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  1. You are correct, Emme. I have also heard they are looking at that vs. looking at the bigger lot where the steel works (almost directly west on Yale and Center) used to be for a much larger store ala Bunker Hill.
  2. I think Bogart's was the one up at 19th and Heights. The one you may have stayed at was called Angel Arbor (I think?) before it closed and became a law office a couple of years ago. There was another one where you could have receptions in a big room in a building seperate of the house. It was north of Sara's, but I can't remember what it was called. They had a cool old car parked in the side yard My in-laws stayed at Sara's and liked it very much. They also stay at the Homestead Suites on 610 and TC Jester, but they always make sure and request a room at the back to avoid the freeway sound.
  3. I doubt it. I think it's a simple, scary case of someone(s) getting their rocks off by starting fires. If it were a builder, there are plenty of areas of the Heights where there are multiple properties adjacent to each other in what they might consider to be in tear down condition. The builders are buying properties adjacent to each other, and where there was once one home, there are now multiples so they can make their money back on the high land prices. Burning one house down so you can pay $250k plus for land value alone, and then be allowed to build only one home on it due to property set back rules wouldn't be a great investment on their part. Now, if the crappy half built condos at the end of Nicholson Street burned due to arson, then I might suspect a builder underwriting the efforts.
  4. Actually, I believe it is a stand alone, little old house next to a couple of big new homes. There is a disabled gentleman living there who was unable to get out on his own. The HFD guys didn't hesitate in going in to the burning house and bringing him out. They are ROCK STARS. A scary thing occurs to me. Don't serial arsonists have a tendency to escalate the nature of their crime? For instance, the first fires were in unoccupied, empty residencies (Read: an arsonist sees a home with no one living in one side and doesn't realize it was a dual family residence.) They get whatever rush they get from that type of fire and want more. Next they graduate to burning unoccupied buildings with belongings in them (the next fires were in homes that had belongings in them, but no one home for an extended period of time.) Next, they want to go to a home with someone living in it. What if they knew the guy living in it was disabled and may not have the ability to get him self out quickly enough to save his own life should the home become engulfed? A friend in HFD tells me they believe it is a series of copycat arsons. These idiots better not be trying to out-do one another!
  5. I would tend to agree. Did they actually "catch" the guy or did he confess to it on his own? Here' a guy who is homeless, maybe strung out (looking at his history) and looking to get in out of the upcoming cold weather and maybe get some of what's left of his health back. Maybe I watch too much TV, but isn't that something lifelong criminals supposedly do when things get too tough on the street? Confessing to a crime that actually has a relatively minimal penalty attached to it may be an easy ticket.
  6. There are aout 5 engines and a ton of cops on West 15th right now
  7. Is this the house that is jacked up in to the air? Are they making it in to a two story now? Bungalow Revival is doing beautiful work in my neck of the woods, God Bless Your Fuzzy Little Hearts!
  8. We just received a letter from the Heights association that says if 300 families donate roughly $300 each, we can pay a constable to patrol the area five days a week for eight hours per day. That makes me nauseous. My math is horrible, but isn't that $90,000 for five days a week, eight hours per day? What happend the other two days, not to mention the other 16 hours? Hopefully this means it would be fulltime, round the clock protection. Also, isn't the constable part of the existing law enforcement team that is supposed to already be protecting us? What do you guys think - do I write them the check? I want to do my part to keep the Heights safe, and I actually like the law enforcement folks I've met in the neighborhood, even the one who wrote me the ticket was professional enough. But has it really come to this? Can't we hire someone like Chuck Norris to come in and keep us safe? Chuck would would bring the arsonist to his/their knees! A constable? Maybe not so much.....
  9. I love the entire team over at Heights VEterinay Clinic in the 1400 block of Shepherd. I have been using them for 15 years now. They have helped me through the loss of a greatly loved cat and two dogs. They always bent over backward, letting me bring my dog in through the back door because she was in such bad shape and I was devastated. I came to the room where we were going to put her down and they had placed a blanket with the 23rd Psalm on the table. Makes me cry now to even think of it. A very generous staff with hearts of pure gold! One other great thing, Dr. Williams is never one to push surgery on anyone. The same cat I mentioned above was getting on in years and was taken ill. They were unsure of what the diagnosis was, and couldn't confirm without a surgery. I asked Dr.Williams what to do, and he replied, "You know Tuffy is a good old cat. He has a good life. Let's not do the surgery as it may do more harm than good. We'll treat him for the other possibility." and with the patience of his team, Tuffy lived another three years! Gotta love Dr. Williams!
  10. I, too, filed a complaint a couple of years ago with the main office re: missing mail and magazines. I was told that 77008 was where the postal workers who need retraining are sent to work through their issues. Great. Glad we can help them with that.
  11. Someone told me (can'tremember who) the reason the city is so hesitant to pave the alleys is because of the old infrastructure underneath. Apparently there are ceramic pipes for water (not sure if it is fresh water or more likely sewage) in most of the alleys, and adding too much weight could force them to collapse.
  12. I live in the same section of the trail where the person in the article does. The reason there is such an infestation of mosquitos in this particular stretch is that when the original builder built the two homes now on the property, they dug the drainage ditch for the driveways deeper than they should have. Now, because that ditch isn't graded properly, there is always standing water. This property originally held one house with no entrance from Nicholson Street. The orignal builder (whom I believe went bankrupt?) hurriedly built a fake entrance in to the property over the then-proposed hike and bike trail path in order to enable the back access. That way, there was enough space to put two houses where there was once one. I called the city, took pictures and reported it to the building inspector folks, especially because the builder literally built the "driveway" from about 5pm on a Friday night through 7pm on Sunday night. It was pretty obvious they were being sneaky about the whole thing. Personally, I like having my own little section of "park" right in front of my house instead of an ugly driveway. The trail is a great way to people watch and meet the neighbors. We plan to do a little planting once the weather cools (it is going to cool, right? I mean, it's October and what the hell are we doing with a 105 degree "Feels like" anyway!)
  13. I thought I saw APD signs all over it. I thought that Lance worked with Allegro. Wait, are you talking about 11th and Studewood or 11th and Heights?
  14. Now where in the heck am I going to send my husband to watch the Eagles?! I love the man dearly, but G*d forbid Donovan should fumble or some other Phantastic Philly Pheat should happen. I run through the house like a crazy woman telling the kids, "Only Daddy uses those words!"
  15. I second the notion on using Pfister. My house was built in 1920 and still has the original plaster (like 1" thick!) in the front room and dining room. Unfortunately, this was also where the tree from Ike fell on our house effectively cantilevering the foundation. There was a 2" difference in height from one side of the kitchen to the wall shared with the dining room. Pfister very carefully leveled the entire house with only the tiniest hairline crack in the plaster above the dining room door. And the price was by far the best of anyone who bid the job. John Pfister is a really nice guy who cares about keeping your old home as solid as possible!
  16. Well, now that you mention it. I've heard H-E-B is looking for a location to build one of their new metropolitan version stores in the Heights. This metro-version is a smaller version of the new one at Bunker Hill and I-10. Its first example just opened on Buffalo Speedway and Bissonet. Very cool design. If you go here and send your note to the attention of their Real Estate Department or Scott McClellan you can let them know if you want that version of the store there. I used to shop Kroger, but it got so nasty; 43rd is heading that way now. And Bunker Hill is a haul and a half!
  17. I would say that you need to be really careful that if you do sign on with a designer, you are very clear with what you are getting. If the designer were to draw up your documents, you would sill have to get an engineer to sign off on the construction documents. Those costs are on top of what you are already paying, and you may not end up saving money in the long run afterall. Also, do a lot of checking on your potential designer and how well they get along with area builders. I checked on one designer and heard horror stories about how he treated clients and builders alike.
  18. Thank you my well informed bike trail brutha! I shall plan my plantings in early May.
  19. Has anyone heard whether or not they are still planning to place bollards along the street to prevent people from driving on the trail, or on the grass in between the trail and the street? Every day I see a guy on a Vespa fly by my house on the trail. And now all the "lovely" grass they planted is being driven on as people can't figure out shere the road ends and the trail begins. I've also heard that they are doing no additional landscaping other than the "grass" they planted; that it will be up to the homeowners living on the street as to whether or not they want to make any additional plantings. That's fine with me, but I sure as heck would like to get those plants in before it turns 90 out!
  20. I heard from someone that the 11th Street Post Office is where all the postal carriers are placed that need re-training. In other words, they've messed up in such a bad way in another area of town that they are brought here until they shape up. I guess the 11th Street office is some sort of postal service purgatory. Funny thing is that I've seen the same employees there for many moons, so either I was given bad information, or the folks who work there have no desire to improve their standing with the USPS. Let's here it for the USPS Houston naughty spot!!
  21. You don't happen to have contact information for the person from TXDOT do you? On the 1400 block of Nicholson, they filled in one of the ditches that was in place for run off. There was a contractor who built a house that has a driveway that crosses the bike trail. He started the whole mess, but the construction company finished it up. I've met with COH a bunch of times to point out to them that water flows NORTH on this particular section of Nicholson, and so where the ditch was filled in, the water now just flows in to the middle of the street. They never believe me until I get out the garden hose and show them. I'm thinking that back when Nicholson was being built (it was called Railroad Street then) they engineered it to flow north. Any way, perhaps TXDOT might be more responsive than COH?
  22. Another good solution is to do as the old folks home on 19th street does. They have made arrangements with the Kroger on 20th to come by and pick up the grocery carts that their occupants use to transport the groceries back to their apartments. The building has all the carts corralled in the back for the weekly pick up. As far as the random carts laying around, my favorite is when I see kids pushing them full speed, usually with their buddy inside the part where the groceries go, and launching them over the curb ala jackass. Excellent entertainment value for my dollar!!
  23. As long as Mr. Wiesenthal is still there and Chief Ambassador, I'll still go there to buy the obligatory collar stays and ties for Father's Day and other good dad holidays. He's such a nice man, part of an elegant generation past, I must say!
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