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  1. I am told by a friend of mine who is high up in HFD that they will likely not be able to determine the cause. There were no accelerants(sp?)found. I believe they were told that the lady liked to burn scented candles and that could be a potential cause. I wonder why the sprinklers didn't work?
  2. Guys - this whole post started as an April Fool's joke, didn't it? Check the very first post....
  3. If the fire started in the attic, her alarms and sprinklers wouldn't have gone off until it was too late, right? By that time, the fire may have gone through the walls. Is there any smoke or heat detector that would work in an unfinished bungalow attic? If so, I want to get it ASAP.
  4. This post bums me out. I'm all for improving the neighborhoods through historic restoration, but can't the historic nature of the neighborhoods also be maintained by assisting the elderly when it comes to their home improvements? Did anyone offer to help the old man, or was there too much excitement over new money through a new owner? If you take the time to talk to some of the older folks, they have excellent stories about the old times. My personal favorite is the one about when the railroad company used to run an engine up and down Nicholson Street once in a blue moon in order to maint
  5. I've had excellent luck with the little shop on 19th. Tiny little hole in the wall in the middle of all the frou frou shops. The guy is an old school cobbler, too.
  6. Many thanks, Red. I knew you would have the info and the good advice to boot. I really do appreciate it!
  7. You know when I asked that question, I was thinking, "Who is going to be the first to throw Wal-Mart in the mix?" I am actually quite serious as I do my grocery shopping at that Kroger, and I frequently have my kids with me. While you can be a bit of a thorn in the side, Red, I also think you have definitely got your finger on the pulse of what is happening in the Heights. That being said, and knowing that I do respect you, have you heard anything about moms getting mugged at that Kroger?
  8. Has anyone heard of mothers with children being mugged at the local grocery stores lately? I was told this was a new development, but surely there would have been something posted somewhere in here?
  9. I had lunch at the new Heights location today. It was great! The potato leek soup was out of this world, and it was much less expensive than Lola's. Although the fries at Lola's are my own personal crack.....
  10. Listen, Little Frau, I never said that people couldn't have an opinion, and I certainly never said "outsiders" (your word, not mine.) What I hoped to express, be it not up to your standards, was that I don't appreciate anyone, Heights resident or not, passing judgement on my lifestyle nor assuming that I am a complete, self-serving idiot simply because I oppose a Wal-Mart in my neighborhood and may enjoy the occasional lunch with friends while, gasp, still managing to be my kids' main caretaker. But thanks for pointing out how gracious he/she (you assume this person is a she, you seem to be
  11. I, too, feel compelled to go public with this message. Since you don't live in the Heights, why don't you take your crunchy-tastic, holier-than-thou, self-righteous and judgemental attitude, drag Niche along with you, and worry about something in your own soul-less and character-less neighborhoods. I, too, am really, really glad you didn't buy a house here. I worked my butt off to pay my way through college, worked in an incredibly male-dominated, chauvinistic industry, kicking a** I might add, and postponed having kids until I was in my early thirties so that I could provide for my kids in
  12. Great, so we will be getting a crappy little WalMart without the variety of items all the yay-sayers have been so excited about with crappy quality items with a bunch of leased space i.e. a mini-mini mall. Now we will all be screwed. Go Walmart!
  13. Just drove by there this weekend. Did the builder paint the underpass between I-10 and Washington? My husband said, "Those are WalMart colors." They are of course Texas state and US flag colors, but why beautify this particular underpass?
  14. Nope, it's just that I don't think they (Walmart, as is the "them" above) give a good crap about anything other than their bottom line, which means they compromise on security, product quality, employee quality of life, and lots of other things that give the stores a bad vibe. Put it like this, McDonalds's and other fast food is quick and easy and gives immediate gratification. Is it healthy for you? In most cases no. WalMart is quick and easy and gives immediate gratification. Is it healthy for the surrounding community? In most cases ...
  15. I don't know, Red. I'm a tough little broad, but I still feel on edge when I have gone to some of the local WalMarts. I just get a bad vibe off of them.
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