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  1. I appraised Esperson last year and we were allowed to go up. Yes, it is access controlled for insurance reasons. As someone who loves our skyline and downtown it was a great experience to see the city from there! The pic below is my favorite from the visit.
  2. Does anyone have a firm price for what Exxon paid for the land? I am a commercial real estate appraiser and I am valuing a large tract near I-45 N and the Beltway. The sale would be a great comparable. I have been trying to get the price confirmed ever since the project was first mentioned and have had no luck thus far!
  3. Does this one help? I use it all the time at work...it is the most current I have been able to find. Above & Below Map.pdf
  4. Does anyone know/heard any rumors about what Exxon paid Springwoods for the 385 acres purchased in Spring?
  5. The only construction taking place in any of the large markets was started right before the recession (for example MainPlace) or has single tenant commitments (Hess Tower). Any new projects have been put on hold as lenders are now requiring a large amount of preleasing activity in order to get financing. Good thing MainPlace was started prior to the crash, because Hines would never be able to swing it in today’s market given the lack of interest and leasing at the building. No new major (multi-tenant) projects will be financially feasible until the amount of existing vacant space is absorbed and rents start climbing again.
  6. I am a commercial appraiser and happen to be writing up a report about the state of the Houston market. Niche is right, we entered the downward spiral later and are expected to come out sooner. However, I have talked to brokers from many of the large firms and all agree 2010 is going to be a difficult year for Houston, especially on the leasing side.
  7. Class A CBD space was 91.8% occupied at year-end with Class B space being 86.6%.
  8. Anyone heard any rumors of other companies set to develop with Sysco in the new business park located at the SWC of 45 N and Beltway 8? http://www.bizjourna.../27/story1.html
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