woods, a Montessori school that goes through high school. They are located on Wirt Road north of I-10. I take Hempstead Highway and other surface streets there in the morning and it taked about 15 minutes. They have an after and before school program. My son will be starting there in the fall. Dr. Betsy Coe is head of the Upper School and a main driving force behind the entire School of the Woods (not to mention the former head of the American Montessori Society). She has testified at both the U.N. (more than once) and the Hague on the benefits of a Montessori education. We have had such a wonderful experience with SOTW! In my daughter's kindergarten there were children who spoke English (of course) French, German, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish and Japanese - talk about your true international experience! The year I was checking them out, the highschool's entire graudating class got in to their first choice colleges, Ivy Leagues included, and all had scholarships. In fact, as an exercise in "flying solo" for two weeks out of the year, they take the entire High School and turn it in to a college campus that the kids actually live on in order to get the experience of dormitory living, making all their own meals, doing their own laundry, etc. They bring in college professors from around the entire country to work with the kids on their college entrance essays. In middle school, when economics are first introduced to the kids, they put the middleschoolers in charge of the school salad bar. The kid learn about supply and demand, basic book keeping skills, how to run a small business, etc. Check out their website at http://schoolofthewoods.org By the way, Saint Andrew's Episcopal School (19th and Yale) is an excllent feeder school for pre-SOTW Good Luck!
  4. and the bulldozer has broken ground at 22nd and Nich- woohoo!
  5. Big News! Saw the crew out today at the corner of 16th & Nich with a small version of the thing that rolls out the ground, the official name for that machine may or may not be "roller-outer-thingy."
  6. The whole upper west side of Arne's is being taken down, maybe from the hurricane? That's some beautiful old red brick there!
  7. Check out this great website for tracking the storm. It's www.stormpulse.com If you click the button on the side that says forecasts, you get a picture showing all of the different potential paths for the storm. There's also a button you can click that shows projected wind strengths. It's a great site to surf.
  8. We asked our neighbors on both sides, both of whom have been here for at least 20 years, one with a 2 story, 100+ year old home, the other with a 1920's bungalow, the same thing. Both said the same thing, trees down, but no damage to the homes. Check for dead branches on the branches on the trees in your yard, and take 'em out if you can. Our pool furniture is going in the water come Friday morning (it can't blow away if it's under water, after all!) In the immortal words of comedien Ron White, "It ain't THAT the wind is blowing, it's WHAT the wind is blowing."
  9. I actually called the city to request a stopsign at the corner of 15th and Nicholson after the umpteenth accident at that intersection. Most of the time, it's cars going eastbound on 15th that are going so fast that they aren't seen by cars going North on Nicholson, especially since the rise from the former railroad tracks tends to limit the view a bit. I thought they might be willing to do it especially since a Northbound police car with lights flashing was hit by an eastbound vehicle. The streetsign guy (can't remember which department it was) told me there couldn't be a stopsign at that intersection because there was one farther down on Allston or Ashland I believe. Seems like an odd reason to deny it, but whatever. I'm hoping that they will put stopsigns in at all itnersections as a safety feature. An added bonus may be that it helps cut the traffic from folks trying to get from Shepherd to Yale without using one of the "major" streets of 11th, 14th, 18th, 19th or 20th.
  10. Hell yeah - and don't forget Bugsy Malone
  11. My house got used in a Spanish language Walmart commercial. It featured a family of clowns. I live in a clown house ! Excellent! it totally freaked my 5 year old out to see her yard on TV with a bunch of clowns running about. Does that count? I think I should get extra points!
  12. How great would it be to have one of these there? http://www.drafthouse.com/main/contact.php If I had the money, I'd do it and host Saturday morning classic kid movies like Little Rascals, Shirley Temple, Three Stooges, Gremlins, Goonies and the like and sell dry cereal at the concession stand.
  13. As of 2:45 pm the survey team is in the 1400 block of Nicholson. They said they are having a hard time geting the survey points to line up with those supplied to them by TxDOT. They said they will have to resubmit to TxDOT and that will delay the start date. What do they mean survey points? I know I see surveyors all the time, but am unsure as to what they are doing. Any architect/builder types who can explain in layman's terms and why that might pose a delay?
  14. As I was walking down Nicholson tonite, I noticed construction in the 1500 block, across from 1520 Nicholson, where the driveways for the new houses will cross the Hike and Bike Trail. I thought we were beyond this, and that no new driveways were going to be allowed to cross that land? There used to be one house there, with the driveway coming through to the Herkimer side. Then, when the developer bought the land, they tore down the house and garage, and put in a fake driveway across the Hike and Bike Trail. I called the 311 line to raise questions about this; I guess nothing was ever done and the permit department issued new permits allowing this to happen. Does anyone think this will cause additonal problems?
  15. Excellent idea. I will do the same thing for houses north of 11th up to 19th. Although I hope the folks in the 1800-1900 block don't come after me with pitchforks and axes! Just kidding, guys. You are right in your concerns that it does come very close to your driveways. I wonder - Did their builders ever tell them that the city easement for the Hike and Bike Trail was so close?
  16. A big concern here might be, "On what date does any offer of federal or other type of government funding expire?" Is there a danger that all of these delays will cause our funding to go away or be used for another project? It's not uncommon for opponents of projects like this to force delay upon delay until the money offer expires.
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